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    Well, You Know, Back Then…


    I have so many “Well, you know, back then..” in mind but I specifically remember having to give my parents directions to soccer games and tournaments using a real road map! Then a few years later we were introduced to MapQuest that we would print out that gave us specific …

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    Ten Seconds of Thanks!


    For this second writing assignment we were suppose to time ourselves for 10 seconds and in those 10 seconds come up with a list of things we are thankful for. For “bonus points” we were told to draw a picture of ourselves in 10 seconds as well.

    Here is what …

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    Dream (3 year) Vacation


    “Vacation: an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.” For this writing assignment we are asked to blog about our dream vacation. Where we will go and who will we will bring.

    My dream vacation…hmm…no mention of a time limit so, here …

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    Weekly Summary #2


    Week Two – We got D(i)S106!

    This week we got to explore the Assignment Bank, make four Daily
    Creates, customize our blogs, comment on other classmate’s blogs, and answer
    the question of the week using Slack.

    I was actually really excited about this week’s assignments,
    mostly because I have been …

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    Kayaking on the Rings of Saturn


    For my third assignment this week, I chose to do a Design Assignment. The design assignment task was to photoshop myself into a different environment. I had several ideas in mind but when this one came to mind I had to do it!

    Kayaking on Saturn’s Rings!

    I had a …

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    Sweet Home Alabama


    For Wednesday’s Daily Create we were asked to find a lyric describing a real place, or thing in the world and see if we could create a literal drawing. I was actually in the Design Lab trying to learn the tools on Photoshop when I saw this tweet! I came …

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    Guess Where I Came From!


    For my third Daily Create we were asked to zoom in on nature! I took this picture a few days ago and thought it looked so cool! When I first held this object up, it looked like a tree to me, so I decided to take a picture of it …

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    Add More RAM(s)


    My second Daily Create was to explain something technical using furry animals. I’m not very technical but I looked up ways to make your computer faster and they suggested adding more ram! So I used a picture of rams and added the caption to the picture using a Meme generator

  9. @Katie73536604

    Keep Your Eyes Open!


    For this visual assignment we were supposed to find a picture of any secret agent we would like. Next, we had to pick a quote from a similar secret agent character. Finally, attribute said quote to a third similar character.

    I chose this assignment because it would allow me to …

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    Ain’t No Mountain High Enough


    For my first ever daily create we were asked how we will celebrate MLK day. For MLK day, since it is below freezing out, I chose to stay inside and watch one of my favorite movies, Remember the Titans! This movie is so inspirational and a great reminder of what …

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    Weekly Summary #1


    Weekly Summary Week 1- BootCamp! We made it! This week has
    been a learning curve for me because this is practically my first ever blog site
    and first time using some of these platforms such as SoundCloud, Slack, and
    Domain. This is also my first online class and I know …

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    Secret Agent 106


    When I think secret agent, the first thing that comes to
    mind is the typical description of dark hat, dark slick shades, trench coat, cutting
    edge technology, and secretive attitude. Specific movies and characters that
    come to mind when I think of secret agent are the Cortez siblings from Spy …

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    Introductions to DS106


    Hello! My name is Katie and a senior here at University of Mary Washington. I am excited for this class and to see all the exciting things everyone comes up with. In my free time I play soccer and spend time with friends and family. Although I am not an …

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