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    Week Three: 1/29/16


    I really enjoyed week three because it was more about doing work, then setting up my blog and just getting frustrated trying to figure out how to work everything. The biggest problem that I came across this week was trying to set up the categories. Before this week, not knowing …

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    Little Agnus


    Agnus was born and raised in Tombstone, Arizona. Her mother didn’t work much growing up, she just kind of helped around town and her father was the most popular cowboy in town. He was like the head honcho of Tombstone. She grew up playing in the mud and being tackled …

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    Home away from home


    Freshman move in day is all a blur, its crazy to think it was just 3 years ago! I remember that it was pouring (Fun fact: it has rained every year on my move in day), and my box fan was outside the car on the trailer hitch and it …

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    This assignment was hard. 10 seconds to give all your thanks? There’s not enough time in a day to possibly do that. I had my friends time me and I wrote down the first couple things that came to my mind in this short time. They ended up being cliché …

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    Just another cowgirl



    Hello everyone, meet Agnus! She’s your typical cowgirl who loves her fair share of riding boots and country music. Agnus lives in Tombstone, Arizona and works at the towns only saloon serving all the crazy cowboys of Tombstone. Agnus is the most popular woman in town since she’s married …

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    Vonnegut was right…


    After watching Vonnegut explain the three different types of story lines I found it funny that he was so right. I could think of several stories for each plot and how people really do love these kinds of stories. The first one he talked about looks like an upside down …

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    Western thoughts


    Western stories can be portrayed in many different ways, whether it be a movie, TV show, podcast, pictures or a book. For the most part if you start reading something related to the Wild West and had no idea, you would soon figure out that’s what the story is. I …

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    Week Two: 1/22/16


    Week two was a fun week of assignments. I really enjoyed doing the daily creates and the three different assignments. I liked how I was able to choose what I wanted to do instead of being told what specific assignment to complete. I feel that this made them more engaging …

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    Week One: 1/15/16


    I like to consider myself one that is good with technology, well I liked to think that. After this week tho, my knowledge was tested. Setting up my domain was pretty easy, as well as my blog but it took me forever to try and figure out how to publish …

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    Take me there


    If I had an unlimited amount of money and was able to travel anywhere in the world, my first stops would be Fiji and Greece. Ever since I watched the movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I have dreamed of roaming the streets of Santorini. I have never seen …

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    Dear Naive Jenna,


    Stop what you are doing, look around you and take it all in. You’re 17, starting your senior year of high school and have the whole world ahead of you. Stop worrying about what college you are going to attend, what school you will be playing field hockey at and …

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    Selfie Sunday


    This is the kind of homework that I enjoy. Taking selfies with your dog? Im all in. Meet Kya, my bearded collie that might as well be a human. She is my best friend and I am hers. We enjoy long walks on the beach, a good game of catch, …

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    Ghost towns, Tumbleweeds & Cowboys


    When I think of Westerns I think of things like tumbleweeds, ghost towns, cowboys, outlaws, guns and violence. I think of the game we all played in elementary school computer class, The Oregon Trail. I think of the times when I was younger that my family would go to the …

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    Here is two pictures that represent me the most. I was born and raised at the beach and playing field hockey has always been a huge part of my life.


    My name is Jenna Steele and this will be my twitter page for all things related to #ds106

    — …

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    Example Blog Post


    This is a blog post. Blog posts can be journal entries, reflections, a piece feature piece, a short argumentative piece, an analysis, a small photo gallery, and much more. Blog posts by default can be categorized and tagged, meaning they can have taxonomy assigned to them. Using categories and tags …

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