1. @KaseyMayer

    Alphabet Soup


    Next, I chose a writing assignment that said to create a story using the letters of the alphabet. The assignment was three starts for a current total of 6 stars and one more assignment to go. With the assignment, I am supposed to write a story where each letter of …

  2. @KaseyMayer

    Maleficent Life…


    For my next writing assignment I choose a Dear Diary with my favorite Disney Villain. It is labeled at three stars. The assignment is to simply write a diary entry from an everyday life of a Disney villain. I chose this because I love Disney and the villain aspect connects …

  3. @KaseyMayer

    Weather Woman


    For my character dossier, I decided to give my character a superpower that I would actually want in day to day life. My hero is Helen Clearview, a woman who has the ability to control the weather. Due to this particular power, she decided to become a meteorologist and had …

  4. @KaseyMayer



    Finally, I chose a timed writing assignment that was 2.5 stars totaling 8.5 stars. This assignment says that you have 10 seconds to say all the things you are thankful for. As a bonus, you also get 10 seconds to draw a self-portrait. I had ti force myself to not …

  5. @KaseyMayer

    The Ups and Downs of Week Two



    For this weeks summary I decided to start off with the Daily Creates that I completed this week. I had a hectic week so I started doing the Daily Creates later in the week. I also had  slight mistake to start. I accidentally put the wrong hashtag for my …

  6. @KaseyMayer

    Superhero Thoughts


    I really like the thought of doing a superheroes theme because it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. There are all kinds of superheros with different backgrounds, different “powers”, and different motives that allow for each person to find something for themselves. While I have not read any superhero …

  7. @KaseyMayer

    An Introduction



    My name is Kasey and I am a senior at the University of Mary Washington. I am a history major in the secondary education program. I am a proud member of the UMW Relay for Life Planning Committee and I am an office for CPB Reel Deals. I can’t …

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