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    Week 8 Daily Creatings


    We only had to do 2 Daily Creates this week! This are the 2 that I did:

    The first one was about unlucky uncliché. Is Friday the 13th really unlucky? I would have to say no! I used to think so until I met my boyfriend and then I realized …

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    Summary of Radio Part 1


    This week was quite stressful! I do not like audio at all so mixing it with a group project had my anxiety up. Luckily my group is wonderful and have allowed my worries about this week to almost go away. We have gotten a lot done with our radio show …

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    Progress of Sweet n Sour


    My radio group, Sweet n Sour, is coming along greatly! It was very nerve racking at first to think of having to work in a group online on a big collaborative project like this one. Once my group formed and we got started, I started to feel much better because …

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    Sweet n Sour Promo Poster


    My group for the radio show is ‘Sweet n Sour’. We are named this because we consist of 3 superheroes (Merciful Mise en Place, Morph Shadow, and Charlie Sass) and 1 villain (Jester). I made this promotional poster using photoshop. I used all of our characters and made them reflect …

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    Designed Week 6


    These week was harder than I thought it would be! I never realized that there are a lot of factors that go into designing things professionally. I have always loved designing things but I just liked to make things look nice, I didn’t get all technical. I liked this week …

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    Reflection on Design


    I had read the Strip Panel Naked reading a few weeks ago because I am in the Design group. It was really interesting to me because I never realized the importance of designing comics. The placement of the comic images and text really are what make the comic, the comic. …

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    Downtown Design Blitz


    For this assignment I decided to take a walk downtown. I knew there would be signs everywhere. When I got there I realized that the assignment was a bit harder than I thought it would be because there were so many signs!! I didn’t even know which to pick to …

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    Screen to page


    From Screen to Page – 4 Stars

    For this assignment I had to take a movie scene and design it into a comic. I am not a big movie fan and I wanted to stick with the superhero theme. I decided to choose Suicide Squad. Out of the whole movie, …

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    Super Tattoo


    Super Tattoo

    For this assignment I had to create a tattoo that reflects my superhero. I am not big on tattoos nor do I have one but this assignment seemed like something neat to do. Since my superhero is a super chef I had to incorporate chef stuff into her …

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    Wishing you were here


    Destination Post Card – 3 Stars

    I decided to incorporate my superhero into this design assignment.

    Merciful Mise en Place is always on the go. Even though she is a superhero she still gets to have fun every once and awhile! She loves to vacation in places that she can …

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    Listening Through the Week (5)


    This week was audio week. My first impression was not great. I hate hearing my voice on recording because to me I sound like a 4 year old little girl. Even though I was dreading this week of audio assignments, I went in with my head up high. The only …

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    Merciful Mise en Place Soundtrack


    Here is the soundtrack for Merciful Mise en Place. This was really hard to do. I am not too creative when it comes to wording so this was especially hard to do. I ended up googling chef quotes that I could mash together to get my soundtrack to describe a …

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    Tweeting Along With The Radio


    I listened to DS106 radio Wednesday night. I did not know what to expect the first time listening so I was a but nervous. This night of radio ended up being an episode of Jessica Jones. I have never heard of the show before but I assume it is from …

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    Super Radio Ideas


    For a super radio show I have a few ideas:

    I think it would be neat to have a superhero radio station where you get to talk to the superhero. There would be an interviewer interviewing a superhero. They would ask all the hows, whys, whats of being a superhero.…
  15. @k8lynclements

    My Radio Bumper


    This week we had to come up with a radio bumper for DS106 radio. Since this semester is Super DS106 I said Super DS106 Radio in my bumper. It was easy coming up with what to say but I with it was more original that just my name and radio …

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    Who’s There?


    Sound Effects Story – 3.5 Stars

    For this assignment I had to make a story with only sound effects. This took me awhile to think about what I should do. I ultimately decided to do a scary story. I used iMovie to make this audio. I used some of their …

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    Moon Reflection


    The Moon Graffiti audio was very interesting. Even though there were no images I could use the sounds to create an image in my head. The sounds of this really brought the whole thing together. The tones of the voices, background music, and then sounds of the space craft were …

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    2 in 1 Song


    Instrumentals vs. Vocals 3.5 Stars

    For this audio assignment I had to pick 1 instrumental song and 1 song with just vocals. This assignment was actually way harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to do 2 country songs but it just was not working out. I needed …

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    Photographing Week 4


    This week was so far my favorite. I love to take pictures, even though they may not always be the best. I did try this week to take my time, focus on lighting, and paying attention to the moment.

    I have always enjoyed photography but never went any farther to …

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    Mericful’s Peaceful Places


    Place of Peace – 3 Stars

    For this assignment I had to take pictures of where I find peace. Since we have to incorporate our superhero into one of these assignments I decided to do the peaceful places that Merciful Mise en Place finds relaxing. She finds it peaceful to …

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    Reflecting on Photography


    I do not have much experience with in depth photography. As a kid I always loved to be the one that took pictures but I never got any farther into it than that. I had opportunities to take photography classes but never took them. Currently I take a lot of …

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    Photo Mania



    Make an artistic closeup photo of an ear- human, animal, whatever. A photograph of something old or aged today. An interesting shadow. Challenge: Silhouettes are an interesting way to abstract a subject. Someone else’s artwork in an interesting way to make it yours. Animals takes patience. Make a photo…

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