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  1. @k_heflin

    Super secret spy mission

    Archives So this week, we were tasked with thinking of a mission for the class. My idea is similar to a scavenger hunt. A mutual super villain is created and the class has a goal of figuring out who it is. We break up into groups to “investigate” and find clues that are strategically placed. Usually I would suggest these be placed on campus or through downtown Fredericksburg but not everyone lives here. An alternate would be to place the clues on the class website and in our blogs. Each clue would have a riddle or something that would lead you to the next […]
  2. @k_heflin

    Week 10 Summary

    Archives This week was all about movies and videos. As an introduction, we had to our own video essay on scene from a spy movie using the techniques we learned about:-The password is ds106 and my blog about the process. Next we could either get into groups and create a video like what we did with the radio show OR we could do video assignments for stars over the next 2 weeks. I chose the video assignments and had to do at least 10 stars worth this week: Six Second Art assignment worth 4 stars-Animation Sensation What Do You Do assignment worth 4.5 stars-This is My […]
  3. @k_heflin

    That’s Not Cheese!

    Archives So I watched the videos and I read the essay. I learned what to look for in a scene and how it effects the outcome and the viewers opinion of it. But I still found it hard not only to find in a scene but also to actually analyze it! For my scene, I chose “That’s Not Cheese!” from the 2008 film version of Get Smart. Its not a very long scene but I still was able to find a couple different techniques we talked about this week. Its not great visually because I still haven’t quite got the hang […]
  4. @k_heflin

    This is My Life….

    Archives The goal of this assignment was to take a short video of something I did on a daily basis. Daily life in general can be a little boring. I mean, most exciting things don’t actually happen every day right? But, instead of having you guys watch me brush my teeth or something like that, I decided to show off my walk from the parking lot to my office building every morning. Its quite a doozy! I used Snapchat to record the video because it allows you to use filters and things like to spice it up a bit. I […]
  5. @k_heflin

    What Did I Do Today?

    Archives For this assignment, I had to create a 6 second video of something I did today. The assignment says to use the “Vine” app but since Vine no longer exists, I used Snapchat instead! Still 6 seconds, just a different app so basically the same thing. Unfortunately, nothing I did today was all that interesting. At least not that I could take a video of anyways. I took some fun claims today and graduated my training program at work but I’m not allowed to use my phone in work areas so I couldn’t use any of those things 🙁 […]
  6. @k_heflin

    Animation Sensation

    Archives So this was actually way harder than I thought it would be. The assignment was to create a 6 second video of some sort of art. 6 seconds doesn’t sound so hard right? Not so much. I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination and really have no idea how to create it. Then I started thinking about it from the actual video angle. Whats types of videos could really be considered art? The it hit me, animation! Through a web search, I found there are quite a few different free sites out there where you […]
  7. @k_heflin

    Week 9 Summary

    Archives We started off listening to all the radio shows that the class created. Here are my thought’s on one of my favorites: Gladius Tenebris Secat Next I changed an entire webpage with X-Ray Goggles: Website Storytelling Then, 8 stars worth of web assignments: Dream Room-4.5 stars Dream Vacation-3.5 stars Finally, a story through Daily Creates!: Connect the Dots…or Tweets?
  8. @k_heflin

    Connect the Dots…or Tweets?

    Archives This isn’t exactly a story per say but I thought it would be a fun way to connect My Daily Creates from this week! It all starts with Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Ron always feels left out and like a nobody around Harry and Herminone. Like he’s never good enough. Not even the dementors want him! @ds106 #tdc1899 — Krystal Heflin (@k_heflin) March 22, 2017 Then we have our little house elf, Dobby, who’s so ugly that he manages to be cute. Dobby has spent his entire life as an abused servant to the Malfoys. Ron feels a […]
  9. @k_heflin

    Website Storytelling

    Archives This was an interesting  assignment for me. Changing the design of a webpage without changing the original? Not exactly something I’ve ever done before! However, after I downloaded X-Ray Goggles and did some playing around, it ended being kind’ve fun. All the advice I found said to use  simple sites like an Amazon sale page or a Craigslist add so thats where I started. I decided it would be fun to sell goats on Craigslist. I found a very basic from the Athens, Georgia area and created a crazy little story. I kept the original pictures (those babies are […]
  10. @k_heflin

    Wanderlust and Day Dreams

    Archives What is a vacation? I haven’t had a real one in so long! However, I’ve always wanted to travel to southern Europe and the Mediterranean coast and this assignment was the perfect excuse to do a little research/planning. I love all the things you can find on Pinterest and boy did I get a lot of ideas! Unfortunately….I’m pretty sure it would take me about a year to do everything I want to do there! Ideally, I would start out in Moracco, hit Portugal and Spain, then travel along the coasts of France, Italy and Greece, then sailing across […]
  11. @k_heflin


