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    Becoming a better photographer


    In this photo there are some points from becoming a better photographer that stand out in this picture I took of one of my friends. First I want to highlight the selection, in this picture I was very meticulous about where I wanted the model to stand and where I …

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    Photo blitz 23:38


    Time: I started the timer as soon as I started the challenge and I stopped it when I finished and had most of the items on my list.

    Take a Picture of something growing:

    A photograph of something old or aged today:

    Make a silhouette by aiming the camera into …

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    Metal Key


    For my metal Key I used a website called photopea to help create the gradient. I found a key on google images, dragged it into the software and thats when I begin to create the gradient. I selected a dark black and white gradient and lowered the opacity so it …

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    For my “Earth” design I used this software called photopea to help me design my logo. I created a clipping mask by using a picture of grass from google images and then placing it over the Text is covered in grass. Next, I created a drop shadow, and lastly, I …

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    Weekly Post #3


    Out of the three weeks we’ve had in CPSC 106, I would say this week would probably be my favorite because of the many assignments and daily creates we had. Over the past three weeks I would say everything we had to do made me really expand my creativity but …

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    Letter to my Mom


    Dear mom thank you for everything you’ve done for me through all the years of my life. Ever since I was a baby you cared for me and always sacrificed so that I could have what I needed. With everything that you have told and taught me, it’s made me …

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    Another Day


    As I began to think about this assignment I think about how I sometimes took outside for granted before Covid. Before Covid I remember seeing everybody walk around on campus, the sunny sky, green, grass and feeling press against my face. Now with quarantine, I go outside much less now …

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    Today in A Cafe


    Alone, in life

    Alone, in my head

    Alone, feeling detached from my heart

    unable to feel who I am

    unable to see who I truly want to be

    No remedy but drinks in a cafe

    Hopefully to take away the pain of having to live another day

    Alone and afraid…

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    Weekly Summary #2


    The second week in cpsc 106 has been great! This week we completed atleast 3 weekly assignments and 4 daily creates. Both assignments have forced me to become more creative and think more outside the box when it comes to being a creative. The four daily creates I completed were: …

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    Design The Cover Of Your Autobiography


    For my third assignment of the week, I chose to design the cover of my autobiography. The approach I took for my cover was to make it very simple but have a significant meaning to it. The instructions were to customize the cover and add cool designs to it but …

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    What I Want To Be When I Grow Up


    For my second weekly assignment I decided to complete “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up”. For this assignment we had to create a post card showing where we would be in 10 years from now. For my post card I made the front of the card showing …

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    Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest!


    For the first of the 3 assignments, I was tasked to create a board for my dream vacation. This assignment was cool to work on because recently my friends and I had been discussing places we wanted to travel to, and what better way to make a list by making …

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    The first week in this class was good. This was a class that I really wanted to get in during this semester but was really hard to get in, however after countless times of trying I finally was able to get in! So far professor Bond has been really helpful …

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