1. @kelsfords106

    A CAC Story for the Final Week


    For my final project I told the story of the UMW Women’s basketball team’s CAC championship win, a team and win I am fortunate to be a part of. What is special about this final assignment is that I am telling the same story of that day, but through 4 …

  2. @kelsfords106

    CAC’s as told by…. Week 14..Progress Report


    One of the biggest moments/ highlights of my year was winning the Capital Athletic Conference Championship as a part of the women’s basketball team here at UMW. An event I have talked about in assignments before because it was so memorable. That is why for my final project, I am …

  3. @kelsfords106

    Kelsey’s Closet


    I througly enjoyed this assignment. I never even knew you could do this with legitamate websites. I chose the Nike website because I wear a lot of athletic clothes, pretty much everyday. This is why I renamed the Nike website Kelsey’s closet, especially since UMW is sponsored by Nike. Since …

  4. @kelsfords106

    Week 12 Already?!


    I liked the make up of week 12 a lot. Ever since I first heard a musical mash up on the show Glee when I was 13, I have ben a huge fan of them. It just adds a new twist to material you have already seen, which is cool. …

  5. @kelsfords106

    Friends vs Emojis Tutorial


    I really enjoyed  this assignment and would recommend it for anyone who loves emojis..and/or their friends! This assignment is pretty self-explanatory, so I knew what I wanted to do for it, but I think the biggest struggle in completing it is finding a good resource to construct it with. That …

  6. @kelsfords106

    Week 11!


    Week 11 was all about the movie, which I love!! I really enjoyed that because I really like the radio show, so it was fun to do the movie interpretation of that. I like using IMovie a lot so it was cool to explore the different effects of it. The …

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    Lights, Camera, Action!


    This week was all production. We met early in the week to discuss props, filming, and setting. After that meeting we checked out a video camera and tripod from the Convergence Center to use for filming.

    Then we met next to film. We all met at the outdoor courts of …

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    Movie Essay


    Instead of analyzing a particular scene, I decided to analyze the trailer for the movie Django Unchained .A trailer has to contain the perfect photo angles, edits, and effects because this could make or break the amount of tickets sold for the movie. It highlights the importance of constructing a …

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    Rodeo Radio takes the Big Screen


    So Rodeo Radio is back for round 2!!! For the group video assignment, our same group got back together to create a movie spin off of our radio show. We planned our video via Google docs this week and made a schedule to meet up next week to film our …

  10. @kelsfords106

    Week 10


    I love the video assignments!!! Even before I took Digital Storytelling, one of my favorite hobbies was to construct videos of my friends and I and make little movies on IMovie. It was fun to get the chance to do that again this week through the video assignments. I was …

  11. @kelsfords106

    Mrs. Dean’s Childhood


    I chose to complete the assignment on my character’s childhood.

    I decided to do this assignment after I found, ironically, another Kelsey’s, from our class, character. Her character is a horse. It instantly made me think of pets and how influential pets can be on a child’s life. In result, …

  12. @kelsfords106

    A Mighty Fine Week 9!!


    This week was very relaxing after two hectic weeks of radio show madness!! I thought the collaboration of our different characters was very interesting and at times difficult. I had to really get my creative juices flowing to think of how to incorporate other people’s characters with the assignments given. …

  13. @kelsfords106

    Radio Reflection


    I chose to reflect on Wednesday’s western show, Tombcast radio. I thought Josh, James, and Mason did a great job. Their musical selections, bumpers, and commercials kept me very engaged. I thought they were hilarious and entertaining. My favorite commercial was the siren for horses. I thought it was clever, …

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