    Archives Designing my dream rooms?! This assignment could not have come at a better time! I’m moving into a new apartment in a few weeks so this really called out to me when I came across it. I always need decorating ideas! Not to mention, I’m a Pinterest addict so what better excuse to spend even more time on one of my favorite websites! I started by creating a board specifically for the assignment. Then…well I resurfaced about 2 hours later with quite a selection! Going back through my choices, i definitely noticed I color scheme I leaned towards. Greys, […]
  12. @k_heflin

    Gladius Tenebris Secat

    Archives “The sword cuts through the dark” How perfect! I chose to reflect on the Cloak and Dagger show. I just want to start off by saying that I loved the intro! But aside from that, the show itself was pretty great. My group did a “live” broadcast so it was really cool to listen to Cloak and Dagger since it was the complete opposite as it was story telling. The sound effects were put in perfect positions, the ringing phone in the Nancy Drew segment especially! Having the advice segment in between the story kind’ve felt out of place […]
  13. @k_heflin

    Week 8 Summary

    Archives There may not be a lot to actually put into the weekly summary this week but I feel like I did nothing but work for this class! The radio show was definitely more work than I thought. First, my progress blog- Radio Show Progress Week 2 Next, my 2 Daily Creates: @ds106dc #tdc1893 not exactly action but…. — Krystal Heflin (@k_heflin) March 16, 2017 @ds106dc #tdc1894 — Krystal Heflin (@k_heflin) March 17, 2017 And the big finale:
  14. @k_heflin

    Radio Show Progress Week 2

    Archives Well, this week was definitely all about the radio show. Tuesday night, the group finally all go together for a planning session. We discussed what we wanted to talk about and roughed planned out the layout for the show. The big part was determining how many interviews we wanted to do, what we wanted to do the commercials on and which spies we wanted to interview. Unfortunately, even though we met at the Verge in the recording booth, no actual recording got done. However, everyone went home with a script to write and various other portions of the show […]
  15. @k_heflin

    Week 7 Summary

    Archives First, an update blog for our radio show. Next, an advertisement for said show. Then we had 10 stars worth of audio assignments: Radio bumper assignment– 4 stars – It’s Almost Here! Song Story assignment – 3 stars – Memory Lane Weather Imitation assignment – 3 stars – Raindrops and Rooftops Finally, Daily Creates- @ds106dc #tdc1878 I would blend in perfectly in New Orleans! — Krystal Heflin (@k_heflin) March 1, 2017 @ds106dc #tdc1879 the best agents carry wands! — Krystal Heflin (@k_heflin) March 2, 2017
  16. @k_heflin

    Raindrops and Rooftops

    Archives For this assignment, we had to imitate the sound of weather using objects only within reach of the computer. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. I picked this one because it seemed like it would be fun but it was harder than I thought. First of all, I don’t have much within reach of my computer. Second of all, imitating weather sounds is harder than I thought! Even “cheating” a bit and widening my range of useable objects, weather sounds are not easy to imitate and even harder to make sound legitimate. I tried banging pots and slamming doors […]
  17. @k_heflin

    Memory Lane

    Archives For this assignment, I chose to take a stroll down memory lane. The assignment is to pick a song that reminds me a certain time/place/or memory and then talk about it. I chose “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” by Journey. It always reminds me of my junior year in high school. That was the only year I ran cross country (I ended up breaking my ankle and requiring surgery that spring) and this song was basically our theme song! One of the memories that really stands out for me is at one of our meets. It was in the fall […]
  18. @k_heflin

    It’s Almost Here!

    Archives For our audio stars this week, I know our focus was supposed to be on material we could use for our radio shows and the class theme in general. In keeping with that aim, I chose to create another ds106 radio bumper that also advertised my groups upcoming radio show! My first step was to find some background music. I really wanted something dramatic but in the end, I felt like a radio bumper needs to be more upbeat so I chose some bass sounds. Next, I had to figure out what to say. I tried recording it freestyle […]
  19. @k_heflin

    Coming Soon!

    Archives As an advertisement for our upcoming radio show, I decided to create a flyer. It seemed like a good advertisement option and also gave me a reason to play around a little and discover some more about the Inkscape program I downloaded for visual editing projects like this. I still don’t know a lot about it and I really have no creativity when it comes to colors and color schemes unfortunately 🙁 I started by getting the ds106 radio logo. Then I searched online for a spy-themed image that I liked and felt like fit our show’s theme. I […]
  20. @k_heflin

