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    Now for some reason, the idea of a photoblitz triggers the song “Ballroom Blitz” in my mind. Don’t ask me why, it may be just the word blitz is common to both.

    So I did my photo blitz at home over the lunch hour. My camera is at home, the …

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    Headless Horseman


    It’s amazing what publishing your first sound does for you. It’s gone right to my head and I am feeling downright cocky. So, this time when creating a sound, understanding the program was not as much of an issue as finding the right sound to do the Sound Story Project. …

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    So  I’ve been playing with sound over the last few days. It has been a little frustrating partially because tools and devices that worked when a tutorial was built in 2008 or 2010 or 2012 may not be as useful as they once were due to the ever changing nature …

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    Superhuman! My return from the dead, maybe.


    I’ve been rendered a human again,  a gift of love from @JLVala. It’s been odd to return to my human form, especially since I was a zombie almost from the beginning of the plague. As a zombie, I was a ruthless killer, hunting down unsuspecting prey, trapping them, relentlessly stalking humans. …

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    Out of gas


    Let me sing you a lullaby as we lull you to sleep.

    Life is short and painful
    but death is long and deep.
    In life, friends are fleeting,
    in death they’re the ones you eat.
    Slip the chains of your mortality,
    Enter the depths of calm,
    Being undead is so …

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    It is lonely where you are.

    You are alone.

    No human can rescue you.

    But we offer love and companionship, friendship and food sharing.

    Embrace the zombie horde.

    We love you, we will cherish you, we will savour you.

    Come into the light so we might welcome you.

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    You can run but you can’t hide…


    I don’t think it is right that I am being made to feel like I am the Big Bad Wolf chasing down the Three Little Pigs.

    A zombie girl has got to eat.

    And I love chocolate. So please eat lot’s of chocolate. And then you’ll be a lovely sweet …

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    Eating educators for Supper


    My dear friends,
    How sad that you mourn my passing to the undead. I feel your pain and would love to alleviate it. And I will. I realize you have fled to a #safezone in a feeble attempt to hide from the growing zombie horde but you will be assimilated. …

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    Renovations made easy


    The beautiful thing about being a zombie is that we’re not house proud. We’ll live in anything and anywhere.
    We’ll live down here quite happily, as long as we’re fed regularly. And we’re equal opportunity eaters. We’ll eat everyone. Hoping to make your renovations part of my memories!

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    Zombie Living


    While most of you think of us as undead, zombies do have a sense of style. Since we require human flesh to survive we often find ourselves living on the edges of society.
    In places like this:

    Not very pretty is it? No wonder we want to move in with …

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    Zombies think of little else than food. How to get food, where to get food and how to get food. We need the flesh of a living human to survive, but not only that, we need their souls. For a few brief minutes as we slowly suck on the warm …

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    Gravatars and Blogger


    So now I know why DS106 wanted me to use WordPress instead of Blogger. It’s because of the gravatar, a relatively simple thing to set up for WordPress (which I have done) but a horribly convoluted mess in Blogger. I was working my way through reading other Headless13 blogs, when …

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    What storytelling is to me.


    So DS106 Headless has asked me to reflect on the idea of what I associate with the word storytelling? Um, that’s tough because I basically tell stories all the time. Someone asks about my day and the next thing I’m doing is conveying a story. “Fine, how about you” rarely …

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    Why I am Headless this fall


    Yesterday I posted about Design Thinking Action Lab on the last day of that particular course. I didn’t get as much out of it as I had hoped. However, I have enormously high expectations of Headless DS106. Why? Because I’ve been mucking about on the sidelines of DS106 even …

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    Using Piktochart


    I have mixed feelings about Piktochart. I like that it was easy to sign up with a Google account. As a free user there are not a lot of themed pages for you to access (just seven) and you have to move to a pro account to get access to …

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    Liebster Nominee


    Well Sheri Edwards has sent me a challenge!
    She’s nominated me for a Liebster so I have to follow the list below and answer her list of questions too.

    Liebster Nomination Rules
    1. Link back to the blog that nominated you.
    2. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.  …

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    Communicating, connecting and networking


    So I’m still in reflection mode about my own learning so you’ll have to bear with one more clmooc reflection. And it’s not really so much a clmooc reflection as it is a reflection about 2013 so far, my “mooc” year. Since we’re supposed to be blogging and sharing I’ve …

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    Using the tools of the web


    I am continuing to reflect on my learning within the clmooc environment. The learning curve in clmooc has not been as steep as either MoocMooc or ETMOOC as indicated by my prezi contribution of a few weeks ago. I’m not feeling guilty anymore because I don’t post on everyone’s contribution, …

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    Connected Learning and reflections on making


    Well I’ve hacked Chad’s Thimble page. Unfortunately, I am not thimbley enough to be able to alter the map so I’ve added in what I thought originally was superfluous information (my children, my siblings, etc.) However, on reflection, my place in the family as the eldest of five, and the …

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    Infinite Monkeys: Part III


    Well here it is: My first app.

    Feedback welcome!

    I ended up making a document with links to my YouTube playlist and a number of blogs so that I could add some more information to the app. Publishing the app is very easy.

    So my overall rating for using …

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    Infinite Monkeys: Part II


    So yesterday I was writing about creating an app (short for software application) for teachers using MS Paint for Grade 1. I’m still working on it and since Kevin asked for a debrief on the software I thought I’d write another post on the process of building this app.

    So …

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    Maps! I have a lot of maps in my car, stuck into the pockets of the door. Maps of states and provinces, maps of attractions, museums, historic sites, maps of army bases. Some of the maps are in map books, some on the large sheets of paper that you try …

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    Failure and failing


    So this week’s topic in our Openspokes fellowship is failure, something we are all intimately acquainted with, for who has not failed at a task, at a crucial moment, sometimes with serious consequences? Who ends up a goat and goes to hell? Failure has been the gristmill for religion, literature, …

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