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    Entry Level Hipster: Interactive Fiction


    Senior in highschool Jada: I love Neutral Milk Hotel.

    Freshman in highschool who is Jada’s friend: Oh, you’re an entry level hipster.

    Junior in college Jada:

    Inspired by Twitter accounts such as So Sad Today, Guy In Your MFA, and Brooding YA Hero,

    No matter how short a time we've …

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    The Little Prince: an examination of the value of teaching children’s books to older students

    The Little Prince : an examination of the value of teaching children&#39s books to older students

    Jada Steward

    The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince, in its original language) is a text celebrated by …

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    Noir Downpour: Week 9


    This week was fun, as we began the transition from radio to video assignments- video being a format I am more accustomed to.

    To finish up our unit on radio, I was required to write a post about my experience with listening to shows this week-both my own show as …

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    The Fifth Wall


    I put a slight twist on the ‘Special Person Montage’ assignment for the week of 3/16 to 3/21. It is worth 5 points.

    I wanted to use this assignment as an opportunity to show my significant other how important they are to me. I dug through old footage we …

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    Silk Road: The Listening


    On Wednesday, March 18th, 2015, my and Sarah Kinzer’s radio show entitled ‘Silk Road’ aired on the ds106 radio site.

    It was delightful to participate in the ‘live tweet’ and learn what others thought of our work. I was surprised by how well it was received, and the experience made …

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    NOIR at Night: The Listening


    On Wednesday, March 18th, the radio show I worked on- entitled ‘Silk Road’- aired directly after a radio show called NOIR at Night.

    The people behind NOIR at Night definitely interpreted this project in a way that I never would have imagined. Instead of creating a fictional narrative involving their …

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    Arty Blur


    Today’s Daily Create (3/19/15) was to make a blurry photo.

    Instead of taking  new photo, I used a favorite that I’ve always wanted an excuse to put online and turned down the ‘sharpness’ using Aviary photo editor.

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    Noir Downpour: pt. 8


    This week, my work was not of its usual quality.

    I became distracted and confused by life and only managed to complete a small amount of the work assigned.

    I made my character Tom Blair a Gmail and Twitter account. I sent an email to my professor from Tom’s …

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    Danger: Folami Turay


     This is a design assignment and is worth three points for the week of 3/09 to 3/15.


    As we were supposed to work with our characters this week, I envisioned this warning sign as being posted around the city by my character Tom, for Sarah Kinzer’s character Folami. Folami …

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    Noir Downpour: Pt: 7


    Sometimes, you have to prioritize your work, and that’s what I did this week.

    As it was the week before spring break, there were several midterms due. Thus, I was forced to prioritize and choose to focus on my radio show instead of Daily Creates.

    The show is currently uploaded, …

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    Commenting: 2nd edition


    Hi! Here are all of the posts I commented on for the week of Feb. 23rd to March 1st.

    1) http://umwteaching4tomorrow.com/daily-creates/bad-blood/#comment-136

    2) http://rhilaluman.com/weekly-summaries/let-spring-break-begin/

    3) http://edithandart.com/daily-create/conquered/

    4) http://umwteaching4tomorrow.com/daily-creates/heels-4-dayz/#comment-137

    5) http://www.dsnoir106.kassiarivera.com/blog/the-daily-create/daily-create-deep-space-ds106/#comment-160

    6) http://kinzer.us/noir-106/the-only-one-night-stand/#comment-131

    7) http://trysoccer29.com/daily-creates/sunny-sunday/#comment-230

    8) http://lifebysavanna.com/daily-creates/daily-create-out-in-space/#comment-133

    9) http://www.mariamk.com/radio-show/house-of-noir-logo/#comment-187

    10) http://www.stephaniebwhite.com/assignments/treat-yo-self-do-it/#comment-245


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    NeoNoir: 2nd edition


    We’re done! We’re done! We’re finally done with the radio show!

    On Thursday night, Sarah Kinzer and I stayed up into all hours of the night hashing out our script and making a plan.

    On Friday night, I recorded the voices of ‘Sophie’ and got a friend to record the …

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    Noir Downpour: pt. 6


    Although I missed last week due to illness, I was able to get back in the swing of things this week.

    To my relief, I was assigned a group (NeoNoir!) for the radio show project that has an idea I am really excited about.

    Using the assigned audio assignments for …

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    NeoNoir and Progress


    Despite not joining a group until after the deadline, I think my group and I have made decent progress this week.

    We decided to create a noir with an updated, digital vibe. This will give us a chance to experiment with text message and computer sounds.

    Our main character will …

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    Mini Icon Sticker


    This design project was meant to help me work on NeoNoir’s midterm radio show, and so it is not worth any point value or created from a specific prompt.

    For this design project, I combined some old design prompts and made a minimalist bumper sticker using computer icons. Our radio …

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    007 Tracking Device


    I’m excited to share this commercial a friend and I made that will hopefully play during NeoNoir’s radio show. It is worth three audio points for the week of 2/16 to 2/22.

    We made the commercial as though it would sell to the main character of the radio show, who …

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    Bankrupt On Selling


    This assignment fulfills 1 and a half points of the required ten for the week of 2/16 to 2/22.

    This prompt, entitled ‘Make Music DAMNIT’, was a bit confusing, but I think it said to record a song in a way that reminds me of what it was like to …

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    Tom’s Files: Time Goes By


    This Theme Song assignment is an audio assignment for the week of 2/16 to 2/22 and fulfills 4 out of 5 stars meant to focus on the character Tom Blair.

    Since Tom is a character who would not have access to things like YouTube and SoundBible, this post will not …

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    The Capitalization of Art


    Spending significant time educating myself about copyright and fair use has made me feel powerful. Knowledge is my armor of choice.

    While I am grateful to finally understand the issue, it has definitely made the world a less innocent place to me.

    It makes me a bit ashamed to live …

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    Design Idealism in The Vignelli Canon


    ‘The Vignelli Canon‘ by Massimo Vignelli is a truly useful read.

    I am particularly fond of the organization of the booklet:

    First, there is ‘Part 1′, which describes the pillars and idealism behind Design. This section outlines goals that design must reach- such as simplicity and elegance. It touches …

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    A Close Eye on Double Indemity


    For this week’s “Watch some films” assignment, the choices were between Double Indemnity, The Big Lebowski, and Blade Runner.

    I have already seen Lebowski and Blade Runner, and am actually meant to be studying Double Indemnity right now for my film class. That paired with my fondness for Billy Wilder …

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    Best Buds


    Here is my daily create for 2/8/15.

    All of the work I have done in my life has led to this one fateful Daily Create. It is my crowning achievement.

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    Noir Downpour: Pt. 4


    Audio Week in ds106 was a bit of a challenge, but as usual, I am excited about the media I produced as a result.

    Here is a mash-up of Kanye West’s Gold Digger and Man of Constant Sorrow from O Brother Where Art Thou! It’s pretty noisy, but I’m happy …

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