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    Auditory Hell


    For this Assignment we were tasked to Create the worst sound ever. I had to take audio clips of every single sound that I hate and put them all together to make The Worst Noise Ever. The sounds I used were a stoping sound, scratching sound and yelling sound. They …

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    Ted Talk Pronunciation Practice


    For this assignment I was given the challenge to recite 2 paragraphs from the Try something new for 30 days Ted Talk by Matt Cutts. I had to listen to the video first and then emphasize key words, linking, and intonation in the presentation that I recited. This project was …

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    Radio Show Design Project


    For the poster, group members have came up with different ideas for the poster/bumper sticker/logo etc. The ideas consists of different colors, shapes and sizes but all connect with the theme of our podcast. We plan on deciding which one we will use tomorrow. was trying to upload some examples …

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    Radio Show Progress


    My group has made a lot of progress this week on our radio show. My group members have been consistently working on bumpers, commercials, intros/outros/transitions, etc. Tommorow my group plans to meet at the HCC in the afternoon to record our podcasts and finish the project. We have a conversation …

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    Weekly Post #6


    Finishing up Week #6 We completed many design projects this week. Even with our daily creates it pushed us to be more creative and see the world from a different lens. My most exciting weekly assignment I completed was the Vogue challenge because it was something me and my friend …

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    This is the the visual component of the written word. I took a picture of the t.v. brand shown in the picture and you can see how the font, style, and spacing create a very sharp, but minimalistic design that echoes modern technology typography


    Unity in design is …

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    The “Vogue Challenge”


    For my last assignment I completed the Vogue challenge. For this challenge all you have to do is take a picture of you or another person and add “Vogue” at the top of the picture in big black letters to represent the magazine. Its funny because I was suppose to …

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    Tattoos That Describe You


    For this assignment, we were given the task to create a tattoo that represents our personality type. We have to talk about are tattoo, and what it means to me. If there is anything superstitious about your tattoo, share it with us. That tattoo that describes me is the two …

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    One Story / Four Icons


    For my first assignment this week I chose to complete the One Story / Four Icons assignment. It forced me to get really creative and out my comfort zone to describe a movie or event in FOUR ICONS! Comment and let me know what you think it is!…

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    Weekly Post #5


    Out of the five weeks we’ve had in CPSC 106, I would say this week would probably be my favorite because I was able to create a beat for one of the assignments. This week has also been the most work out of the five weeks we’ve had so far. …

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    Create A Radio Bumper


    For the Radio Bumper assignment, we were assigned to create a 10-30 second short audio that announces the radio station that is played between songs to remind listeners what they are tuned in to. Hope you enjoy!…

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    Creating Different Type Of Beats


    For my last assignment this week I chose to complete “Create Different types of beats”. This is the most exciting assignment I’ve done this week just because I make all different types of beats in real life but the beat Ive chose to make for this assignment is a hip …

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    Sounds Effects


    For my second assignment this week I chose to complete the Sound Effects assignment under the audio category. I record and uploaded my own sound to Freesound, a free sound-sharing platform.  The assignment said to pick a sound that was lacking from the website. I chose to make a …

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    Moon Graffiti


    Abumrads ideas relate here because he talks about the radio being able to make a personal connection to the listener and able to give the listener ideas to create in their head about what they’re listening to. He talks about radio lacking image is in a way “beautiful”. Were able …

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    ds106radio Monday


    The sounds in this radio were just as important as the story line. Its almost as if the sounds are the main characters. In this story there were a lot of horns, cymbals, airplane noises, sounds with a lot of reverb, ticking clocks, guitars, basses and more. The sounds used …

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