    Radio Show Update Week 1

    Archives I would have to say our group was both productive and not productive this week. What I mean by that is, I feel like we got a lot decided but when I think about what still needs to be done, I feel like we didn’t really do anything at all! The week started by everyone joining/being assigned to a group for the project. My group started a group e-mail which led to a group text chat. We had wanted to to try and meet up one night this week to discuss things but unfortunately, our schedules did not mesh […]
  21. @k_heflin

    weekly summary

    Archives So sorry this isn’t set up correctly. I have been sick all week and still am but here is what I have. Post Card – Word Cloud – Reverse Feelings – And of course my Daily Creates: @ds106dc #tdc1867 How I picture a time crystal in my head — Krystal Heflin (@k_heflin) February 18, 2017 @ds106dc #tdc1871 this guy's inner voice definitely lied to him! — Krystal Heflin (@k_heflin) February 22, 2017 @ds106dc #tdc1873 — Krystal Heflin (@k_heflin) February 24, 2017
  22. @k_heflin

    Need a Little Motivation?

    Archives This one was fun. I had to find an image that conveys a feeling and then create a quote that conveys the complete opposite. Then I had to combine them. To begin with, I couldn’t really decide which way I wanted to go. I ended up just google imaging until I found a picture I liked. Then came the hard, the wording. I decided to take one of my favorite quotes and just reword it a bit. Here is the final product!
  23. @k_heflin

    World Cloud

    Archives I ended up creating this assignment myself because I couldn’t find one close enough to it that I liked. I used to create a word cloud that relates to my character, Agent A. I used the character dossier that I created previously to pull the words from. I changed the shape of the cloud to a paw print since my character is a dachshund. I then tried to choose a color theme that I thought was little more suitable. I’m really glad I found this particular site because it really streamlined the process and allowed me to easily create something […]
  24. @k_heflin

    Wish You Were Here!

    Archives For this assignment, I had to basically create my own postcard for anywhere I chose. I knew immediately that I wanted to do a postcard with Italy as the destination because it is some place I have ALWAYS wanted to visit!. I’ve never been there so I didn’t have any of my own photos to use so I used Google to find a picture I liked. There are a ton of pictures of Italy on Google images but I chose this one in the end because I thought it would best for a postcard. The hard part was coming […]
  25. @k_heflin

    Week 5 Summary

    Archives Well this was the hardest week for me so far, not only assignment wise but the sheer amount of time involved overall. I had a lot going on outside of school this week including a concussion from snowboarding last weekend and a state licensing exam so I’m pretty proud of myself for getting anything done at all lol. I started off by downloading Audacity and playing around on it. It took a lot of messing around and reading wikihow articles in order for me to be able to do anything. Once I did that I listened to “Moon Graffiti” […]
  26. @k_heflin

    Radio Show Ideas

    Archives I can honestly say I am not looking forward to this. Participating in a radio show is like starring in my very own horror film! However, I know its something I’ll have to do for this class so I’m steeling myself for it already. As far as ideas for it go, I wasn’t really able to come up with much that relates to our class theme. My main idea was to discuss our favorite spy movies and/or books of all time. I also thought we could put a poll together ahead of time and poll all of our friends […]
  27. @k_heflin

    Sound Effect Story

    Archives For this assignment, I had to tell a story using only sound effects. This was not an easy task at all! I took all my sound clips from This site a huge library of sounds but it took me a long time to decide what “story” to tell. I am not a very creative person at all and in the end I went with telling the story of a normal day for me. I searched the sound library and picked my favorite of each one that I was looking for. Then, I used Audacity to combine them all into […]
  28. @k_heflin

    Radio Bumper

    Archives This was one of the harder assignments for me so far because I’m not super comfortable recording me/my voice. The purpose of the assignment was to create a radio bumper for ds106 radio. For those who have never heard this term before (like me), a radio bumper is kind’ve like a short commercial for the station between songs telling you what station you are listening to. First, I had to find a good song  to play in the background. I couldn’t think of any actual songs I wanted to use but I found a sound clip I liked that […]
  29. @k_heflin

    Let’s Play a Guessing Game

    Archives For this assignment, I had to pick one of my favorite songs, remove the lyrics from it, and then create a 30 second clip of the music. The goal is for people to be able to guess what song it is. I won’t tell you what song I chose obviously but I will tell you it’s a country pop song. I honestly have no idea how to remove the words from a song, despite all my playing around on Audacity so I had to find an instrumental version of it on YouTube. Luckily you can find just about anything […]
  30. @k_heflin

    Daily Create Week 5

    Archives Only 3 Daily Creates this week, not too bad. I did have a little trouble with some of the prompts but oh well, here we go! First up, show a picture of a choice. I couldn’t decide which movie I wanted to see Sunday night! @ds106dc tdc#1862 To see or not to see, that is the question! — Krystal Heflin (@k_heflin) February 13, 2017 Next, a picture of something upside that looks cool upside down. Now this isn’t a photo I took or technically an upside down object but I took a little creative liberty here 🙂 @ds106dc […]

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