1. @jsteele_ds106

    Color, Dominance, Rhythm & Typography


    Completing the design blitz assignment was fun, it was similar to the photoblitz assignment but required a lot more thinking. You don’t really think of all the elements that go into something until you are asked to complete an assignment like this so it was interesting to see all the …

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    Western Design


    When people think western, there is usually a set depiction in their head of what that is from what they have seen and learned over the years. When I think of western design I think  cowboys, black & white and thick bold fonts. These things are all shown across different …

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    The Vignelli Canon


    Before I read The Vignelli Canon I thought of design solely as things like posters, logos and flyers. After reading through Vignelli, I realized design is so much more. Design is all around us and everywhere in our lives. Design can be posters, flyers but its also the way your …

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    For this assignment, we were required to make a wanted poster for one of the most wanted outlaws. I chose to do Sam Bass, who was wanted for his robbery of property worth $60,000 for the Union Pacific gold train. Even tho Sam Bass was technically killed on his way …

  5. @jsteele_ds106

    Week Five: 2/12/16


    This week was interesting. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and was stressed about having to work with audio. One, because I had no idea how to navigate audacity or any form of editing software and two, because I HATE the sound of my voice on video or any …

  6. @jsteele_ds106

    Audio Thoughts


    I decided to complete the audio reflection assignment at the end of all my works week so that I had a better idea of what audio storytelling was. At the beginning of the week I was stressing about doing all the audio assignments because I thought they would be so …

  7. @jsteele_ds106

    Radio Show Ideas


    I am not the most creative person in the world, and I have a hard time trying to come up with fun and interesting ideas for anything. So I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes trying to brainstorm ideas for the radio show project and I started to think to …

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    Drops of T.Swift


    This assignment was so fun to do, and gave my friends and I all a good laugh. I chose to do the lyrics from the song Drops of Jupiter, and then picked Blank Space by Taylor Swift for the background music. I sound pretty horrible and would catch myself wanting …

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    Agnus heads to work


    I just finished completing the Sound Effects Story assignment, and wow was that frustrating! I could not figure out how to layer files in Audacity, so after 30 minutes of trying on my own I finally decided to look for help on the ds106 page and lone behold there was …

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    Never goin’ east


    Here is my radio bumper for ds106 radio! This was fairly easy to do, the hardest part was just trying to figure out what I was going to say. Once I did I just recorded my saying and then adding audio of a western song I found on youtube and …

  11. @jsteele_ds106

    Live Tweetin’


    So I just finished live tweeting tonights radio show and I wanted to to share my thoughts. Tonights story was full of intense scenes, action and violence which made it interesting. I think what was really cool was that because they didn’t have the visual aspect of a show they …

  12. @jsteele_ds106

    Weekly Four: 2/5/16


    I think Week Four has been my favorite week so far is ds106. I really enjoy photography so not only was it fun, but it was interesting. I titled my photo reflection “Capture Life” because I believe thats what photography is, its all about capturing life and whats …

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    I was never really exposed to black and white movies growing up. So I’ve never had much interest in watching them, I’m not sure why I have the bias but to me if its black and white then the movie must be boring. Well thats not true, and after watching …

  14. @jsteele_ds106

    The Lazy Bunch



    The Lazy Bunch

    This assignment overall was fairly easy, the hardest part for me was trying to get my friends to actually do it! Hence the name, The Lazy Bunch. I took individual videos of each person and then used an app that makes pic stitches for videos and …

  15. @jsteele_ds106

    Our love story


    We were both starting preschool when we became friends. Our earliest memories are playing outside during recess, or coloring each other pictures during free time. We became best friends, and gave each other ring pops and promised each other we would be best friends forever. I still have that ring …

  16. @jsteele_ds106

    What’s in MY bag?


    Hey Y’all Agnus here, I heard one of your assignments this week was to check out whats in your saddle and I thought how fun! Ill give it a go. So this is my saddle (I hate the word purse), and well it’s pretty boring but I got the most …

  17. @jsteele_ds106

    Welcome to ma crib


    Here’s a tour of my humble abode in Fredericksburg. I decided to live off campus for junior and senior year and I think the coolest part about doing that is being able to decorate my house and room however I want. So, this is my room and as you can …

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    Kya comes to UMW!


    As I have already stated in a previous assignment, I am obsessed with my dog so how could I not complete this assignment. It required me to crop my dog anywhere on campus and I thought simple enough. This assignment was actually fairly easy for me because I found …

  19. @jsteele_ds106

    Capture Life


    Have you ever heard someone say that in todays day and age we are no longer living in the moment because we are too focused on trying to capture that moment?

    It’s like people think that taking a quick picture is making the memory of less importance. And I don’t …

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    Hey Y'all 2016-01-31 14:24:02


    This daily create was a no brainer. There is a little pizza shop in my hometown called Half Full, and not only is it the cutest little restaurant but they also have the best pizza in Delaware!

    Here's a little pizza shop from my home town, as they always say …

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