1. jwhipple

    Ted Mosbey the Heartbreak Kid (Final Project)


    Ted had been seeing this girl Jennifer for a couple of weeks now and they had grown quite close. Being the romantic Ted is, he had fell rather quickly for her. He loved her laugh, her wit, and thought she was strikingly beautiful. Like a few times before he believed …

  2. jwhipple

    Ray Lewis’ Greatest Hit


    This is the first submission of the Highlight Reel Assignment. For this assignment you were to simply create a GIF of your favorite sports moment worth being replayed over and over like a highlight reel.

    I chose this hit by the Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. He was always …

  3. jwhipple

    Weekly Summary 13 & 14


    Daily Creates: http://cpsc106.jamesonwhipple.com/blog/category/daily-create/

    Remix Explanation and Assignments: http://cpsc106.jamesonwhipple.com/blog/category/remix-assignments/

    My Created Assignments: http://cpsc106.jamesonwhipple.com/blog/category/writing-assignments/



    These two weeks were difficult. I really like the idea of remixes and mashups, but sometimes in practice they can be hard to put together. I had always liked them, but never thought of the idea …

  4. jwhipple

    Explaining Remixes


    Here is the sound clip of me briefly explaining remixes to my brother:

    To me remixes and mashups are a symbol of progress. I enjoy and appreciate how they utilize the creative process in the best way. I strongly agree with the Remix Manifesto. I believe new ideas are …

  5. jwhipple

    Why I Love 4th of July


    This is the pioneer post for my newly created Writing Assignment, Holifaves. This assignment is to tell about your favorite holiday in the most descriptive way possible.

    My favorite holiday is the fourth of July. I don’t think there’s a single thing I would change about it. I love …

  6. jwhipple

    Movie Poster MashUp


    For my MashUp Assignment requirement I chose the Movie Mashup (4 1/2 stars). The basis of the assignment was to take two movies which have been compared to one another and mix them together into one movie poster. Here’s my submission:

    To complete the assignment I took several pictures off …

  7. jwhipple

    The Thinkers Evil Plan


    Today’s daily create was to finish the thinkers thought about how to finally destroy Batman. I got my inspiration from the photo of the thinker. How can he ever get away with a life of crime when he’s stuck to one place.  Here’s my piece:

    Maybe I should consider removing …

  8. jwhipple

    Be Careful How You Spell


    Today’s daily create was to create a meme inspired by mice. For my meme I poked fun on a play on words. I pointed out that with one forgotten letter someone could order a mouse at a restaurant, instead of the delicious dessert a mousse. I can’t resist a good …

  9. jwhipple

    Eberts Reading Movies


    When just watch the clip without sound:

    Noticed camera follows movement It focuses on who’s talking from the opposite person’s viewpoint Sometimes in POV style Camera zooms in on actions that would go unnoticed otherwise

    When just sound:

    Used lots of narration to explain story Excerpts of short diologue Music…
  10. jwhipple

    Review of Hampton’s Handyman


    I thought they did a really good job with their radio program! I listened in to Hampton’s Handyman, a radio broadcast about the rich hiring others to do their work around the house and recording the hijinks that ensue. I thought the sound quality was really well done. It was …

  11. jwhipple

    Exploring a Great Movie Scene Summary


    Fun Facts:

    1. Dane Cook’s character Tank’s real name is Sherman which is the name of the main tank used by U.S. armed forces in WWII.

    2. Before Alexis’ first date with Tank she is holding a margarita in her left hand. When her roommate walks in and the camera …

  12. jwhipple

    Hung Out to Dry


    Today’s daily create we were to draw a washing line. Some of these daily creates are really odd. This one’s subject just seems lazy to be honest. To make it more interesting I made all the items I drew on the line clothing articles that are my favorite. I have …

  13. jwhipple

    Tutorial For My Design Assignment


    This assignment is a little harder than it appears, but certainly not overly so. Once you having your two competing companies it would benefit you to take notes on the design aspects of the enemy of your favorite company. For there your going to want to use a photo editing …

  14. jwhipple

    Let Your Imagination Go


    Imagination is an important thing to have as a person. I believe imagination is what sets people apart. It makes you who you are. I find this fact to be true because, the way you think and what you love, effects how your imagination is shaped. It can also take …

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