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    So I follow Laura Gibbs regularly on Twitter @OnlineCrsLady. I was first introduced to her work while I was taking #etmooc and her knowledge, advice and approach to education always encourages me to explore an issue more, engage more or just rethink an issue. Or it can reinforce what I …

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    Remote Elementary and Secondary Teaching


    It’s been awhile so forgive me for the long post but I feel I have to write something in the age of Zoom and remote emergency teaching because I am hearing a lot of horror stories coming from parents about what has been sent home and how much screen time …

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    The Wild West and the Feminine Role


    So Western106 is winding down. The sun is setting as we ride out to the range one last time. I sat on my front porch and watched the cattle be driven by my door but didn’t help in the round up of the herd.

    The West should have been a …

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    The Caribou Trail and the Western Genre


    So I should probably confess right up front that the Western Genre is not a personal favourite of mine. Or should I say certain aspects of it aren’t. What are those aspects, you ask? Well The Caribou Trail was probably the worst possible movie for me to watch to get …

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    2015 in Review


    So 2015 is on its last legs. What have I got done educationally this year? I didn’t participate in any moocs, but I did stay connected with DS106, Postetmooc and TVSZ. So nothing new, just the maintenance of existing relationships. What did I do instead? I turned inward. I explored …

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    2014 in review


    Well today is the last day of 2014 and, as always, a time of reflection. This year, I have limited my time online, more because of life circumstances than through inclination.

    So what have I learned in 2014? I have experienced the loss of loved ones. I have continued to …

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    ‘Huh?’ I expect you’re thinking. What is #dragonbovine? It’s a team in the latest installment of #TvsZ. In 6.0, the original teams were #teamnature and #teamtechnology, a new twist on the game. And #dragonbovine is a further hack of this change. Players took the ‘game’ into their own …

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    Why I Connect


    So right now I am playing in the spaces of #ccourses and #olcmooc and both are dealing with the ‘why’ of connected learning. Of course, the glib response would be ‘why not?’ but this is a serious, serious question that deserves a considered, reflective answer.

    I wasn’t always a connected …

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    Why I teach


    So #ccourses this week has asked the question why do I teach? And the answer is: Do I still teach? I am an instructional designer now rather than a face to face classroom educator. And I’ve never taught at a university, though I do teach adults. Now I create self …

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    Kingston CoderDojo and Connected Courses


    So I’ve been offline for a while for various reasons, the main one being I am of that age when parents need more care and support and this has been a support summer, from that perspective. Thank goodness my parents’ health is now good and they have moved onto the …

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    #TVSZ 4.0


    Now I am big fan of #TVSZ, a zombie twitter game as you may or not know. I’ve written about it here and here. I’ve created movies (sadly more than one!) about zombies. So you can tell that I think #TVSZ is an wonderful learning experience. The brainchild …

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    Oral vs Written


    I have finally watched the week four video. One last thought before I move to week five on the idea of “Is books making us stupid?” I write for many reasons. To keep records, to list what needs to be done for the day, to communicate with others, to work …

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    Books is Making Me Stupid


    Confession time: I still haven’t watched the video for topic #4. Instead I made a video on, you guessed it, “Books is Making Me Stupid.” The title seemed appropriate.

    Since the question/statement has been rattling around in my brain all week I started to write some thoughts down (walking the …

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    I am uncomfortable….


    with this week’s topic! “Is books making us stupid?” Now I haven’t even watched Dave’s video and I haven’t read anyone’s post because in my mind I am thinking “Uh, no?!” and “Fix the grammar!” So I know Dave is being deliberately provocative to try and make me challenge some …

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    2013: A year of learning


    Hard to believe that 2013, a year of incredible growth for me, is in it’s last days. I’ve learnt so much, connected with some tremendous people through various MOOCs, starting with MOOCMOOC and ETMOOC, participated in Open Spokes and DS106, brushed by people in passing and truly bonded with …

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    Video: Life stories


    Well I’ve been off line for the last few weeks as my mum fell off a step coming out of the dentist and broke her right hand. She picked herself up, got into her car and as she phrased it “waited until I felt up to driving home.” The next …

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    The Headless Waltz


    In keeping with the Headless theme I have used Movie Maker to create a small movie. Please remember that I am one of the few people who have not succumbed to the lure of Apple so I have no iPad, iPod or any iEquipment. I also have the distressing …

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    My first gif (in a very long while!)


    Well I believe I have done it. I have created my first ever animated gif for DS106 ( a very easy one I admit.) Once upon a time, there was a program called Fireworks that I did know how to use, but Macromedia was eaten up by Adobe and it …

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