1. jwhipple

    Chaplin and the Lion Disaster


    For this audio assignment, we added Foley sounds to a video featuring Charlie Chaplin. A Foley dub is when sound is added to a video to enhance the reception of a sound that wouldn’t otherwise been heard. The trick is the sounds are made with unrelated objects and means to …

  2. jwhipple

    Cut and Paste it Out


    For today’s daily create, we had to create a picture of a real life example of cut and paste. I chose to make an example out of clouds because, they look like they’ve already been cut and pasted. The white of the clouds make me think of the clouds …

  3. jwhipple

    My Radio Commercial!


    For my radio commercial I chose to market our radio station through how its different from standard mainstream radio. I tired to grab the audience’s attention by saying our station is not trying to influence their opinion, but to simply get the information out there. I believe that’s the way …

  4. jwhipple

    Why Carl ?!!!! Why???!!!


    In today’s dailycreate, we were to describe what happened to Carl in this poster.

    Carl could see it in Titus’ eyes that this wasn’t one of their usually friendly play fights. The glow in the beast’s eyes had an anger Carl had never seen. They had always been a …

  5. jwhipple

    Bumper to Bumper Radio Traffic


    For my radio bumper I decided to take a short and simple approach. That’s the name of the game, let them know what they’re listening to. I took the opportunity to brag on our radio show. Maybe its too much to say were the world wide leader in news, but …

  6. jwhipple

    My Final Words


    For today’s daily create, we were to make a sound bite of our last words. I went with an idea I got from a T.V. show. I said, “It was no accident, suspect everyone”. I think the idea of making these my last words would be funny and my …

  7. jwhipple

    My Part of the Radio Show


    For my part of the DSMW radio I’m going to research and report on the current scores and news of the NFL. I will cover the major upsets and popular games, as well as the major plays of the week. I’ll also do a recap of an outstanding stories concerning …

  8. jwhipple

    What it Isn’t: the Wire


    For todays daily create, we were to describe The Wire to someone who isn’t familiar with the show with the sole purpose of confusing them about the true nature of the show:

    The Wire is a reality show on the Discovery Channel. It documents the life of steel and iron …

  9. jwhipple

    Can You Guess the Song


    For Design Assignment 1319 (3.5 stars), the goal was to create another poster to represent a popular song. I won’t tell you the song name, but I’ll hint its an alternative genre hit with a reference to marry as you can see from the poster. As far as the design …

  10. jwhipple

    Going on Safari


    [slicker-flickr tag=”designblitz”]

    This week we were assigned to go on a design safari, we were to go around taking photos of objects and places to evaluate them in terms of design elements and quality.

    The McDonald’s sign used dominance and function/message. The yellow arch, which has become a staple …

  11. jwhipple

    Tracing my Steps


    Today’s daily create was to make a trace of yourself on paper from a photo of yourself. I chose to trace a picture of me and my family at the American History Museum this summer in Washington, D.C. The story behind the picture, which you might be able to tell, …

  12. jwhipple

    Beauty of Water and Glass


    Todays daily create, we were assigned to create a video on YouTube showing movement of water and glass. To create the video I video taped water from my sink running over a glass cup. Because I taped from inside the glass, I recorded a unique viewpoint. It turned out …

  13. jwhipple

    How I used the Techniques


    From the tips you posted, I used mostly change in perspective, add depth, and better contrast in my photos this week.

    From this particular photo you can see I laid down on my stomach to get a better perspective. It also created depth as you can see every blade …

  14. jwhipple

    Photo Blitz!


    You can view the photos from my photo blitz here.

    I chose to take the photos back at my house. I didn’t want to take them in a too public place because I didn’t want to be interrupted when I was on a time limit. There’s also always a …

  15. jwhipple

    Check Out My New Album


    For this Visual Assignment we were tasking with taking random input and making an album cover. Accordingly my band’s name is House Grey Memorandum with our hit new album Do What You Can. Looking at my band name I decided they were going to be an alternative band. Judging by …

  16. jwhipple

    The Energizer Energy Forte


    For this assignment we were to take two pictures in slightly different positions to create a GIF that would yield a 3D effect. I chose to take two pictures of my car. At first I could decide what to make my subject, but I finally I thought what better muse …

  17. jwhipple

    Sounds Amongest the Silence


    Today’s daily create is to record the sounds surrounding where you are. You can see the full assignment and other submissions here.

    You might have to turn the volume up to hear the sounds, because I recorded at my house and I live out in the country. It might …

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