1. @julianna_proc

    I can’t draw a cactus


    My last daily create for the week was to draw a cactus with my eyes closed. This was super simple. I got a piece of paper and a sharpie, closed my eyes and then attempted to draw a cactus. I have to say that it turned out better than I …

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    Boston Strong


    Today’s daily create asked you to create a picture that showed optimism vs. pessimism in the form of a glass half empty/full. Instead of doing a generic glass, I picked my Boston Strong Mug I bought in Boston several months after the marathon bombings in 2013. Growing up in New …

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    I take A LOT of photos


    This week we were asking to do a photo reflection on our previous/current experience with photography. I never took a lot of photos until10th grade of high school. At my school we had to do end of the year assignments that we basically spent the four months prior creating. One …

  4. @julianna_proc

    Color Splash


    This week we had to pick and additional 6 stars of visual assignments to do. I did a 3 star one showing a tour of my room and the second one I am going to do is worth 3 1/2 stars. This assignment bank post is called splash the color.

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    End of week 3 (1/29/16)


    Time for my third weekly summary! This week was a lot of writing!!! Being a science major I don’t do a lot of creative writing, it is mostly scientific research writing so this is good practice for me. In scientific writing we try to not use a lot of adjectives …

  6. @julianna_proc

    Story Shape


    By far my favorite thing that I did this week was watch this really quick four minute video of shapes of stories by Kurt Vonnegut. This video has to be from the 90s or maybe even earlier, but I loved it because he is so right! The premise of this …

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    Cowgirl in training


    The big task for this week was to learn a little more about westerns as well as read two western stories from a list provided. I first learned about old west legends. This website gave some great background information as well as some fascinating pictures of what the old …

  8. @julianna_proc

    Old west wisdom


    Today I did my last dailycreate for this week! This dailycreate instructed you to pick an old west wisdom quote from the given website. I looked through them and liked the quote “when you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty.” After picking the quote, I went through basically …

  9. @julianna_proc

    In riding a horse, we borrow freedom


    Today’s dailycreate asked you to make a visual representation honoring the late bronco rider Bonnie McCarroll. For this, I first googled a picture of Bonnie McCarroll. After finding one that I liked, I saved it then opened it using the iPhone app called Phonto. This app allowed me to put …

  10. @julianna_proc

    Western Character: The Rancher


    For my western character, I decided to make my character a rancher. I read through the different types of characters and I thought this was the one that I would be able to do the most with.

    My character is a rancher named Bob. Rancher Bob is 33 years old …

  11. @julianna_proc

    Dear future self


    Dear future Julianna,

    So 10 years from now means that you are 32. Hopefully at this time you have graduated medical school and are nearing the end of your residency. I imagine that you did more than the typical 4 years of residency and went to specialize more specifically in …

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    There’s a snake in my boot!


    Today’s daily create was to make a western warning sign. For this, I used the picture that was put on the daily create website and uploaded this picture to paint. Once in paint, I painted over the original sign and then added a clipart image of a snake. I wasn’t …

  13. @julianna_proc

    Week two (1/22/16) is done!


    Time for my second weekly summery! This week I was able to post on my blog a lot more.  First off, I wanted to start the week off early and try to get everything done as soon as I could for two reasons- my MCAT (test to get into medical …

  14. @julianna_proc

    This cow is not aMOOsed


    Well everyone that just walked past me in the library while I was using paint to color a coloring book page of a cow probably thought I had SERIOUS issues haha. Today’s dailycreate was to wildly paint a cow and post it to twitter. For this I googled “coloring page …

  15. @julianna_proc

    “Safe Zone”


    Today’s dailycreate mentioned “an old Western saying tells us not to approach a bull from the front, nor a horse from the rear. It also tells us not to approach a fool from either side.” With this quote in mind we had to create a picture or pictures talking about …

  16. @julianna_proc

    Adventure is out there


    It feels like yesterday that my family and I packed up my belongings and moved me to UMW for my first semester freshman year. The fact that I am a senior and about to graduate really puts in perspective how fast time moves and that I am about to be …

  17. @julianna_proc

    Dashing through the ocean


    Today I embarked on my first assignment bank post. I decided to go with the visual assignments, because I enjoy photography and taking pictures. So when going through the visual assignments, I was looking for a creative photo challenge of some sort, but I just had to do the winterize-it

  18. @julianna_proc

    Weekly Summary for 1/15/16


    I would consider myself good with technology, but I am definitely not tech savvy. I look at this as an experience where I might better my technology skills. So first starting with the domain- I thought it was extremely cool and I was really excited that I would be starting …

  19. @julianna_proc

    YouTube Introduction


    I tried to do something a little creative, by doing this before heading into work at the ER. I apologize for talking so fast in the video. I was actually running late for work ha ha.

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    Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.


    So what do I know about westerns? Until reading the articles and watching the clips we were provided with, I knew absolutely nothing. As you can see from my post title, the only “western movie” I have ever seen is Back to the Future III, which I wouldn’t even count …

  21. @julianna_proc

    Flicker Greeting


    Here are some of my favorite things! (snorkeling in Mexico, Boston Red Sox, running half marathons, my internship with the Marine Corps Marathon, and snowboarding)


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