1. kaileyck

    (photo)blitzkrieg bop.


    The photoblitz project–while fun–was challenging. I’m a perfectionist, and I tend to over think assignments. These traits translate to walking around campus longer than 20 minutes trying to find a perfect setting or subject, which, as any artist knows, is nearly impossible.

    Therefore, in order to keep within the time …

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    Practice makes (photographs) perfect!


    I must admit–I’ve always felt a bit intimidated by trained or professional photographers. I’ve dabbled in the art, sure–both analog and digital forms in high school, which I enjoyed immensely once I learned to stop being afraid of the dark room (I wish I was kidding, but I’m not)–but as …

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    Happy Almost Autumn (or, Week 4)!


    This week’s summary is coming to you from a prewritten word processing document!

    WordPress seems to be having some tech troubles, and while the wonderful, computer-oriented crew of ds106 takes a peek into the inner workings of the app, I decided I’d go ahead and type up the summary now …

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    in[SPIRE] and appreciate “big damn heroes.”


    Minimalist movie poster by tokyo50mm for Spring 2012

    Much like the person who suggested this piece be added to the in[SPIRE] site, I was first attracted to the use of warm colors, bold text, and minimalist graphics–a favorite aesthetic of mine in digital art and what I would consider makes …

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    Graphing Dracula!


    Vampires are depressing.


    I love Kurt Vonnegut, so after watching the YouTube video on Professor Polack’s site (and laughing a ridiculous amount at the man’s wit and humor), I was excited to get started on this project.

    Initially, I thought that I’d work with my favorite book: Alice’s Adventures …

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    pearls & redwoods.


    Carmela Mitchell on Flickr

    She’s memorized the feeling of the pearls between her fingers: smooth, soft, and as close to perfect as anything on Earth can be. Outside, the air is blue. The sun hasn’t risen, and no one’s awoken her phone with text messages and e-mails.

    She, however, has …

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    Hello to all! As many of my fellow students have said, this week seemed to have a lot more work involved in the assignments. My guess is the tasks seemed harder because there was a bit of a learning curve–especially with the .gifs, for me, at least.

    Nonetheless, the experience …

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    Knowledge vs. “Knowledge-able”


    Artist unknown


    I start this post with the above comic for one reason: I admittedly am the monkey.

    To elaborate, I function well in a traditional, lecture-based, fact-fueled education system. I’ve been a strong student throughout my academic career and rarely having any trouble going to class, taking notes, …

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    #kaileysgifadventure OR My first Digital Story!


    So, I think Tumblr has some great content. The blogs are funny, and amazing artists can showcase their work for free. A frequent sight on sites–ha ha–such as Tumblr is the famous .gif. Aside from the everlasting pronunciation war (GRAPHICS. INTERCHANGE. FORMAT. I DON’T CARE WHAT THE CREATOR SAYS; IT’S …

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    Gardner Campbell’s “post-Gutenberg age”


    If I had read this article a couple of years earlier, I would have come away very discouraged. I would have felt like I was lagging behind younger generations and computer science majors or that I wasn’t as capable or good enough to truly handle my own digital identity. Sure, …

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    In the #ds106zone.


    Hello to you all! Hope you’re enjoy the weekend despite the killer heat. ):

    While I normally am not the type of person who listens to podcasts or talk radio (which is the total opposite of my grandparents who enjoy nice, soothing, conspiracy theory/alien abduction radio shows before bed to …

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    Twitter and Flickr and SoundCloud–oh my!


    Hello everyone!

    I hope you all had a good first week. I know I did; I really enjoy all my professors and classes this semester.

    Throughout the week, this was such a fun class to start to explore! I actually enjoyed the homework assignment! (;

    (And, yes, my smiley faces …

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    Testing, testing…1, 2, 3.


    Hello world and all who inhabit it–or at least the ones who read this blog.

    My name’s Kailey, and I’ll be working with this page for a Computer Science class at the University of Mary Washington–and maybe after completing said class, as well.

    Excited to collaborate with everyone and develop …

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