1. @KendraB999

    Visual Assignment: Looking At Yourself

    Portrait of me playing basketball

    For this assignment, I decided to draw myself from an old image of myself. I figured if I used an image I already had, and used it as a basis of creativity I could give it a different perspective. This drawing is of me, in …

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    “Fabric: we wear it, sleep on it, decorate with it. An interesting cloth design or texture.” “Some trees express enormous soul. Find and photograph that special tree.” “If only shoes could talk. Tell their story in a photo, either on or off someone.” “Take a photo that emphasizes the detail…
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    Visual Assignment:Color Changer


    For this assignment, I decided to take a photo of myself and change the color of it. This way the photo has a darker and brighter look. The parts of the picture that really changed colors were the letters around me. Since this image was already so colorful, making these …

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    Photo Reflection


    After reviewing the photography and visual elements material, I realized that I do take a lot of photos now and I did a lot in the past too. Most of the time it was at some special event I wanted memories of, myself (because I liked an outfit I had …

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    Weekly Summary #3


    For this week, I found that I was constantly being able to relate things back to the main purpose of this course. I obtained more of an understanding of Digital Storytelling, especially when reading, The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media (Storytelling for the Twenty-First Century). This reading …

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    Writing Assignment #4:


    A Story In Alphabet:

    A boy can do everything for girls happiness. It’s just kindness lies more naturally. Once people quit respect, she transcends unanticipated vibes. Woman (e)xpect your zen. 

    Writing this short story using the alphabet consecutively was way harder than I thought. It is one thing to find …

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    Writing Assignment #3:


    Nonhuman Perspectives: Grass’ Feelings Toward Human Tendencies:

    “I feel like they give me so much attention, but at the same time they do not.”

    “I am everywhere that anyone could imagine, they groom me with this loud rumbling noise thingy…..sometimes they ride on it and sometimes they push it and …

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    Writing Assignment #2:


    Who Inspires You: My Dad

    We all have a family member that inspires us, I have multiple, but for the sake of this assignment I had to chose one. One of those people that inspires me, is my Dad. Many people choose celebrities or people with some sort of fame, …

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    Writing Assignment #1:


    Think of a Poem: “Feelings”


    One day your feeling up,

    The next day your feeling down, 

    Feelings so pure 

    Feelings of frown 


    Days of excitement 

    We all love those 

    Days of disappointment 

    And we all know, that’s just how life goes 


    Feelings of joy, 

    And sudden feelings …

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    Story Analysis


    After reading and viewing the videos on storytelling, I realized that many people do not expect storytelling to be completed digitally. The idea of “Creating Narratives with New Media” reading, demonstrates how many people tell stories using different types of technology every time some new media is created. Just like …

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    Amazing Grace Response


    Amazing Grace: Stop Motion Response:

    While taking a look at Grace’s “Stop Motion” creative assignment, it really enlightened me and brought forth a great piece of art. I enjoyed the story that was told, the idea that the two characters were playing catch. It looked very difficult to make every …

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    Assignment Bank: Video Assignment

    Workout Reel (Song Credit: Blessings-Slick Naim)

    For my third assignment, I decided to create a workout video, using one of the workout reels, that I created on Instagram, a while ago. In order to get this reel to transition and flow the way it does, it took some editing in …

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    Assignment Bank: Visual Assignment


    2. Visual Assignment:

    Assignment 2: Sketch Conversion

    For my second assignment, I chose to do the assignment “By any sketch of the imagination”, using the Pencil Photo Sketch app. This app converted an image that I had taken, into one that looks something like a sketch. This app also, gives …

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    Assignment Bank: Design Assignment

    Design Assignment: Assignment 1: Vogue

    For my first assignment I decided to do a Design Assignment, “The Vogue Challenge”. I chose this as one of my assignments, because I immediately had an idea in mind of what image I could use for the Vogue cover. I created this cover, simply …

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    Artistic License


    I engage in many different forms of creativity, whether it be artwork, fitness, choreography of a sport, participating in the process of photography, by being one’s model or even the effort I put into my fashion.

    Here are some of the forms of Artistic License, that I possess:


    I …

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    Week 1: Summary


    This week I learned so many new things, first the introduction of myself, using the many different multimedias to introduce myself was something I had never done before. I had never even used Twitter, so that was definitely a new way of expressing myself. It was a process in itself, …

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    The goals I would like to accomplish in Digital Storytelling, are having the ability to produce creative work through various digital techniques. I would like to have more of understanding of digitally creative processes and be able to effectively explain the production process. I also, want to learn new things …

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    The Joy of ds106

    Bob Ross – Hidden Delight

    I think that Bob Ross’s stories and sayings are inspiration in such a way, that people can allow themselves to be creative and produce a good outcome in whatever they are doing whether it’s painting, a career goal, or in the case of Digital Storytelling …

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