1. @KelSanMar

    Digital Story Critique


    I came across this StoryCorps story and was struck by the humility and humanity of the narrator. It’s amazing what a little kindness and a hot meal can bring about. I’ve recently seen an increase in stories about people from opposite sides coming together to break bread, and I feel …

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    Digital Story Critique – 11/2


    One of the underlying worries I have is that my next child will have autism, and I have no idea how to cope with something like that. Asperger’s runs on both sides of the family, so I know it’s a very real possibility, but each time I think about that …

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    Storytelling Scholarship 10/31


    One of the more interesting forms of storytelling I feel has come in this past few decades into the public eye is slam poetry. The idea of slam poetry is that the poet or poets perform their pieces before an audience to judge. Most often these types of poetry are …

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    Assignment Bank – Week 10


    For this weeks assignment I chose the Color Walk Time Lines. The idea was to take a walk of at least 2o minutes and capture 5-8 photographs of a color of your choice. I chose to capture my daily commute. I make this trip 5 times a week twice a …

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    Digital Story – Week 10


    I came across this story while searching for articles about empowered women, and at 72 years old I would definitely consider Meena Raghavan as such! What I initially noticed was just how athletic she is as a senior citizen. She talks about how Kalaripayattu is part of her culture, and …

  6. @KelSanMar

    Literature Review – A Road Traveled


    Joe Lambert’s story was the most interesting reading so far I felt. He starts the chapter with an introduction to his childhood state of Texas, and expands upon the ideas and empathy bestowed upon him by his upbringing. I especially like his viewpoint on storytelling, that a good story doesn’t …

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    Mid Point Gallery Walk


    9 weeks ago I started my Digital Storytelling course having little knowledge of social media outside of Facebook. I had never kept up a blog, and fumbling my way through some of these assignments was nerve wracking. I don’t have a lot of creativity in my day to day life, …

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    Literature Review Chapter 7


    I have to admit, out of the chapters I have read so far, this one was the least engaging to me. In all honesty, after forcing my way through the first couple of pages I gave up reading the entire article, and instead focuses on the Reflection and Discussion boxes. …

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    More than a single story


    “The consequence of the single story is this, it robs people of their dignity.”

    As a part of the “normative” American stereotype, I have never had any issue finding stories to which I can relate. White, middle class, nuclear families with 2 kids are a dime a dozen. But are …

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    Digital Story Critique #5


    Have you ever had a recipe passed down through the family? One of my favorite memories was when I became old enough to help my grandmother make the Peking duck. This dinner is a huge deal in our family because it takes so long to make, and a tradition only …

  11. @KelSanMar

    Reading Response – Chapters 2 & 3


    I’ve never liked the idea of a remix. I’d only ever heard of remixes on the radio with current musical artists, and I saw it merely as a form of laziness. After reading this chapter I have a little more appreciation for it and a deeper understanding of how it …

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    Digital Story Critique – Traffic Stop


    (Trigger warning: Violent depiction of police brutality and racist language)

    It seems that each week a new story comes out highlighting another incident of police brutality, another instance of racial injustice. The StoryCorp team decided to showcase the story of one such man who encountered these horrible issues and lived …

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    DS106 Audio Assignment


    I selected to do the “Kiss the Guy” audio assignment. The assignment was to replace the actual lyrics of a song with the lyrics you misheard. In this author’s case in the Jimi Hendrix song Purple Haze, instead of hearing “Excuse me, while I kiss the sky” they heard “Excuse …

  14. @KelSanMar

    Our night skies


    I grew up in a small town where the night stars were visible every clear night. In the town itself street lamps waited on every corner, but hundreds of acres were set aside outside the town for natural forests. No lights were allowed, and the only paths were those made …

  15. @KelSanMar

    Visual Networks


    This week’s reflection is over Guy Merchant’s chapter Visual networks: Learning and photosharing The main aspect of this chapter was centered around the photosharing site Flickr. Flickr was once the photosharing site of the internet with it’s original idea of a social site devoted to photosharing. In it’s heyday, Flickr …

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