1. jwhipple

    What You See From the Road Sign


    For todays Daily Create we were to show what road signs would look without borders, you can see the full assignment and other submissions here.

    This Actually Means This…?


    The first thing I saw when I looked at the steep grade road sign was that would make a great …

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    Weekly Summary 4


    Link to Daily Create Page: http://cpsc106.jamesonwhipple.com/blog/category/daily-create/

    Link to Basic of Audio Storytelling, Radio Story, and ds106 Radio Reflections: http://cpsc106.jamesonwhipple.com/blog/category/reflections/

    Link to Audio Assignments: http://cpsc106.jamesonwhipple.com/blog/category/audio-assignments/

    This week I learned more than anything there is no one way to compose audio storytelling. From Glass and Abumrad I learned you have to keep …

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    Soundbite of a Stormy Night


    For this audio assignment which you see the instructions here, I made an audio recording to mimic the sound of a storm at night. I only used my voice to emulate. The first part is to mimic what I heard when a heavy rain hit the screen to my …

  4. jwhipple

    Funny 911 Call


    For one of my audio assignments I created a audio clip of a fake 911 call. You can view the full assignment here.

    I feel like this situation has probably actually happened. People are always calling about trivial things or just plain calling by mistake. I imagined in this …

  5. jwhipple

    Extreme Burpees


    For todays daily create, which you can view the assignment here, I chose to make a GIF to represent how to do a burpee. I thought this was pretty funny, because its taking a burpee too far. At this point its almost parkour. Don’t get me wrong I’m very …

  6. jwhipple

    Listening to Stories


    I listened to the podcast from RadioLab labeled Talking to Machines. I have to admit it was a very odd style. I personally found it distracting and a bit overbearing. They introduced various background music, sound effects, and odd transitions. They constantly despite what was going on kept some form …

  7. jwhipple

    Just the Basics: Audio StoryTelling


    For my summary I listened to the first two parts of Ira Glass’ talks and Jad Abumrad’s talk on the importance of audio storytelling both of which you can find here. At first I was skeptical about how much I would learn that I couldn’t already intrinsically figure out …

  8. jwhipple

    Happy Late National Dog Day


    Happy late national dog day! This is my bud Rusty. He’s a Golden Retriever and the best dog I’ve ever had. He is extremely loyal, smart, and never ceases to make you feel like the most loved person in the world. I’m always greeted by his panting face when I …

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    Daily Create Book Stack into ME


    This daily create was not meant to be difficult, but was for me. The basic goal was to make a photo collage out of three different stacks of books that represent who you are. You can read the full assignment and see other submissions here. I had trouble with …

  10. jwhipple

    Daily Create 980


    Summer is fading away;

    School buses fill the roads;

    So many memories made;

    Summer camp making friends;

    Swimming in the lake and friends pools;

    Sadly it all must end;

    Lets just say this daily create is not my strong point. I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes …

  11. jwhipple

    What the Pictures Don’t Say



    The story between these two pictures is there was a fallout between friends after the man on the left’s design for a major corporation was picked by the corporate office. They had both been designing for months unaware that the other had been applying for the same design job. …

  12. jwhipple

    Appreciating the Past


    For this assignment we are to look at ds106 assignments of the past, and write about what makes it special.

    Here’s post from the past I chose: click here for post

    I thought it was very inspired posting. For one, I wasn’t overly impressed with the original work he was …

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    Shape of Barney Stinson’s Story


    The background of this assignment is that we were to make our own visual representation of a shape of a story regarding TV, film, or literature that follows Vonnegut’s approach to telling a story. You can see what his style is here:

    I chose to use my favorite show How …

  14. jwhipple

    Stress Self Help Daily Create 979



    For today’s daily create we were assigned to create a voice recording of a self-help topic. I chose stress, because its something everyone is dealing with, and something I’m struggling with recently. I really hope this means something to whoever listens and helps ease their mind. In it I …

  15. jwhipple

    Not so Stupid Math Daily Create 977


    Today’s daily create was to create your own version of your favorite formula. You can see the whole assignment here

    I’m not a big math fan, but if I had to pick a formula it would be a^2 + b^2 = c^2. This formula is used to calculate any of …

  16. jwhipple

    Ohhhhh Thats a Lune….


    The prompt for today’s daily create was to create a lune based on something you do everyday. Starting this I had no idea what a lune was. For those who still don’t know its similar to a haiku, but its only based on number of words and doesn’t have to …

  17. jwhipple

    Whats in a Story?


    When I think of storytelling I think of someone else sitting you and captivating your mind with a tale. I visualize a grandparent telling his grandchild a story about the old days in front of a fireplace. I see myself hanging on to every word my dad speaks as he …

  18. jwhipple

    Week 2 Summary


    I can’t express how much better this week was. Sure there was a lot more to do in terms of assignments, but I didn’t have near the number of technical issues I had in the first week. The other part that made this week better was that the assignments were …

  19. jwhipple

    Micheal Wesch Reflection


    I strongly agree with Wesch’s point about being able to discern between good and bad stimulus in media today. There so much false and unnecessary information that people growing up today have to develop the ability to sort out what is reliable and useful information. I’m also happy to hear …

  20. jwhipple

    What Book Would Protect Me (Daily create 972)


    If I were to choose a book to protect me during a protest I would choose Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I would use it to protest bullying. In addition to its message it usually comes in hardcover so hopefully it’d make a good shield at a bigger size!…

  21. jwhipple

    My Calvin Ball (Daily Create 971)


    In my version of Calvin Ball you combine the sports of football and longboarding. It is meant to be run similar to the gauntlet, which is a typical exercise in the NFL Draft. In the draft it means a drill where the wide receivers participating run down a straight line …

  22. jwhipple

    Daily Create TDC970 If the Web was a Map


    For today’s Daily Create we were assigned to imagine what the internet would look like to us if it were a map. I imagine Google as the center of the map because it is a very large and wealthy company. I gave it size to show how it dominates the …

  23. jwhipple

    Personal Cyberinfrastructure Reflection


    After reading Gardener Campbell’s article, I agree that the use of technology, more specifically student’s digit identity, has been in a standstill in recent years. Its something I hadn’t thought about. There hasn’t really been a big jump since the start of online discussion boards and other outside managed sites. …

  24. jwhipple

    Thoughts on DS 106 zone Lo Down


    While short, I think Scotts podcast accomplished its goal. I actually commend it for its brevity, because it stays to the point without adding extra unnecessary or redundant information. I also thought the podcast was well put together. The voice quality was clear and he was well spoken. He definitely …

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    1st Weekly Summary


    Heres the links to my other various sites:

    Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/jtwhipps

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    Learn about ME:


    Although WordPress gave me a little hassle, once it settled down I discovered there was a lot more I could do than I had experimented last year. This blog uses …

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