1. @KendraB999

    Radio Show Progress #2


    This week my group and I, made significant progress splitting the sections of our content up into different parts. Therefore, we all could talk about some of the pros and cons of a specific area. We did some previous research last week, and got together all of our content, this …

  2. @KendraB999

    Weekly Summary #7


    This week we were able to form groups and develop a radio show idea, my group and I chose “The Tea on Social Media”. This is a radio show in which, we will be discussing the negative and positive impacts of using social media. We established some ideas of what …

  3. @KendraB999

    Sound Effects

    Notification Sound Effects (Negative Impact)

    For this assignment, I created a mashup on text message sound effects going back and forth, sort of like there was a conversation going on. I chose to do this assignment, because I want to use these sounds in the background when I record some …

  4. @KendraB999

    Make Your Own Radio Commercial/ Transition

    Radio Show Transition

    For our “The Tea on Social Media” radio show, I wanted to create a transition back into the show after a commercial. This assignment still included some of the same components it takes to make a commercial, but I chose to make a transition. By doing so, …

  5. @KendraB999

    Radio Show Design Project: Radio Show Poster

    Radio Show Poster

    For “The Tea On Social Media” radio show, I decided to create a poster for our radio show. I wanted to implement all of the components of our radio show onto the poster. That is why the design has tea, headphones, a phone with social media icons, …

  6. @KendraB999

    Radio Show Progress: The Tea on Social Media


    So far my group and I, came up with the idea of our radio show being called, “The Tea on Social Media”. We are going to talk about the negative and positive impacts of using social media. We came up with some pros and cons of social media as well. …

  7. @KendraB999

    Weekly Summary #6


    This week I was able to gain more knowledge on the concepts of design. Looking at The Vignelli Canon reading and Brain Pickings article about Kidd and his book, I realized how much creativity is implemented into designing. I also have more of an understanding, on concepts like texture, scale, …

  8. @KendraB999

    Design Assignment: Design A License Plate

    License Plate

    When designing this license plate, I wanted to incorporate it into the main idea of this course. I took a look at some other license plates designs, in order to come up with my own design. I used Banner Buzz, which is a site that allows you to …

  9. @KendraB999



    I chose this image of a record I designed a while back, with different cutouts of album covers I incorporated on it. I think this demonstrates balance, because the album covers are sort of equal. Everything is in line with each other and the arrangements all seem to match …

  10. @KendraB999

    Design Assignment: Tattoo That Describes You

    Butterfly Tattoo

    This tattoo represents my personality type, in such a way that it incorporates the things that I like and it has a deep meaning. I like butterflies and to me, it means that there are no limits. That in life if we spread our wings, we can elevate …

  11. @KendraB999

    Design Assignment: DS106 Fashionista


    Since I am into fashion and want to have my own clothing business. I plan to design the clothing that will be sold in my store. I have previously designed some outfits, and through these outfits, I like to create certain designs. Therefore, I like to take certain trends into …

  12. @KendraB999

    Design Assignment: Word


    For this design assignment, I made it pretty simple, but also fun. I used the word “eat” to communicate the actual action of eating. Therefore, the “e” acted as if it was a mouth, eating up the “a” and “t”. This allowed some action to go on in this …

  13. @KendraB999

    Design Thoughts


    After reading the “The Vignelli Canon” short booklet, I learned many things about design, but the main idea was that design can be done in many different forms of art. This can be color, textures, typefaces, and images. I liked how this booklet sheds light on, different forms of design …

  14. @KendraB999

    Weekly Summary #5


    This week I learned about how sound effects and different changes in sound, can tell a story. It can create a specific atmosphere, feelings, and connections. I think listening to “Moon Graffiti” and Jad Abumrad, allowed me to grasp these concepts (Audio Reflection). The radio bumper I created …

  15. @KendraB999

    DS106 Radio


    In this radio discussion, I believe the best part of the experience was getting to see what others think of the different sounds and effects that were going on when listening to the different radio shows. I think that hearing some of the sounds that were being made, was really …

  16. @KendraB999

    Radio Show Ideas

    The Impact of Social Media On People:

    This can go for people who use social media heavily, in a negative or positive way. The good side is that it allows some people to form better communication skills, learning, networking, express themselves and forms of creativity. This is how some people …

  17. @KendraB999

    Audio Assignment: Favorite Song

    Favorite Song with Removed Lyrics

    Can You Guess What Trending Song This Is?

    This audio assignment, consisted of taking your favorite song and removing the lyrics. When removing the lyrics, I had not realized how different the song sounds. It also, changed the meaning and the connection I had with …

  18. @KendraB999

    Create A DS106 Radio Bumper

    DS106 Radio Bumper

    My Radio Bumper, simply outlines the main components of DS106 creativity and telling a story. For this radio bumper, I listened to many other radio bumpers to get an idea of what it is suppose to sound like. I wanted to sort of give it my own …

  19. @KendraB999

    Audio Assignment: Can’t Get It Out of My Head

    Whistling Song

    For this assignment, I decided to record myself whistling one of my favorite songs right now. Can you guess what song it is? I will give you all a hint, it is from J Cole’s most recent album.

    During this process, I realized how hard it is to …

  20. @KendraB999

    Audio Assignment: Play DJ & Make A Song

    Logic Song (Includes many loops)

    For this assignment, I used a beat making software called Logic. There were pre-made beats already on the platform that you can use. They consisted of different instruments, with different sounds. I got to creatively put together various beats and make a nice song. This …

  21. @KendraB999

    Audio Reflection


    After looking at the two videos of Jad Abumrad discussing audio storytelling, I have recognized that audio does create a sense of connection. This goes for the tone, the sound, and the perception people take from listening to this “story”. There are many different sources to use to create audio …

  22. @KendraB999

    Weekly Summary #4


    This week I noticed myself become more creative and even improve in some areas. I think the Photo Reflection, allowed me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses within telling a story visually. I now know where I need to improve and what steps to take after that. I will …

  23. @KendraB999

    Visual Assignment: What the Meme?

    Inspired by Will Smith’s “Parents Just Don’t Understand” song

    During the process of creating this meme, I decided to relate it to something/someone I like. Will Smith, had a good hip-hop career, and he made a song called “Parents Just Don’t Understand”. This specific meme could be used when people …

  24. @KendraB999

    “Becoming A Better Photographer”


    Depth: In this photo there was dimension added and you can see the different angles/use of lenses. I was looking off into the distance, which I think also emphasizes depth and the photos foreground.


    Moment: I say this photo was taken in the moment, with not much effort. …

  25. @KendraB999

    Animated GIF Assignment: Sports Heroes

    Kobe Bryant

    This GIF is simply of one of my Sports Heroes, who is no longer here with us, Kobe Bryant. In many people’s eyes, he is a legend and a basketball icon . This GIF is meaningful, because being a basketball player myself, it sort of hits home. My …

  26. @KendraB999

    Animated GIF Assignment: Celebrating Too Early

    Brooklyn Nets vs. Washington Wizards

    As you can see this GIF was inspired by a NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and Washington Wizards. The Washington Wizards were down by just a few points from the Brooklyn Nets, during the final quarter of the game. The Wizards got excited about …

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