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    The Hungriest Gif

    From the Twilight Zone, and Beyond …

    Hello. I am Talky Tina. When I was young, in the early years of television, a lot of my friends worked in televions programs that pushed the boundaries of imagination, sight, sound, perception, identity, belonging. The time was fueled by the paranoias …

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    Hey! Wanna know a secret?!



    Write on a “post-it” (haha, get it. “Post” secret.) your biggest dream in life. What are you going to school to accomplish? Who would you like to meet? What is your dream job? Whatever it is, it shouldn’t be a “secret”! Tell the whole internet world! After you take …

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    Anyone up for a Game of Horseshoes?!




    Pick one word. Select one single typeface, and communicate your word. Do not use colors or any other graphical elements. The goal is to select a type face that represents the meaning of the word, and if needed manipulate the font using different sizes, bold, italics, counterform (spacing) etc …

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    LBD: Little Blue Dress


    Focus on one color

    Either in your room or a room in your house and use gimp or any other photo editor to focus on one color in the room.

    Initially I struggled and then I gave up. Here is the result!

    Okay I didn’t really give up but I …

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    Molli Pursues Modeling Day 2


    Make up your pet!

    Take a picture of your pet. Then, using a picture editor (such as paint, or pixlr.com) over-edit your pet. Put makeup and add as many accessories as you want! You could even change the background and put your pet in a different situation!

    Suddenly I feel …

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    Decorating Lockers


    Gardner Campbell: Personal CyberInfrastructure Reflection

    This was an interesting video to blog about because initially I thought that I would have nothing to say. On Monday I was immediately confused by some of the jargon and turned the video off but today I was ready to try it again. I …

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    Podcast #2 and #3


    Episode 2 Reflection

    I enjoyed this podcast, in particular, because it gave me some ideas for future audio assignments. As I mentioned before, my audio debut was less than fabulous. But maybe if I switched to using my iTouch it would come out better. This weekend I will experiment and …

  8. kchase27

    Molli Finds Her Calling


    Presenting Molli the Model:

    Take a picture of your pet, and make an animated GIF from the photo.

    I am thrilled to know that Molli can serve a greater purpose than warming my feet. Plus it’s about time she starts chiping in financially, you know, I’ve heard cat modeling brings …

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    Your Very Own Spubble


    I loved doing this assignment! Unfortunately, Picnik is no longer available for use so I used FotoFlexer instead. It changed the photo quality, but I still think it conveys the message!

    Fotoflexer is free and easy way to edit your personal photos.  All you have to do is upload a …

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    Podcast #1


    Episode 1 Reflection

    I found the first podcast to be reassuring as I know very little about audio recording! For a class last semester I had to record a book on tape for my second graders and it sounded like I was in a cave. Looking forward to fixing that …

  11. kchase27

    Digital Storytelling


    Hey Classmates!

    My name is Katy Chase but you might be more familiar with my work writing the SAE Weekly Newsletter. You know, that email you get every Monday from Becky Bezdan that you promptly delete without reading.

    I strive to provide students with all the happenings on campus each …

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