1. kelcym

    Sasha’s gone


    My beloved dog Sasha just passed over the Rainbow Bridge   (a loving thought to help with grieving).    I fell in love with Sasha in August 2011.  I had gone to the shelter looking for a small dog.  There were none available and the shelter folks recommended I look at Sasha.  …

  2. kelcym

    Democracy Bucket List


    I am going to start a democracy bucket list before the current administration kills American democracy. I hope to visit and revisit places where democracy was born and where Americans kept fighting to keep the democratic ideals of the Constitution no matter how hard the sacrifice. I’ve been very lucky …

  3. kelcym

    Journey to Health – one year anniversary


    After struggling with weight issues for most of my life, I finally made the decision on 16 Sep 2012, that it was time to go on a journey to health rather than just lose weight. That year had been the lowest in my life –filled with deep stress over my …

  4. kelcym

    Real vs Computational Art


    The past two weeks I started three classes (I am probably certifiably crazy) while experiencing vertigo attacks and working full time. The classes included two MOOCs from Coursera: Intro to Computational Arts (SUNY) and Creativity, Innovation, and Change (CIC) (Penn State) along with Digital Storytelling (DS106) headless version started at …

  5. kelcym

    The Daily Create #ds106 – 21st Century Elegance


    So here it is at the end of the first week when I intended to “kick ds106 butt” and I find myself thinking about 21st century elegance. I think the concept of elegance has changed somewhat from the 1800s. Instead of being tied so much to people and their dress …

  6. kelcym

    Starting new classes with a quadblog


    Despite 2013 being an apocalyptic year for health issues (glaucoma, vertigo, car accident) for me, I’m learning how to enjoy classes with subpar health. And I’m grateful for the truly creative and fun people that I’m meeting along the way. I may be in overkill but this week I sort …

  7. kelcym

    Thoughts about women in the workplace


    Yesterday I started listening to “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg.  Due to glaucoma,  I now find it easier to listen to audio books than read especially if I have been working on the computer all day.  It takes longer and I have to replay some parts, but I’m enjoying the …

  8. kelcym

    Temporarily disconnecting from #edcmooc during week 2


    Last week I was in a F2F class thinking about asymmetric warfare and looking to the past for lessons that could be used to explain the conflicts of today. This clashed with the #edcmooc class requirement to look to the future to understand how utopian/dystopian stories shaped our understanding of …

  9. kelcym

    Is the reality of #edcmooc a dystopia?


    Yesterday was the height of a utopia followed by trepidation and perhaps a little heartache. The #edcmooc pre-course group had been spending two months connecting, experimenting and learning together. We seemed to be at the height of a utopia after Saturday night’s first Twitter chat #edcmchat where 128 people participated. …

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