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    Are you BLIND?!

    DS106 Radio Commercial

    Create a commercial featuring an item that you have invented that would be extremely useful to your favorite movie or TV Show character. Try to be as creative and abstract as possible. Must include sound effects or background music and be at least 20 seconds in length.…

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    Weekly Summary #2

    Thoughts & Ideas Scottlo Cast:

    See my reflections here!

    Creative Commons:

    I thought that I had CC all figured out until Jim Groom encouraged me to look at the criticism of the Creative Commons. There is so much more than meets the eye.

    You can find my review of the …

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    Week 2 Reflections

    Week 2 Reflections

    So I dropped the ball big time and I listened and took notes on the podcasts but didn’t have time to post comments every night!

    Episode 7:

    The play idea sounds very interesting! I can see how it might become a large time commitment but I think …

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    Bemis can HEAR books!

    Daily Create #510

    In the sequel we discover that the catastrophe was caused by a radioactive explosion. As a bizarre response to the radioactivity in the air the books begin to speak for themselves. Bemis need only open to the correct page and the book will begin to read itself. …

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    Tequila Shots with Talky!

    Daily Create #511

    @IamTalkyTina wants to be everyone’s friend. Make a photo that represents that kind of friendship

    After a long work week Talky Tina and I like to unwind with a tequila shot!

    (For the record I am 21+)

    How would you celebrate your friendship?



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    Excellent Marketing for Nike Products

    Taking Back Spam

    Find some spam. Could be email spam, could be comment spam, whatever you want. Read it aloud. Make it your own. Try to make sense of it or make it more absurd than it already is.

    This spam came from the comments section on my blog! Wow …

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    Guess that story!

    Sound Effects Story

    Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Another example (by a UMW student): https://ds106.us/wp-content/audio/audio_story.mp3

    I used GarageBand to …

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    Janet just got AutoTuned!

    Autotune Something

    You’ve heard Carl Sagan. You’ve heard Bed Intruder. You’ve even heard Gardner Campbell autotuned. Now it’s your turn. Take something not typically musical and autotune it.

    I decided to AutoTune my voicemail for Janet Tyler because I have lost my voice and I was worried that I wouldn’t …

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    Who is up for a SAFARI?!


    For this assignment I chose to look at color, typography, balance, minimalism and function/purpose.

    This is a photo of the last remaining flower pen at the SAE Office. We originally had five pens and thought that such a vibrant color would help keep people for taking them. We …

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    Are Lettuce Fries a Thing?!

    May I take your order?

    Using your best accent (whether it be Australian, British or southern, ect), pretend you are at McDondalds and order something off of their menu. Be picky! For example, a coke with no ice.

    This particular assignment makes me laugh for a few reasons:

    1. Over …

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    Do WORK!

    You’ve made my GIFlist

    To-do lists can help us get stuff done. An animated gif of your completed to-list is evidence of your awesome ability to get stuff done.

    1) Use software on your computer, an app on your phone or an old fashioned pen and paper to create a …

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    A day in the life…

    Daily Create: Write a story from the point of view of your favorite food, but don’t say what it is. Make us guess.

    You know we started from the bottom and now we’re here. We were covered in dirt, never saw the light of day, alone and sad.

    Idaho, born …

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    Time Enough At Last

    Adventure in a Day!

    Use whatever camera option you have (photobooth, instagram, etc.) and go on an adventure for the day! Many photobooths on the computer have the option to get different backgrounds and pretend you’re somewhere else. Use them and try to create a story around that photo. An …

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    Duas Piadas Curtas em Português

    Make ‘em Laugh!

    Find a good, brief joke in a language other than your mother tongue; if you don’t know any other languages this might be a good way to start learning. Record your voice telling the joke focusing on pronunciation and try to make it sound as natural as …

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    Careful, the storm is coming!!

    Imitate some weather

    Using only your voice and things within arm’s reach of your computer, imitate some kind of weather. It doesn’t have to be long, but make it sound as real as possible.

    I got this idea from a lesson I did about weather with a second grade class. …

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    Get Readin or die Tryin’

    Create a READ poster

    Since 1985, the American Library Association (ALA) has tried to sell reading books as cool by showing celebrities reading their favorite books. You can read about the history of this promotional campaign here. Experiment with this tradition, introduce a celebrity with a book who hasn’t …

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    Creative what? CREATIVE COMMONS!

    What is the Creative Commons?

    The creative commons is a non-profit organization that allows for the sharing of creativity and knowledge through “free, legal tools”. This organization was created in 2001 by founder Lawrence Lessig. This free license gives permission to the public to share personal work in a standardized …

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    I just want to be BEAUTIFUL

    Six-Word memoir

    “As an autobiographical challenge, the six-word limitation forces us to pinpoint who we are and what matters most — at least in the moment. The constraint fuels rather than limits our creativity.” -Larry Smith

    How would you tell your life’s story if you could only use six words?…

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    Hairy Situation Ahead

    Caution Ahead Fellow Adventurers!!



                 I seem to have encountered some sort of cavernous entity located at the foot of what I have named Hair Mountain. There seems to be a giant eyeball attached to the side of the mountain and I am certain that it is watching my …

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    The Relationships They are A Changin

    Michael Wesch’s Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able: New Learning Environments for New Media Environment Reflection

    For this assignment I am focusing on what I consider to be three of his biggest points in his lecture:

    Media changes relationships Simple individual actions can become global actions The potential for global collaboration

    I was …

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    Can I get a K-A-T-Y?!

    Acrostic Pictures

    Make an acrostic poem collage.  Use each letter from your name and go onto flickr and search for a picture that represents you.  Then you any photoediting to make it a collage.

    Edit it to make it fun and creative.  See if people can figure out what your …

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    Putting Twilight Zone into Focus

    Putting Disney into Focus

    Put a famous object from any Disney movie into focus. Blur everything around it, make the color pop out, BE CREATIVE! In your blog post, explain why you picked that object to focus on.

    I decided to take some liberty with this assignment and move the …

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    Oh Agnes that Pink Really Makes your Eyes POP(art)

    Warhol Something

    Andy Warhol was an iconic pop art mastermind. Now you can be one too! Take a photograph, or use an existing one, and create a piece of pop art. You can use something ordinary, like Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup can, or do a portrait, like Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe. This …

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    Rose Lies Everytime!

    If Movie Posters Told The Truth

    Improve movie posters to make them more accurately reflect the content of the film. Inspired entirely by theshiznit.co.uk

    This was a fun assignment and really easy with the use of GIMP! Again I just layed a text box over the original text and used …

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    Who is the REAL Alien??


    Cartoon the Head!

    Take any person, thing, or animal and apply a cartoon character head to it. Be creative!

    I decided to dedicate this Design assignment to the Twilight Zone episode that we watched, “The Invaders”. I used Agnes Moorehead as my inspiration….

    This is a fairly easy project to …

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