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    Final Sleuth Update and DS106 Blog Post


    Well, this has been an exciting week to say the least. Pluto and Bailey go missing and Sasha, Sarah, and I had to fling ourselves into the 21st century to find them. When we arrived in this current time, we found a note left by Sarah’s cat Bailey left us …

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    Creating Daily Creates!


    After thinking of ideas for a while, I came up with these guidelines for possible Daily Creates to be implemented on the tdc site in the future. I wanted to create Daily Create ideas in more than one category and hopefully I’ve made them so that they can be completed …

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    Matthew/Jack Case Closed!


    I felt very accomplished this week, especially since the Steadfast Sleuths were able to solve the “You Don’t Know Jack” case. Our case meeting in the middle of the week was particularly enjoyable and our altercation with Shannon Mills was edited particularly well by the persons documenting our cases. Finding …

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    Two Cases, Two Personalities


    The second half of this week has been exhausting, fulfilling and exciting, but tiring none the less. On Wednesday, the three Steadfast Sleuths met up to discuss what had happened the previous week such as Sarah’s poisoning and noir-y’s disappearance as well as the news concerning Shannon Mills’ escape from …

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    Mills Escaped!


    We just found out that Shannon Mills has escaped from prison! The prison guards didn’t realize she was gone for over a week, probably due to the fact that one of the officers helped her in her escape. Sarah and I are worried that she’ll target Sasha again. Hopefully …

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    It’s All Coming Together


    Finding clues for this week, creating blog posts on the Steadfast Sleuths blog site, and posting case updates on this site have been quite useful ways of spending my time and good ways of organizing the Steadfast Sleuths’ information regarding our current case. I helped with the process of creating …

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    Sleuthing at the Fair! (Case Update #2)


    After finding the message in the ITCC earlier this week, Sarah, Sasha, and I went to the Multicultural Fair in order to locate Jack. While we did enjoy the performances and vendors at the fair, our main objective was locating and learning more about Jack. We saw Black during our …

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    Who is Jack? (Case Update #1)


    Tonight was the first night that the Steadfast Sleuths have been able to meet up because Sarah has been poisoned! Sasha, Sarah, and I went out to dinner Saturday evening in Los Angeles. Sarah and I ordered the restaurant’s special while Sasha ordered a salmon salad. Our specials each came …

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    The Blogging Sleuths


    This week contained a majority of online assignments or web-based assignments and I enjoyed being able to expand my knowledge through learning how to embed word documents and how to edit the colors and visual effects of an image in Powerpoint. The only thing that gave me trouble this week …

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    My Resume


    This post contains my, Shelley Layton’s, current job resume for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of the Character Resume Web Assignment and when I happened upon the assignment I realized that I needed to update my resume anyway due to my moving to San Francisco and becoming a part …

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    I’m Thankful


    For the 10 Seconds of Thanks Visual Assignment, I thought of what I was thankful for in my daily life personally and in business. I wrote what I am thankful for directly into this post and also posted a photograph of a 10 second pen drawing of me. This assignment …

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    Noddy in the Garbage!


    For the Save Noddy! Daily Create, I decided to show where I would take Noddy after removing him from the garbage. I’m pretty familiar with Noddy as a television character since I spent most of my childhood in England and I find him to be a charming fictional character for …

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    The Second Adventure of the Steadfast Sleuths


    Hello, this is Shelley Layton. I guess I’m in charge of the weekly summaries for ds106 as well. My first week being immersed in ds106 has been a great experience. The assignments this week were manageable while balancing my work load in the Steadfast Sleuths. Getting used to using a …

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    Interviewing Shelley Layton


    The instructors of ds106 found it to be important to individually interview each member of noir106. I sat down with them today for a casual interview about myself. I feel that the interview went well and that I’ve learned more about the purpose and inner workings of ds106. A few …

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    NoirCat Batman!


    I don’t know too much about Batman, so I decided to incorporate an recurring noir106 character into the ’15 second Batman’ Daily Create. NoirCat has taken up the mantle of Batman in this quick drawing, and the cat is quite serious about completing its duties as a hero. I consider …

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    My First Daily Create


    I was told by Kayleigh that a weekly assignment for this ‘ds106′ is Daily Creates, so my first Daily Create is the Breakfast Selfie, which was basically photographing what I ate for breakfast. I normally have a light breakfast of whatever fruit I have at home, toast with jam, …

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    The Agency of The Steadfast Sleuths


    This week, Sasha Kellogg, Sarah Mustard, and I have  decided to keep collaborating for at least a bit longer as The Steadfast Sleuths to help the citizens of California and beyond. I hope that this agency will last for a while, but I know we all like to move around …

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    Busy, Busy Week


    Sorry for putting all of the progress in one report, but this week has been pretty busy with the Steadfast Sleuths being called up for more cases since the Shannon Mills case. Apparently, someone decided to follow us on one of our cases and record it, not very professional, but …

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    Kiss Me Deadly Analyzed!


    Uploading this video has been very, very frustrating. I was going to record my voice over the video at first, but then my computer tells me that my recording device isn’t working for some reason, so I added text to the video instead and kept the scene’s background music. Then, …

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    The Sleuths Are Now On Screen!


    Our radio show group decided to team up again for this video project on Monday. We started throwing around different plot ideas for the show on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday was the day where we worked out the plot, different scenes, and locations where we can shoot the video. …

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    Steadfast Sleuths Episode Trailer!!


    The Steadfast Sleuths are back together for their second case. Whose body was found in Sasha Kellogg’s apartment? What new adventure awaits the trio in the second installment of the Steadfast Sleuths?! Find out next Sunday as our group compiles the footage from their latest case.

    I found the background …

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    The End of Radio Sleuths


    It felt weird to hear my voice being broadcast on ds106 radio, but also pretty exciting! I’m really happy with how the Steadfast Sleuths ended up sounding on the radio and thought it was funny when our night of radio shows became known as the ‘noir cat night’ because of …

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    Clue Party


    This week I listened in and tweeted about the “Dinner Party at 6″ radio show broadcast on Thursday. I was really excited when I found out it was based on the movie Clue, which is one of my favorite films. The sound effects used in the dining room sequence, including …

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