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    #Too #many #hashtags


    For today’s dailycreate we had to create a hashtag story by overusing hashtags. I first googled “blank ecard,” saved a template and then uploaded it to paint. Once in paint I just added some random text that I thought of off the top of my head. Following this, I uploaded …

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    Week Six Summary


    Done with week six and if I did my math correctly we are 1/3 of the way done with this semester. This week was all about design. The first thing I did this week was read Vignelli’s Cannoon and then post a reflection about it. I really enjoyed reading this …

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    Design Blitz!


    This week we had to design blitz which was to find 4 or 10 design elements out in the real world such as in magazines, newspapers, signs, etc. After taking pictures of the elements we then had to upload them to Flickr. So here are my four elements with the …

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    For today’s daily create we had to look at clouds from both sides based on a song quote by Judy Collins. For this daily create I went through my old photos and found this photo I took of the Hoover Dam last summer. On the left side the sun is …

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    Western Design


    Since it is a design themed week we had to look at several different western designs/artworks and discuss the design characteristics.

    I first looked at title stills from old western movies. The first thing that jumped out at me was the big use of contrast, color and dominance in the …

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    Pizza is a way of life


    Today’s daily create asked you to make a visual representation of the meaning of life (and we couldn’t use “42”). I’m 100% Italian on both my mother and father’s side so the meaning of life for me is food. More specifically, pizza. Just kidding- life is a lot more than …

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    Better call the fire department…


    For today’s daily create we had to create a visual image to celebrate the 1500th daily create milestone! I went to google and searched “birthday cake with too many candles” and saved a picture I liked. Then uploaded the picture to paint where I added “1500” to the front of …

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    My heart is in medicine


    For my last assignment bank post of the week to round out my 10 total stars, I selected a 2 star assignment called iconic you. This assignment tells you to make a simple image that somehow represents you. For this image I knew I wanted to do something medical …

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    Happy Late Valentine’s Day


    To continue along with my design assignments this week, I selected to do another 4 star assignment called valentine. This makes for a total of 8 design stars out of 10. This assignment tells you to make a valentine card of your choice. It could be funny or sentimental. …

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    This week we had to do an extra 10 stars of design bank posts. One of these posts had to be worth 4 or more stars. I selected to do a 4 star assignment titled professor groom poster. This assignment tells you to find a picture of Jim Groom …

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    Most Wanted


    I selected to do most wanted outlaws assignment from the design assignment bank. This assignment was one of the three that we had to select from on the DS assignment page. I had to create a wanted poster for a most wanted outlaw. We were given a list of most …

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    Reflection on the Vignelli Cannon


    The first assignment of the week was to read the Vignelli Cannon. This is a short booklet describing design principles. As as disclaimer- I know barely anything about design so I actually enjoyed reading this short book. It opened my eyes how certain designs are created and how designers …

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    Week 5 Summary


    Wow! Already end of week 5! This semester is flying by and I am getting closer and closer to graduation. This week was about audio assignments. I first started off the week by downloaded Audacity and the LAME file so I could make the files from Audacity to MP3 ones. …

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    Final Thoughts on Audio


    This week was based all around audio and to be honest this was the week I was fearing. The visual, video and writing all comes easier to me than audio. To my surprise though, I think I learned a lot this week and the following is my audio reflection.

    I …

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    DS Radio Bumper


    One of the final assignments we had to do this week was to create a bumper for DS106 radio. The assignment is an audio assignment bank post call create a bumper. For this assignment we had to create a 10-30 second recording referring to the DS106 radio station. For …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    I listened to my first radio show tonight and have to say I was impressed. It looks like a lot of hard work goes into it. So for my idea for a radio show I was thinking of something maybe along the lines of a villain riding on a train …

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    Buried Treasure?


    My last daily create instructed you to create a treasure map. Didn’t really know what to do for this so I went on Google and saved a picture of a blank map. After this, I uploaded it to paint and added on the little tornado, trees, etc. Yes, I draw …

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    DS Radio Tweet-Along


    Tonight from 9-10PM I participated in the DS106 radio tweet-along. At 9PM I tuned in to the radio station. What we had to do was tweet comments about the show as it went. Earlier today I was announced a winner of a contest sponsor by Doritos so my Twitter …

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    Wicked One-Man Play


    We had to select 8 or more stars of additional audio assignments this week and my first additional one is One-Man Play which is worth 3 1/2 stars. For this assignment you had to use Soundcloud and act out a scene from a play by yourself. I had a really …

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    This week we had to pick and an audio assignment from the assignment bank. We were given four different options and I picked What a Song Might Mean to You. For this assignment you had to find a certain song that reminds you of a situation and then explain …

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    Pony Express Delivery


    For today’s daily create we had to create a postmark for something delivered on the Pony Express. What I did was find a cute picture of a pony (yes, he/she has a sweater on) and uploaded it to an editing app on the iPhone to add the stamp theme border. …

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    Invent something!


    Today’s daily create instructed you to create an invention, explain what it does and give it a price. I had to think about this for about 30 mins before I came up with an idea. Last week I had to do my long run at night and I accidentally stepped …

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    Week 4 Summary (1/29-2/5)


    Can’t believe we are a month in and a quarter done with the semester. The time is flying! This week was about visual assignments and photography. My first assignment I had to do for the week was talk about my past with photography which you can find here. I …

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    Bob’s bag


    My LAST assignment bank post for the week is what’s in your bag. This assignment has you take a picture of the contents inside your bag, except we have to do it about our character we created last week. Well this posed a problem for me since my character …

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    This assignment instructed us to use Photoblitz which gives us a list of random picture ideas that we must complete in 20 mins or less.

    So we first had to take a picture when we started:

    Here are my pictures in that order:

    Repeating pattern:

    It’s not my favorite color, …

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    Emotion through cinematography


    A big assignment for this week was to reflect on cinematography. We had to pick from a list of movies and they analyze the visuals of the movie. The movie I picked to watch was Stagecoach. After watching the movie we had to see how many connections we could …

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    Shy and Nervous


    One assignment bank post we had to do this week was love at first shot. The instructions told you to find a picture of a couple in love and write a story about them. For this, I went on google and found a picture of a couple at their …

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