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  1. @KelSanMar

    Final Portfolio: How and why is it important for you to tell stories?

    What is a story? In the simplest terms, a story is a report of real or fictitious events. Seems simple enough right? Hardly. Have you ever listened to two different people recount the same event, yet there is a stark contract between these two stories? One person can break away on tangents trying to relay … Continue reading Final Portfolio: How and why is it important for you to tell stories?
  2. @KelSanMar

    Read and Response – Chapter 5: 7 Steps of Digital Storytelling

    This week’s reading was another from Joe Lambert, and was a more structured view of storytelling than from the previous reading of his. He breaks down his story telling process into 7 distinct parts: Owning Your Insights Owning Your Emotions Finding the Moment Seeing Your Story Hearing Your Story Assembling Your Story Sharing Your Story … Continue reading Read and Response – Chapter 5: 7 Steps of Digital Storytelling
  3. @KelSanMar

    Digital Story Critique

    I came across this Great Big Story video of a 55 generation family tradition. The Sudo family in Japan has been making sake for over 850 years, and has been directly passed down from generation to generation. Economy: I feel that the economy of the story was very well thought out. We receive a … Continue reading Digital Story Critique
  4. @KelSanMar

    Daily Create 10/13

    I love this picture of our neighborhood. I did not grow up in the US, so when I saw this image down our street I knew I had to grab a picture. To me, this is a quintessential autumn picture of cozy American life. Hometown, USA #TDC1740 #inte5340 — Kelly Santa Maria (@KelSanMar) October … Continue reading Daily Create 10/13
  5. @KelSanMar

    More than a single story

    “The consequence of the single story is this, it robs people of their dignity.” As a part of the “normative” American stereotype, I have never had any issue finding stories to which I can relate. White, middle class, nuclear families with 2 kids are a dime a dozen. But are they really?
  6. @KelSanMar

    Daily Create 9/28

    I walk along Cherry Creek often, and I found this mural painted along the wall A mural near my work #inte5340 #tdc1725 — Kelly Santa Maria (@KelSanMar) September 28, 2016
  7. @KelSanMar

    Digital Story Critique – Traffic Stop

    (Trigger warning: Violent depiction of police brutality and racist language) It seems that each week a new story comes out highlighting another incident of police brutality, another instance of racial injustice. The StoryCorp team decided to showcase the story of one such man who encountered these horrible issues and lived to tell about his experience. … Continue reading Digital Story Critique – Traffic Stop
  8. @KelSanMar

    Response to The Science of Storytelling article

    As I was scanning through articles regarding storytelling, The Science of Storytelling caught my eye. Most of the articles I initially came across were about how to create and craft a compelling story, but this article delved into why we prefer stories as a method of communication. “A story, if broken down into the simplest … Continue reading Response to The Science of Storytelling article
  9. @KelSanMar

    Our night skies

    I grew up in a small town where the night stars were visible every clear night. In the town itself street lamps waited on every corner, but hundreds of acres were set aside outside the town for natural forests. No lights were allowed, and the only paths were those made by forest hikers. Now I … Continue reading Our night skies
  10. @KelSanMar

    Daily Create 9/12

    When working in an office where everything is the same, you need to express your individuality in some way. For me, one of the ways I express myself is by having an array of colored pens. Colored pens are my downfall #inte5340 #tdc1709
  11. @KelSanMar

    Visual Networks

    This week’s reflection is over Guy Merchant’s chapter Visual networks: Learning and photosharing The main aspect of this chapter was centered around the photosharing site Flickr. Flickr was once the photosharing site of the internet with it’s original idea of a social site devoted to photosharing. In it’s heyday, Flickr ruled the photosharing business with … Continue reading Visual Networks

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