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    I am Kailey’s scene analysis.


    (Kudos if you catch the title reference!)


    WARNING: The following post contains material that some may find offensive such as strong language, body mutilation, violence, and tense situations. Read and view at your own discretion.


    Previous posts have detailed my love for Chuck Palahniuk and his work, so …

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    Videos with a social statement!


    The class document that discusses YouTube genres is interesting. I agree with some of the genres (ex. parodies, How-To, music videos), but some of the genres are a bit ridiculous (I just don’t think “fish slapping” or “girlfriend prank” should be considered genres in and of themselves, and besides, memes …

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    Where Were You…On Halloween?


    Alternative title: Kailey reviews two ds106 radio shows.

    After some last minute Halloween shopping (I had to stop myself from buying ALL of the Halloween candy), I scurried back to my dorm, showered, and sat down to enjoy about an hour and a half of ds106 radio. I’ll separate this …

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    In which I over-complicate things.


    If you’ve been checking up on this blog since the start of this class, you will recall that I dub myself a perfectionist. I tend to over-complicate basic assignments by over-thinking, but occasionally, I do the exact opposite; I under-think.

    That is what happened when I attempted to download MPEG

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    A Story of Daily Creation…



    She wakes up, and the air is cold and still.

    It’s early–that much she can grasp despite her haze of sleep. Her room is dark, and there are no shadows.

    Her first thought is that she’s late for class, even though she knows she’s home for break and that …

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    Radio reflection…


    So, despite the fact that I more often than not brush off my dad’s grump, occasional comment about how “technology is ruining human socialization,” I have to give him some credit; he does have a point when it comes to face-to-face versus virtual communication.

    When I first began interacting with …

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    Since we had two weeks and 6 Daily Creates to complete, I had a lot more freedom in choosing which ones I wanted to, well, create! Essentially, however, the choosing process boiled down to how much time I had in a day–not as creatively exciting as I would have hoped, …

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    More Drive-Thru!


    I’ve already written up a tutorial for this assignment, so that post will speak more to my technical process of creation. I want to write about my creative process in this segment!

    So, I saw this sort-of accent challenge in the Bank after looking for a decent one-to-one-and-a-half star challenge, …

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    My group is the best. (alternatively, Week 7)


    Despite the fact that each of us were eager for Fall Break (hot chocolate! colorful leaves! sleeping in!), each member of my group agreed to meet Thursday night from 8:30-9:30pm to discuss our radio show plans. Sara, Amanda, Hope, and I were able to get together in person while Ashleigh …

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    Daily Creates: Week 6


    1) TDC1000!


    The goal was to combine at least three TDCs to celebrate the creative power of The Daily Create activity in honor of its 1000th post! I loved my recent eye/features drawing, so I made that the main focus. I used the magic wand tool to only select …

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    Cartoon-ize a face!


    So, since Titanic is my favorite movie, one of my oldest family friend’s fathers loves to watch the film with me, and here’s the kicker: he openly admits he loves it because his man crush is Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, I wish my own dad could be as open about …

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    Eye for design!


    As usual, I started this assignment by over thinking. My mom’s an interior designer, and I’m in a design class this semester. Since I might go into marketing, I have to be familiar with aesthetic principles such as the ones discussed this week.

    Translation: I over think every little detail …

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    Lyrics typography tutorial!


    Hello all! I recently downloaded GIMP, so from now on, I’ll be using mainly that program to create my edits. Before I switch mediums, however, I want to offer you a tutorial on Pixlr for this assignment from the Design vault for ds106! I was very happy with how my

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    minmalize your philosophy + (kind of) movie poster?


    though my soul may set in darkness,

    it will rise in perfect light.

    i have loved the stars too fondly

    to be fearful of the night.

    “the old astronomer to his pupil” by sarah williams

    I originally found this poem attached to a Star Trek blog that I was browsing …

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    minimalist movie poster.


    The truth is out there.


    For this assignment, I initially thought that I wanted to use a movie. After seeing a previous post re-creating Snow White, I toyed with the idea of using my own favorite Disney/folk tale movie: Sleeping Beauty. Then, I re-considered going with a grittier theme …

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    movie in four icons.



    Don’t talk about it.





    Guess in the comments!



    Took a while for me to figure out how to represent this movie’s unique, layered plot in minimalist images, but once I finally did, I had access to the awesome icons thanks to…

    Proletkult Graphik, …

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    Week Cinco, Cinq, Fünf, etc!


    Hello all! Hope you’ve had a good week despite the on-and-off weather we’ve been having. C’mon, September–make up your mind. Is it going to be rainy and cold or warm and pleasant?

    I learned a lot this week, and I hope you all did, too!


    1) Favorite song

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    best of (so far)…


    I’ll keep this post short, simple, and sweet:

    I chose these pictures–a mix of ds106photoblitz and Daily Creates–to start my “Best Of…” gallery, because they illustrate my old soul.

    From the painted, antique-looking bird figurine that decorates my room and its graceful shadow to my Gothic and British literature interests, …

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