1. @kateybug17

    Growing Up With Jason Segel


    Jason Segel is my all time favorite actor/celebrity crush so of course I had to choose him for this grow-up montage. I picked his audition tape for “Freaks and Geeks”, an interview with the cast of “How I Met Your Mother” where he sings with NPH, the Dracula Song from …

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    Making a Song


    For this assignment, I picked 5 of my favorite most current songs and combined them based on the themes. The song begins with talking about facing all your problems alone and trying to impress an ex, next it’s about being comfortable on your own without them, then it’s about not …

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    Melody Mash Up


    For this assignment, I created my own. I took two songs that had the same chord progression and combined them together at a place where they would sound good overlapping.

    For this particular arrangement, I chose TLC’s “Waterfalls” and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. I’ve been working on a mash …

  4. @kateybug17

    Two Movies, One Line


    For this assignment, I mashed up “Aladdin” and “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory”. I loved both movies growing up and the fact that they shared a line with the word “world” made it an easy choice for me to use these films. I hope you enjoy the mashup!


  5. @kateybug17

    Video Show (Week 11)


    Here’s the video show with myself, Callie, and Amari. We decided on a 50’s style teaching video that presented some ways to perfect being a spy. I focused on disguises and how those can make or break an agent. Overall, this was an easy and successful assignment. Callie helped a …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was a lot of fun for me. I really enjoyed the “Design” category and felt like all the assignments were something that I really wanted to do. I really liked the Assignment Bank choices for this week and will probably look into doing some more form this category …

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    Design Blitz


    For this image, I chose the topic of “Typography”. This was an advertisement for Mr.UMW that my club had created. We chose to do a lot of bright colors and different fonts so that it would draw the attention of those walking by. The theme for the event is the …

  8. @kateybug17

    Make a Maze


    For this assignment, I found a maze creation software on Discovery Education that allowed you to choose certain aspects that would create a unique maze. I made mine an “escape” maze with random paths and titled it “Rat In A Cage” after one of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins’s songs. I …

  9. @kateybug17

    One Story, Four Icons


    This was my absolute favorite movie growing up. I used a website called Fotor to create the collage and chose 4 very distinct images from the film.  I hope you all can deduce from my clues what this movie is!


  10. @kateybug17

    Minimalist TV/Movie Poster



    For this assignment, I chose the tv show “Archer”, which focuses on spy working for the intelligence agency, ISIS. Archer is known on the show for being a lush and is almost always seen with a drink in his hand, so I thought it would be fitting to make …

  11. @kateybug17

    Destination Post Card




    This wasn’t too difficult to do either, much like the daily create. I do, however,  dislike the Canva website. I’ve used it for clubs before and I didn’t like that there were so many fees for photos and templates. I may just use Word or Paint next …

  12. @kateybug17

    Daily Create #1




    I happen to think these two fit together very nicely. And this assignment was super easy and fun to do.…

  13. @kateybug17

    The Vignelli Cannon


    One of the first things I liked about Vignelli’s book is that he laid out the three categories in which he feels design fall in: semantics, syntatic, and pragmatic. I really appreciate when authors do this, as I feel it makes it much easier to follow their thought process. I …

  14. @kateybug17

    Reflection of spy shows and movies


    For this reflection, I chose to watch Alias and Spy Kids.  Alias is a show I had never heard of before but I became interested in when I saw the cast. I watched episode one of the first season, which in most spy stories gives the background if who, what, …

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    Weekly Summary #2


    This week was more difficult for me than last week. I felt like I had a lot more questions about what I needed to do, as well as felt that some of the assignments were more complex than I had originally thought. School work in other classes was really building …

  16. @kateybug17

    Assignment Number 1



    This image and quote are from one of my favorite movies, Step Brothers.  This is one of the best parts of the movie. Dale and Brennan are trying to get investors for their entertainment company at a family birthday dinner, so they set up a presentation and a song …

  17. @kateybug17

    Assignment Number 2



    “One Day More!” he shouts, as his final day closes in. Barack Obama, the last man on Earth, has survived as long as he can. His resources are gone, he has no friends or family left. He knew this moment was coming, but he had hoped it would not …

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    Weekly Summary #1 for Katey M.


    This week was a little stressful for me, as this was a decent amount of work to do in the short time I had. I was unable to figure out the SubDomain on my own, so I needed to go to the DTLT to get some help. I was able …

  19. @kateybug17

    “10 Ways” Reading by Katey M.


    I kind of like the point that Kleon is making, to let others learn from you and take the things that work. I believe that creativity/the creative process isn’t something that someone can own, so if you are able to help another person by what you’re doing, it benefits you …

  20. @kateybug17

    Hello World! First YouTube


    I know that this isn’t me or anything having to do with me, but this is what I sit in my room watching for hours on end, under the covers, while taking a break from Netflix.…

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    Hello world! First Flickr


    Me and my sister in Disney World. I’ve been to Disney at least 10 times in my life and I will be going again during Spring Break. To me, it really is the happiest place on Earth.…

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