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    Captain Never-Itchy


    The prompt

    Jessica Booker was normal teenager. She spent her life going to high school, learning math and science like a nerd, and getting picked on by her bullies, the notorious Pink Squad. Those three girls, Dolly, Molly, and the ringleader Holly, were the most popular girls in school. Jessica …

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    Love, Hook


    The prompt

    Dear diary,

    Pan found three new children to bring back with him to Neverland. One of these days, one of them is going to get hurt, and they’re all going to come crying to me as the only sane adult in this place. I have to get these …

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    Stressed Out


    The prompt

    Struggling to get through everything.

    Trying to finish it all by the deadline.

    Everything is overwhelming.

    Should I eat before everything is done?

    Should I sleep before everything is done?

    Everything is fine. I have to make them believe everything is fine.

    Drowning, drowning, going down.

    Oh right, …

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    Writing Up The Assignments


    I’m putting the write-ups of all the assignments in one post rather than put it with the posts themselves because two out of the three assignments involved writing and I didn’t want it to be confusing with random chunks of meta-cognition at the end of the story. I wanted those …

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    The original:

    It was nice to come up here to the wilderness just to take a breath. No one ever made their way up here, and when they did, they were always gone once the spectacular sunrise was over. No, these summer midafternoons were mine, all mine. I could relax, …

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    The Waitress


    For context, the following scene takes place during the events of Marvel’s Avengers.

    Sadie knew she shouldn’t have reacted how she did, but she was just so angry at it all she couldn’t help but storm out. You don’t say, “I love you,” to your ex, especially in front of …

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    Weekly Summary 1


    This week was a lot of getting things set up and working. Some of it, like a YouTube account and website, I already had set up. Others, like Twitter and Soundcloud, I had to make. That was the bulk of the work this week, setting things up and experimenting with …

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    My main goal for this course is to get more experience creating in a wider variety of mediums. I consider myself a creative person and fairly well-versed in the whole “make something” process, but I have less experience actually putting things out there. I hope that I will do more …

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    Evening Waterfall


    Bob Ross hosted The Joy of Painting in the ’80s and ’90s, but really, painting was just a medium for the world to experience the joy of Bob Ross. His peaceful paintings and gentle mannerisms are relaxing, and the final product, which the viewers are encouraged to make their own …

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    Hello #ds106! Still trying to figure this whole social media thing out.

    — Katie Reif (@KatieReif6) January 12, 2022

    Hello everyone, my name is Katie and I’m really excited to be taking this class. Not going to lie, I have the technological skills of a grandma, so none of …

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