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    This week we are setting up everything we need to do to create two Video Assignments. We were given free reign on all video assignments, we just had to choose something that we were interested in.

    For my first assignment I am chose Where are they now??

    The creater, Kiersten …

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    You put the You in Youtube


    Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube!! WOWZERs!

    One can go to Youtube and look up just about any sort of video they would like. All videos on the site can be categorized into different Genres.

    For this assignment, we were to look at some class examples

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    Further Analysis


    Upon further analysis of The Pursuit of Happyness, I found:

    When the movie came out in theaters, the mayor of Chattanooga, Tennessee held a showing for all the homeless people in the area to help inspire and encourage them (Wikipedia). The movie is based on a true story,…
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    Pursuit of Happyness


    Side Note: Depending on when you looked at my blog, you might have seen that I analyzed a different movie. I’ve since then removed the post from my blog because as I did further research into the movie, I found it to be very inappropriate and I so I made …

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    My Best Friend’s Girl


    One of the first assignments of video week is to analyze a video clip in 3 different ways: no volume, listening to audio only, and looking at the video and listening to the audio combined.

    In reviewing the video this way, we are to pull out the different parts we …

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    Weekly What?


    We are down to the wire!! I normally don’t post this late in the week, but here we are!

    Radio Show Evaluation

    I reviewed my group’s radio show~ Fab 5′s Serial Dater segment and the Dot Commer’s ~ The Science of Group Projects in this post! I loved both …

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    Radio Show Evaluation


    Oh I feel so famous! My radio show group (Fab 5) premiered on DS106 radio last week!! It was really awesome and a bit nerve racking to hear our own voices on the radio. Brittany and Kelsie did a great job introducing the show! Additionally, I was able …

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    Double Weekly Review


    It’s strange to do a weekly review for 2 weeks, and it’s  very bizarre to think that we’ve been in DS106 for 8 weeks now!

    The radio show was the BIG project over the last 3 weeks, but we still have some other assignments to do.

    Audio Assignments

    Radio Show
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    The Circus


    Whew. This was a tough challenge. And maybe one of the toughest of the semester.

    We had to create foley sounds for a clip of the silent movie, The Circus.

    Not sure what Foley sounds are? While I didn’t know either until I read this site. Basically, foley sounds …

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    I have rekindled my love for Gossip Girl. (Thank God for Netflix!!)

    I came across this 3-star assignment for “Movie Voice Machines” where you pick a movie/tv character and create their voicemail message.

    Since I may or may not have watched 4 episodes of Gossip Girl today, I decided …

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    Take that Spam


    Spam is the worst, is it not?

    Thanks to my “Akismet” plugin, I don’t see spam comments on the blog unless I click on the “Spam” tab. I have to admit that reading through the Spam comments makes me laugh and shake my head! So ridiculous and the spelling is …

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    Radio Show Commercial


    To go along with our radio show topic “Serial Dater” this commercial focuses on people who have trouble settling down in a relationship.

    Brittany and I developed the script for this commercial together and recorded it in Audacity.

    Here is the commercial. What do you think? Are Brittany and I …

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    Weekly, Weekly: Read all about it



    This week was all about design. The assignments were fun, the design safari was a bit of a challenge for me, but I learned a lot along the way and my radio show group and I began working on our show. So lets get into the details.

    Design Safari…

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    Design Safari


    Unlike the photoblitz assignment, I really disliked this assignment. I’m not sure why, but I just felt like I could find what I needed too. But that’s okay, it can’t all be fun and games.

    So what did I find on my safari?


    I’m all about bright and vibrant …

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    1 movie/4 icons: round 2


    So I’ve done this assignment once already. But I failed to fully read the assignment and see that the icons had to be from The Noun Project, not pictures. So I’m back to redeem myself and you get to have another chance to guess!

    After downloading all the icons …

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    On December 24th…


    I was born. Yes, I’m a Christmas Eve Baby.

    But something else really cool happened that day, in 1970 that is. Hold on to that thought though, I want to explain this assignment first. This has been my favorite one so far this week!

    This 2-star design assignment “On

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    Greetings Loved Ones


    Brownie Points (sorry I don’t have the power to give out extra star points) for whoever can name that song I’m pulling that line from in the title!!

    Since I have an impending trip coming up in a week and a half(!!!), I thought this was an appropriate assignment. This …

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