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    Romeo Uniform November


    I added my message to the radio on Frequency 2156 (after some interference prevented me from doing so for a long while):

    The website could have enthralled me for HOURS (and it did for at least one). It is so interesting how everything is tied together under one “radio” and …

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    Who is Charlee Faraday?


    Charlee Faraday is a combination of the Lone Wolf and the Neutral Character. She prefers spending time alone, finding her time is most productive and beneficial that way. She also is okay going with whatever situation is given to her, as long as she has a direction she plans on …

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    Some of the Good Sounds


    This assignment I had to mash up some of my favorite sounds. One of my favorite sounds that I couldn’t get into the clip was wind blowing through trees/leaves. In digital form it usually ends up sounding like wind noise (which I do like, but it just didn’t work for …

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    From Time Travel in Paris to Zombies in Busan


    La Jetée is told through photographs splits the difference between movie and written story. We are given visuals to enhance the experience, but the physical action going on in the plot is played out in our heads. Terry Gilliam took my attention by making me look at what he included …

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    Blitz and Glamour


    The Tips for Better Photography page had some pretty basic yet insightful tips that I will definitely attempt to incorporate into my work.

    “Get Pickier” helped me a lot after my photoblitz had ended. Usually, I take many photos that might be good and decide which to keep later. This …

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    She Came on the Pawsenger Train



    My dog, Checkers, came to visit me in Fredericksburg! If you hear me talking about my puppy, I’m really talking about my twelve-year-old shi-poo (shi-tzu poodle mix). Even though I’m more of a medium-large sized dog person, I love Checkers to bits. While the train station isn’t on campus, …

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    Staying Afloat in the Swarm


    This week has been a little harder to keep my head above the water. The beginnings of my weeks are more jam-packed with school, work, internship, and clubs, which meant I left more of my assignments until The End of the week. I plan on keeping more on top of …

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    The NEW End of the Whole Mess

    “…I have a Bobby his nayme is bruther and I theen I an dun riding and I have a bocks to put this into thats Bobby sd full of quiyet air to last a milyun yrz so gudboy gudboy every—brother, Im goin to stob gudboy bobby i love you it…
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    Fortune Cookie


    The little piece of paper reads: “Do not be overly judgmental of your loved one’s intentions or actions.”

    Of course, I find a small source of food in a somehow preserved fortune cookie and it mocks me. I already had Bryce telling me yesterday that I wasted ammo on zombies …

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    Quidditch, Explained Up-Goer Style


    To play the team game from the well-known boy wonder books is different from what most people think. You run with sticks to pretend to fly. You throw a ball around and try to make it in the round point places. I am the round point place guard player. There …

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    Amazon in the Apocalypse: Item Review


    A while back, I was scrolling on Amazon in my bunker (using my bike generator to keep my laptop going) when I saw the BEST gadget: the Cyalume ChemLight Military Grade Surface Trip Flare. Basically, you set up a trip wire, and when something (human, zombie, etc.) sets it off, …

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    Cracking Open that Apocalypse Starter Kit


    The reading/viewing of this week has been so thought-provoking! I’ve earned a deeper look into the catastrophe genre, its history and reasoning, and also a general view of how stories should be told overall.

    The first chapter of Bryan Alexander’s work got me thinking about what makes a story a …

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    Two Deadly Weeks into The End


    This week has been a very creative whirlwind for me! I’ve taught myself some basic image editing, played around with blog post format (structurally and contextually), and spruced up my site to balance with the new content I have made.

    The first assignment I completed this week was the Apocalyptic …

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    Zombies Are People Too


    “So you … corralled all of these zombies into this mall?”

    “I prefer to call them biters, but yes I did.”

    I stand with a teenager named Kelly inside of an abandoned mall. Abandoned may not be the best word for it, since it is filled with dozens of zombies, …

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    Patient Zero


    I'm Katie, a sophomore at UMW double majoring in Creative Writing and Communication/Digital Studies So excited to see how this Digital Storytelling course goes and what comes out of it! #ds106 #theend106 @theEnd106

    — Katie Hartraft (@KatieHartraft) January 19, 2018

    I have been infatuated with apocalyptic narratives for longer than …

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