1. Kelli Wisbauer

    A conversation with myself


    So for this assignment  (That I actually made up myself) I was to have a conversation with myself! Now, This seems easier than done! I had to do a lot of editing in pinnacle movie maker! I had to first shoot my first conversation, then I changed clothes and shot …

  2. Kelli Wisbauer

    “Green Screen it” Tutorial


    Make yourself go somwhere youve always wanted to go…. using a green screen! (Sheets work well too)

    Shoot yourself in front of a green screen or a sheet (hang it up so that it takes up the whole video screen.) Use a tripod to keep the camera steady. Video yourself… …

  3. Kelli Wisbauer

    The Great Outdoors


    For today’s Daily Create I was to take a picture of what I think the great outdoors is. I was lucky enough to have taken this amazing pictures at my Aunt and Uncles house in Rome, New york. They live in the “Great outdoors” which is so secluded and peaceful. …

  4. Kelli Wisbauer

    Week 4 weekly summary part two


    For the second half of week four, I had to do 15 stars worth of video assignments. This proved very difficult for me.  I have never really done video before and I have definitely never done video editing before. This week, I used Pinnacle video editing software, which actually was …

  5. Kelli Wisbauer

    What is YOUR opinion?


    For this assignment (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/whats-your-opinion-on/) I had to think of a question to ask a bunch of people, and find out their opinion. The question I decided to ask was “What is your opinion on the saying: “everyone needs to go to college”?”

    I loved doing this assignment. The thing that …

  6. Kelli Wisbauer

    The Basement


    For this assignment (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/make-a-scene-from-a-horror-film/) I was to create a horror scene. I made a script in preperation (http://kelliwisbauer.com/assignments/making-a-scene-from-a-horror-film-preperation/). For this, my mom played the “Mom” and I played the child, Kelli. My sister Katie taped this video. It was kind of hard to do, but I think we finally got …

  7. Kelli Wisbauer

    My T(Shirt)


    For this Daily Create I was to write a poem about one of my “Mundane piece of clothing” So I wrote a little poem about a tshirt… I am not a very good writer, ECSPECIALLY at writing poems but I think this is actually kinda funny and could even be …

  8. Kelli Wisbauer

    Daily Create 520


    For this Dailycreate assignment I was to take a photo that is out of focus. I chose to do this, because it is my moms garden, with a beautiful bridge that my grandfather built with a pebble “creek” the fact that this is out of focus, I think actually draws …

  9. Kelli Wisbauer

    Week 4 summary part one


    For this week, we had a lot going on. The firs thing I had to do was called “Look listen Analyze” For this, I viewed a scene from the twilight zone episode “Night call” 3 different times. The first time focusing just on the visual, without audio, the second time, …

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