1. @katie_melhuish

    Week 13/Week14


    Well, the end of the year. These last few weeks I was like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off. For the final project, I was able to get a lot done over the Thanksgiving break and in between my other class work. Working on how the internet …

  2. @katie_melhuish

    How The Internet Changed My Life




    For me, the internet is life. It’s an endless abyss that my life revolves around. I wake up, I check the internet. I see something funny, I modify it using the internet. I share what I modified, using the internet. If I need to learn how to do …

  3. @katie_melhuish

    Final Project Progress 1


    For my final project I want to tell the story of How The Internet Consumed My Life. I got the idea from the list of questions from Week 8.

    I want to use almost all of the media we have gone over and transition through them in a way that …

  4. @katie_melhuish

    Weekly Assessment


    I’m back! After two weeks of being crazy sick and trying to get my life together, I’m here! I’ve missed the fun creativity this class has to offer. Going through and deciding what assignments I want to do and how I can make them is so freeing compared to all …

  5. @katie_melhuish

    This Doesn’t Belong Here


    I love movies so this was a treat. To make this masterpiece I only needed some pictures from google and photoshop.

    Oh Dirty Dancing, so romantic… it would be a shame if something happened. Insert Jack Nicholson saying “Heereess Johnny” here. I honestly think that is one of the most …

  6. @katie_melhuish

    Im Ready For My Close Up … Tutorial


    This assignment is super easy todo, you just need an idea and the ability to edit an image.

    I actually got my idea from the famous movie scene assignment, and decided to use the close up of Laurence Fishburne’s face from the matrix. But instead of Nero reflecting, who would …

  7. @katie_melhuish

    Holiday Mashup


    Part of the reason I like fall so much is because from October to December we have my 3 favorite holidays!

    Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So Candy, Food, and Presents. What can be more magical than that? Answer: nothing.

    To make this mashup masterpiece I consulted google to find many …

  8. @katie_melhuish

    To My Mom REMIXED


    What says I love you more than a letter in another language? Well, a lot of things since my mom can’t read Chinese.

    All jokes aside, I decided to do this assignment because the last two weeks have been hell. Life decided to take a massive dump on me and …

  9. @katie_melhuish

    No Music – Music Video REMIXED


    This assignment was AWESOME! I already liked the original a lot, but then the remixed version blew me away. The original was to create a voice over for a music video, and the remix wanted me to add some your momma jokes.

    So, I downloaded a video editor and got …

  10. @katie_melhuish

    Week 8


    Week 8… Where do I begin.

    I had a very fun time listening to the radio broadcasts. I think everyone did a great job and we should really be proud of ourselves. I also really enjoyed going through and picking which posts I like. It’s really fun to see what …

  11. @katie_melhuish

    Best of 106



    So I decided to do something a little different…

    There are lot’s of posts and I can’t just pick 3. So I went through some of the daily creates and picked out my top 5. I honestly think the daily create’s have some of the better works because I …

  12. @katie_melhuish

    Dailey Create Story


    Once Upon A Time, a girl decided to write. And the reason she wanted to write was because she thought she was funny when she did (10.20). But, sometimes she wrote poetry that wasn’t as funny as it was beautiful. Her favorite we’re haikus. She would use her haiku skills …

  13. @katie_melhuish

    Create Your Own Room


    As an active user of Pinterest, I loved this assignment.

    Thanks to the Internet, I’m constantly looking at clothes, food, shoes, jewelry, and houses I would love to have, but alas I probably never will. But, a girl can dream and this is my dream room. It’s surprisingly pretty lavish …

  14. @katie_melhuish

    Radio Listen


    My favorite radio show, not surprisingly, was the show about the memes. As a lover of all things that are memes or meme related, I thought the show was perfect from start to finish.

    I thought the actual content of the show was very fun and informative. The way each …

  15. @katie_melhuish

    Weekly Assessment


    I loved this week.

    Not only did I love the daily creates I did but I LOVE the radio show me and my group made!

    From the idea to the actual content, we rocked it.

    I didn’t struggle at all with Audacity or anything. Audio is actually my favorite media …

  16. @katie_melhuish

    Radio Show Progress 2


    We did it! All done and it sounds amazing.

    I was very nervous to do this assignment because group projects can often time be chaotic. You can have people completely take over or people not do anything at all…

    That was not the case for my group!! We are FABULOUS. …

  17. @katie_melhuish

    Weekly Assessment


    Well well well,

    Where do I even start?

    As far as the Radio Show goes I’m very excited for the final product. We have some great ideas that I hope we can make as perfect as we want them to be.

    As far as the rest of my week…

    My …

  18. @katie_melhuish

    Radio Show Progress


    I think our radio show is going to be amazing!! I’m in love with our idea.

    This week we had a google doc going where we discussed what our idea is and what exactly we are going to talk about. I think we are to a point where we can …

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