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    Radio Show Story


    For this 3-star assignment I told a story of how our radio show was produced. This story was actually a lot of fun!

    I created this story by first coming up with sounds that I would use in the story and came up with a brief script- this took …

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    Girl Power Bumper


    I chose to make a bumper for one of my 10-star audio assignments. This assignment is 4-stars. This week we are gearing up to create our radio shows, so I decided to create a bumper of my own in order to help better prepare for our radio show.

    This radio …

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    Weekly Summary #6


    Week 6 feels more like week 16 but that’s ok! I’d like to think I should be enjoying these last few weeks as an undergrad as much as possible. Overall this week was MUCH better than the previous two weeks and I couldn’t be happier! This week we had four …

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    Got DS106?


    Check out my new Got Ds106? poster!



    For this 2.5 star assignment we were asked to re-create a Got Milk? ad poster to go along with Got DS106?. This was actually a lot of fun to create. The most difficult thing about the assignment was finding the best …

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    Secret Agent Outfit


    For this 3- star assignment we had to create an outfit for our secret agent character. Here is what I came up with:

    I created this somewhat of a collage of an outfit for my secret agent, Nadia. I did this by first deciding which clothes I wanted to use …

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    So unfortunately for whatever reason I am unable to embed Instagram photos into my blog posts, but I am able to provide the links and screenshots of these Insta posts! Here are each of the posts and a description to go along with them:

    I took this first photo a …

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    XOXO Nadia


    For this 3-star design assignment we were asked to create a postcard by taking a photo of a location and adding some words. This assignment includes my character Nadia, who has been away on work travel for the CIA.

    As far as my character Nadia goes, we last heard that …

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    Weekly Assignment #5


    Week 5! This week was filled with a ton of audio assignments, far from my favorite thing to do! But this is mostly because I have never messed with audio before. When I first saw that we were dealing with audio assignments this week I immediately panicked! Audio is my …

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    Made of Junk


    For this 4.5 – star assignment we were asked to compose a sound piece using only found sounds and edit and mix the piece on any sound editing equipment and upload to soundcloud. So this is what I came up with:

    I actually had a TON of fun with this …

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    Distorted Sounds


    I was actually really excited about this assignment because I felt like it allowed me to learn more about Garageband, the app I am using for all audio assignments. For this 3.0-star assignment we were asked to
    take a recognizable song or sound, and then turn it into a completely …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    I’m not a huge fan of radio shows so I only have a few to compare to when it comes to ideas of radio shows. But, I was thinking there could be some sort of interview with a secret agent or create a game show of some sort. Maybe even …

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    What’s Bumpin’ on the Radio


    This radio bumper assignment was actually kind of fun! I was able to include my brother who had been standing in the room while I was trying to record, so I asked if he wanted to join in!

    “Hey guys this is Katie (and this is Kaden) and you are …

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    Tweet a-Long!


    Monday night was the first night I ever listened to DS106 radio! Not only did we listen to the radio podcast but we also were able to tweet along with it as well with other classmates. I thought this was an interesting idea and think other professors could benefit from …

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    Weekly Summary #4


    Another week in the books! I was pretty excited about the topic
    being mostly about photography. I have always enjoyed taking pictures as a
    hobby and I was excited to learn more what others had to say about their experiences
    as well. For this week I started out by doing …

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    Still Shot


    For this assignment I chose a still shot from a scene in Mr.
    and Mrs. Smith. My favorite movie, again, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I promise I will
    switch it up eventually This photo I feel has a lot of contrast, good balance
    and background. I think there is a …

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    Then and Now


    For this 4-star assignment we were asked to combine at least two images to create a shocking message. After thinking long and hard about what my messaged wanted to be; this is it:

    I put this picture together using Photo-Shop on my iPhone. I think this message is a big …

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    Lookin’ Good George


    This 3.5 Visual Assignment gave me the opportunity to spice up the dollar bill and President George!

    For this assignment, I simply uploaded a picture of a dollar bill and photo-shopped a wig I found on Google onto George’s head using the Photoshop app on my phone. This assignment was …

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    The Photoblitz challenge was interesting! I actually had a lot of fun with it and I will probably use it in the future for photo ideas. When I first opened the link, I saw my challenge, and I just wasn’t too excited about it so I “clicked for another list”. …

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    Gotta Start Somewhere


    Photography has always been a fairly big part of my life one
    way or another. As a small child I would walk around with my fake camera taking
    pictures of everything. The small plastic camera had a string around it that I
    could carry around my neck. As I got …

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    Tangled in GIFs


    For this 5-star assignment we were asked to summarize a movie or story using 10 or less GIFs. If you have ever seen the movie Tangled, see if this matched the story-line! If you haven’t then see if you can figure it out!

    Tangled is by far one of my …

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    Weekly Summary #3


    Are we there yet?? Week three was definitely a struggle. I am not sure if the frigid weather had something to do with my lack of motivation but something surely did! This week entailed a lot of writing, reading and producing. We had 3 daily creates, 10-stars worth of writing …

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    Didn’t See That Coming!


    Mr. and Mrs. Smith has got to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Partly because it is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! However it is also the perfect blend of romance and action. I believe Mr. and Mrs. Smith has a very catchy story-line, one that gets …

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    Code Name: Golden Eagle


    Nadia was born and raised in the French Alps by her parents
    Simon & Adele Deep. She spent most of her childhood skiing and learning to
    dance. Although she enjoyed these activities, she always wished for more action
    in her life. After all, there is so much you can do …

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    Glass Heals to the Ball


    For this 1 star assignment we were asked to pick our favorite myth, legend, or folktale, and wrap it up into a haiku.

    There was a young girl

    Who wore glass heals to a ball

    Then married the prince

    If you haven’t guessed, my Haiku is about Cinderella! I loved …

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