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    Welcome To My Webpage !


    Hello Everyone! I’m Kayla, I am currently a Junior here at UMW and I am majoring in Computer Science. Once I graduate I hope to get a job with the FBI hopefully at Quantico as a IT Specialist or a Program Analyst. Feel free to look around at the work …

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    weekly summary #5


    These past five weeks have flown by, I’ve enjoyed each week and I’ve enjoyed each assignment that I have done. I learned the most about audio and video. I have never worked with video or audio so learning how to create a audio clip with audacity was very fun. I …

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    Tutorial to Sound Effect Story


    In order to create the Sound Effect Story Assignment for my Final Project I used freesound.org and Audacity and soundcloud.

    The first step is to go to freesound.org and download all of the sounds you wish to use in your story.

    The 2nd step is to open Audacity and import …

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    Tutorial for Billboard


    For the Billboard assignment of my final project I used a app called LiveCollage on my iphone and then sent the final picture to myself via email.

    The 1st step is to selected collage to make and edit your photo.

    The 2nd step is to add an image to your …

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    tutorial for event advertisement


    For the event advertisement I did it similar to how I did the billboard assignment. I also used LiveCollage for this one and followed the same steps as before.

    The first step was to click collage and add the background photo that I was going to be using.

    The next …

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    tutorial for Music Playlist


    For the music playlist of my final assignment I used Soundlcoud.com

    The first step was to search the song you are looking to add to your playlist.

    the next step was to click the more option on the song and click add to playlist.

    The last step was to create …

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    Tutorial for T-Shirt Design


    For the T-shirt design in my final assignment I used customink.com

    The first step is to select the type of product you want to design.

    The 2nd step is to add the text you want to add to the shirt, and decide the size and color of the text you …

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    The Grinch That Stole Christmas


    Once upon a time in a town known as Who-ville home to all of the who’s, everyone was celebrating the most important holiday of the year, Christmas! On the top of Mount Crumpit lived a different kind of who, who wasn’t a who at all. The Grinch lived on the …

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    Weekly Summary #4


    This week was a bit over whelming at first because I am currently in Tennessee so I was stressing out about when I was going to put the time aside to do the assignments. I planned what I was going to do before I came down here so that helped …

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    Capture the Ripley’s Beauty


    For my last assignment I chose to do the assignment Capture the Beauty. I chose to do this assignment for the same reason as the other one, I’m in Tennessee for my grandfathers birthday and I thought doing the videos of the Ripley’s Aquarium would be fun and enjoyable. The …

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    Ripley’s Aquarium !


    For my first video assignment of the week I choose to do the Time Lapse Assignment. You were to record 1-2 second videos all day as many as you can and then create a video with all of the clips combined together. I choose this assignment because this week I …

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    Hey Listen to This


    The clip I watched was Rocky 3 . I choose this movie clip because I enjoy watching all of the Rocky movies and I felt like it would be a good movie to use in order to go through the three steps of this assignment.

    For the first step of …

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    Weekly Summary #3


    This week was probably the most challenging for me so far. I am still trying to learn how to use audacity and get comfortable with the idea of audio. I don’t really like recording myself or my voice so that will be something I know I have to get ready …

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    All I Need In This Love Is Your Crazy Love


    For my last audio assignment I decided to do the Your Favorite Song Assignment. You had to choose your favorite song and then remove the lyrics and upload it to soundcloud and see if anyone can guess what your favorite song is. I thought this would be fun to see …

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    For my next Audio Assignment I choose to do Emotions Through Sound. I picked this assignment because I thought it would be a fun and different assignment compared to others that I saw in the assignment bank. I enjoyed trying to think of different sounds to describe the feeling and …

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    Drive In Movie


    For My second assignment I choose to do the one we are required to do which is the Create Your Story. In order to make this clip I used freesound.com. This assignment wasn’t hard but it took a couple times to create and I’m still not completely sure if I …

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    Summer Hits 2017


    For the first Audio bank assignment I decided to create my own mixtape. I choose this assignment because in the summer I like to listen to a lot of different music with my windows down in the car and almost feel like I am on a road trip. This playlist …

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    Moon Graffiti


    The segment Moon Graffiti was very good. At first I thought it sounded like a history channel and as I listened I thought a rocket was blasting off because of the talk that was going on with the numbers. Then I heard the crash and thought it was a tank …

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    TED & Scott Lo Summary


    In the Ted Radio Hour they were describing a robot that goes to nursing homes and hospitals and gives comfort to the elderly. I felt like they were painting a picture for us through the radio by the description of the radio. They also expressed the concern that robots could …

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    Ira Glass On Storytelling


    I watched and listened to the first two parts of Ira Glass on Storytelling. I really enjoyed listening to both parts and I learned a lot. I learned that broadcasting was not like writing a story and there are two building blocks in broadcasting: anecdote and sequence of events. During …

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    Weekly Summary #2


    This week was a lot better than last week when it comes to stress levels. This week I found myself planning everything that I needed to get done so that I would not stress like I did last week. I looked at the week 2 post sort of like a …

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