1. kcharlew

    Weekly Summary


    This week has been a segway from Audio to Design. Similar to like every transition week I have my worries. First, I don’t know what the formal meaning of design is..Yes, this is awkward. Secondly, I have no idea how to use photo editing software. I’ve tried and I’ve tried …

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    How Images think – Response


    How images think chapters seemed misleading to me “How images think explores the rich intersection of image creation, production, and communication within the context of debate about the mind and the human consciousness.” From the introduction I had high expectations for what I was reading. Once I started to read …

  3. kcharlew



    Using Gimp or a similar program, create a public service announcement billboard on something that really aggravates you about people, society, the world, etc. It can be serious, goofy, but not offensive. Use a 680 x 300 work space in order to mimic the space of a billboard and have …

  4. kcharlew

    Final Weather report


    Recording tools: Iphone 4s a.k.a Chocolate 

    Audio Editing tools :Audacity 

    Downloader: Youtube & Firefox Extension 

    This part of the dating audio portion took FOREVER! One of my biggest difficulties was perfecting my script. It took me over 50 takes to get it almost complete. Below you can see the script. …

  5. kcharlew

    Audio Mix


    For my audio performance I wanted to be able to complete a personal goal of mine. I wanted to make a DJ mix or something similar to girl talk. For me, I knew this was an ambitious idea. First I didn’t have the software and didn’t know what songs to …

  6. kcharlew

    Living with cancer reply


    Listening to the documentary living with cancer was an amazing but heart breaking experience. The entire time the story continued to generate emotions the entire time. In the beginning a women’s who girlfriend died told her story, Her sadness was easily transferable; I felt her pain. “I wish we could …

  7. kcharlew

    Sunday Summary


    This week has been rather interesting. I have been listening to a lot of radio so I can make more of a connection to the audio portion of this class. As of now I can say Radio sucks. Too much noise and not enough substance. 

    Similar to like all the …

  8. kcharlew

    Forever Alone? Maybe?


    Valentine’s Day 2013 aired on February 8th, 2013.  It starts off with a corny joke about a couple of physicists. They are at a bar, just kidding, at school because they are in training.  However, as the radio show continues to go on you discover that this has nothing to …

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    I am excited to start the audio section. This could partially be because I have a close friend who is involved in music and I would like to pretend like I know what i’m talking about. Although, I know this will be more than just music related, it is nice …

  10. kcharlew

    Radio On Response


    CC: Danny McL @flickr.com

    Vowell travels through the wonderful nation of America, and tunes into local radio stations from far and wide. She sets the tone that by the end of the book we, the reader, will have an understanding on why she hates the radio. She talks about how …

  11. kcharlew

    Sunday Summary


    This week was a good week for me. I was able to finish strong with my two final video projects. I am very satisfied with my work and proud of my new video abilities. I was also able to make a video for my other class. They were excited that …

  12. kcharlew

    Video 3


    Video number 2 was inspired by Ashanti I hate that I love you video. I wanted to create a trailer for a music video. Why this one? Well, I she had what appears to be homemade videos in side of the music video. Thus, allowing the trailer to look more …

  13. kcharlew

    Scandal Video


    Video number two was an interesting process. It was fairly easy and only took a couple of simple steps.

    1) Find a topic – I love scandal !
    2) Find a thing to focus on – Fitz and Olivia because its wrong
    3) Download the content. This required me to …

  14. kcharlew

    How to read a movie reply


    CC: Judy** at flicr.com

    Either freshman or sophomore year I took an American Culture class entitled “Sex on the Beach.”  I bet your wondering how great that class was? Well, it was pretty awesome. This class and article has helped reinforced some of the techniques needed to analyze the directors …

  15. kcharlew

    Drake Meets Inception


    First Video Presentation!

    In this video I wanted to create a movie video for one of my favorite drake songs. After completing my first video I was excited!

    I started off by finally downloading firefox on my computer and then the correct plugins necessary. From there I took to google …

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