1. @KaseyMayer

    Today’s Issues on KLLM Radio


    Luckily this week was relatively simple because my group met last week and assigned all the roles so that we could all be set and ready to compile everything when we met this week. Honestly, the hardest part this week was finding a meeting time that worked for everyone. We …

  2. @KaseyMayer

    Group Work in Week Seven


    This week was a radio show focused week with more audio editing practice.

    This week we picked groups and started working on our radio shows. I feel really good about my group and where we are at right now. My group has decided our name, tagline, overall topic, and …

  3. @KaseyMayer

    Moment of Peace


    Finally, I chose this 3.5 assignment that said to convey an emotion using sounds.

    This assignment said to create an emotion using at least four sounds. I chose to base this more off of my superhero for this class. One of Weather Woman’s favorite things is using her powers …

  4. @KaseyMayer

    It’s Calling


    My next assignment was a 3 star assignment to create a ringtone that was 40 seconds or less.

    My original plan was to edit and layer some guitar tracks to make a ringtone. I spent some time going through freesounds.org trying to find one that worked as a base track, …

  5. @KaseyMayer

    Radio Show Progress in the HCC


    I actually feel really good about where my group is at for the radio show project. My group members are Maggie, Laila, and Lilah. We started a google doc on Monday so that we could start coordinating. We decided that it would be best if we met us rather than …

  6. @KaseyMayer

    Haunted Advertisements


    For my first assignment this week I chose to alter the 4.5 star spooky sounds assignment to create a commercial for my groups radio show.

    This assignment technically says create a spooky soundtrack using only sounds. However, I altered it slightly so that I could make a commercial out of …

  7. @KaseyMayer

    KLLM Poster


    This is the poster I created for my groups Radio Show, KLLM Radio. So I actually did not do a lot of editing on the image, but I did put a lot of thought into it. The base image is a picture I took while visiting Natural Bridge with my …

  8. @KaseyMayer

    Designs in Week Six


    Week six coming to a close, almost halfway there!

    First there was my design reflection from one of the offered readings. Overall, the reading just really surprised me with the amount of things that creators have to consider when designing an advertisement or making a logo. Although I knew it …

  9. @KaseyMayer

    Design in the Real World


    For my DesignBlitz, I found the four following designs.

    I feel that this design is a good example of message. This is a payment plan poster for the payment plans offered by the Office of Student Accounts. The message is money, needing it and using it. The money tree draws …

  10. @KaseyMayer

    Super Tattoo


    For my “select one” assignment, I chose to make my own superpower tattoo.

    I cannot stand driving. I don’t like sitting in the car sitting in traffic. I don’t like the drain of watching the road in front of me. The only times I do enjoy it are when …

  11. @KaseyMayer

    Motivating You


    For my second assignment I chose this three star assignment that said to create a motivational poster.


    For this assignment, I was inspired by something last week and my superhero character. Last week, when I listened to the DS 106 radio, I listened to a Batman show where, …

  12. @KaseyMayer

    Movie Minimalism


    For my first assignment this week I chose one worth 3.5 stars. This one said to create a minimalist poster for a movie.


    For this poster, realistically you probably would have had to see the movie to completely understand the poster. I chose the movie Benjamin …

  13. @KaseyMayer

    Thoughts on Design


    I actually found this reading very interesting. I knew advertising was more than simple pictures and text but I didn’t realize there were so many different aspects to design. Massimo Vignelli says that the three most important aspects of design are semantic (meaning), syntactic, and pragmatic. However, he then broke …

  14. @KaseyMayer

    The Impact of Sound


    The first thing that comes to mind when considering audio narratives is “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” While what you say is definitely important, sound can change the meaning whether through tone, special effects, and music. For example, in Moon Graffiti the music is really …

  15. @KaseyMayer

    The Origin of Weather Woman


    One of our assignments this week was to create an introduction for our character (like the Powerpuff Girls). To do this, I used my own voice and freesounds.org for the music and sound effects. I started simply with the character name and then into her birth. I used a hurricane …

  16. @KaseyMayer

    Weather Woman Power Sample


    This 2.5 star assignment said to make a weather sound using your voice and objects around you.

    I needed to get a little crafty with this assignment. The rules of this assignment were that I had to make a weather sound using only myself and the things immediately around me. …

  17. @KaseyMayer

    Bumper Break in DS106 Radio


    This week, we had to create a 10-30 second bumper for DS106 Radio. I created this bumper using audacity. I used 2 sounds from freesongs.org and a recording of my own voice to make it. I’m not sure how to describe the sound it starts with, but the thought that …

  18. @KaseyMayer

    Thursday Soundtrack


    This 4 star assignment said to record different sounds throughout your day and compile them into a soundtrack. So here is my typical Thursday this semester.

    I wasn’t able to record something from each step of my day, but my Thursdays are pretty repetitive so you can get the idea. …

  19. @KaseyMayer

    What’s the story?


    This 3.5 star assignment said to create a story using only sounds.

    For this assignment, I decided to go with something easy to guess, but more emotional impact. All sounds came from freesound.org and then complied using audacity. The sounds were: music, crash, ambulance, flat line, church bells. My story …

  20. @KaseyMayer

    Who Would Listen to This Radio Show?


    This week we had to come up with some possible ideas for a the DS106 Radio show. Here are some of the ideas I had:

    An origins show for some characters of today’s popular superhero stories. Explain how different characters came to be and who their most common enemies are.…
  21. @KaseyMayer

    Trying to Follow DS106 Radio


    I listened to DS106 Radio on Thursday September 28th. It was an interesting experience. For that session, they played the audio for a Batman story. The audio itself was very good, clear with good layering and sound movement from the left to the right. The characters had very distinct voice …

  22. @KaseyMayer

    Sickness Strikes in Week Four


    Sickness starting circulating at UMW and while I have thankful help off from the worst, I have been feeling not to hot all week and trying to sleep it off. This lead to a lag in my participation unfortunately. I looked at twitter every day to see what my classmates …

  23. @KaseyMayer

    A Photographer in the Age of Smartphones


    As of late, I only really take pictures using my phone. I do have a decent digital camera,  but I almost ever use it because most of my photos are very spur of the moment. When I was younger and mostly took pictures with my camera, I did try to …

  24. @KaseyMayer

    Exploring My Apartment Through Photoblitz


    For this assignment, we had to use Photoblitz. Photoblitz gives you several photo assignments that you have 20 minutes to complete. When reviewing the list, I saw a few things that I knew I could get pictures of pretty easily so I decided to do multiple photos for some of …

  25. @KaseyMayer

    Saturated Sunset


    For my last assignment, I chose a two star photo editing assignment that said we needed to switch up the mood of a picture. For this assignment I used a free photo editing software to adjust certain aspect of the first image to change the mood. I played with contrast, …

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