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    Final Reflection and Portfolio for INTE 5340



    Mother Natures cure for stress, the natural Zen Garden. I could read stories by this all day long!

    When I reflect back over this course it does feel like a blur. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that I had to take a break in order to complete …

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    Week 7: Reflective Summary


    The content of this week was important, relevant, and slightly disturbing. The realization that we have so far to go when it comes to having real conversations around privilege, power, and whiteness is unnerving. The readings brought me back to a time where my job was to learn, discuss, challenge, …

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    Week 7: Digital Story Telling Critique


    I wanted to come back to my original inspiration for choosing my theme for this course, Dr. Brene Brown. I was delighted when I found this short animated film that overlays one of her talks.

    What types of “involvement” – and by the author/creator(s), participant(s), and/or audience – are…
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    Reading Response: Week 7


    I have always been interested in narrative and the power of telling a story. Storytelling has passed down family tales, folklore, connection, and meaning making. There is also great responsibility in the stories we tell the public and ourselves. As Kress asserts, “The world told is different from the world …

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    Week 6 Reflective Summary: Getting Back Into the Flow


    Returning to the course a year after starting my work brought a mixed bag of challenges. Taking time to figure out where I left off required relearning some of the simple things like posting in WordPress, creating links, and remembering the flow of the course were required. When I opened …

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    Week Six: Reading Response


    Calibrate your voice. This just represents the “push” mentality of creating spaces for learning. “We,” those who have power will give you what you need in order to learn and “we” will attempt to control what is allowed into a space. Calibrate your voice… this just instantly did not sit …

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    Learning to Rise Again


    The journey began a year ago. I signed up to take INTE 5340 and chose the focal theme of vulnerability. I did not know it would become a person theme or that my life was about to be broken open- wide open.

    Brene Brown wrote, “Vulnerability sounds like truth and …

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    Week 5 Reflection


    Week five was a busy one for me and I found myself challenging myself to learn some new techniques and applications. I faced the frustration at times because that is what it means to engage in DYI learning. You have to get in, try, and hopefully find the play in …

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    Week 5: Mash This Baby!


    BOOM! My first mashup, complete with natural audio and many attempts at figuring out how to do this assignment. It ain’t perfect, but it’s there.

    My process for this assignment was born out of an evening taking care of my close friends kids. It involved play-do, which we all should …

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    Week 5 Reading Response: Literacy Matters


    Heavy would be the word for this week. Followed by the emotions of fear, shame, hate, love, kindness, and hope. You can see and feel the tensions in this country; our differences feel palpable. It’s an uneasy place to navigate. Some of use based on the color of our skin …

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    Week 4: Daily Create 1


    This is what happens when you pick a neghborhood based on commuting… and then you end up working from home. Next time, I’ll go for community with trees.

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    Week 4: Reading Response Writing and Self


    This week the idea of thinking about writing about the self was probably the most terrifying, and yet, needed distraction. I have had one of those weeks where I feel I am being forced to own my story because of the connections in my life. I have been operating this …

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    Week 4: Design Assignment


    There is always something that throws me off each week. I used WordItOut to create a wordcloud that represents my experience in this course so far. For the life of me, I cannot get the wordcloud to display on this page. I have included the link to my creation. If …

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    Week 3 Reflection


    Well, I’m taking the reflection to my blog this week, but since I’m interested in vulnerability it’s probably time to put myself out there. I felt that this week went a little smoother for me, I am getting a better handle on all the moving parts of the course. I …

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    Week 3: Story Critique


    The first time I viewed this story it changed the way I viewed the concept of vulnerability. It is a story that brought me to my theme for this class- how do we allow vulnerability into our everyday lives and allow this to become a strength rather than a flaw? …

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    Week 3 Reading Response


    Do it yourself, get engaged, and participate in the digital space. As I read,  Lankshear and Knobel’s chapter on DIY media I couldn’t help but reflect on the notion of “produser.” We must actively participate and produce media, rather than just consume it. As I woke up to the new …

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    Story Critique: Week 2



    For this story critique, I am going to look at the following traits: Voice, flow, and sense of audience. My focal interest is how we can express vulnerability within our own stories. In “Resaved,” the author Marie has a strong use of voice and her style drew me in. …

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