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    Sleuthy Summary 14


    This is it. My last sleuthy summary of the year! Kind of a sad moment if I’m honest.

    This was definitely a cool class that exposed me to many new digital studies. I also really got to explore some creativity that I never knew I was capable of. With a …

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    The Final Battle.


    This is Aaron Brand. The Accountant, is what they call him.

    He says he just does people’s taxes. Last time I checked murder and theft weren’t on a W-2 form. This guy has to be stopped, and I’ve been itchin’ to deal out a healthy dose of justice. Here’s my …

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    Advice Incoming!


    Heyo prospective ds106 students!

    Here’s some critical things you should know before taking this class:

    Your quality of work and pride in your work will be directly proportional to the amount of time you put into this class. If you want to skate by and not actually make anything cool…
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    Sleuth Summary 12


    This week was cool, I enjoyed the mashups. I wish I was better and more ambitious about the video mashups, but I don’t have a great grasp on it, or a great software choice. So I stuck with images, which I really enjoy fiddling with.

    My daily creates are here:…

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    This remix was just really funny to me. I personally don’t like cats much, which made it cringe worthy to me, and in addition to that, I hate lime-green and sappy quotes. Not a big Shakespeare guy.

    This was really simple to make, but still fun as always. I first …

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    Spy Emoji Mashup


    This photo was taken while at a top secret spy meeting. This is my colleague, Agent 00009. This shot of him is currently classified and is by no means allowed to be seen by any outsider of the organization for fear of recognition.

    During this picture, we were discussing the …

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    Consumer Mashup


    These two logo mashups were great. The North Face is one of many people’s, including my own, favorite brands and is known for it’s really simple text logo. The cliff logo is from Prudential Financial and is also relatively clean and simple.

    Choosing all black made things really simple and …

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    Logo Mashup


    Originally, my family and I are from Cleveland and we’re all into sports. So naturally, I knew which couple of teams I could pick from for this assignment.

    This logo is the Cleveland Cavaliers sword logo, mashed up with the Cleveland Browns name and colors. Turned out really cool actually! …

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    The Mission.


    I’m honestly not sure what sort of mission we need… Sooooo I’m gonna assume a theme for the upcoming year…?

    I personally liked the spy theme! However, I’m a huge fan of magic, and I personally think there is even more creativity in that sort of “field” if you will.…

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    Backwards Video oediV sdrawkcaB


    This again was a short little video that I just had a lot  of fun with. I just recorded this with my phone and edited in iMovie again. I just used a random sound effect from iMovie and it didn’t quite match up how I wanted.

    I originally thought of …

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    How I Made It


    Here’s a simple video talking about some of the Vimeo shots I took here. That’s is a Flickr link to all of what I’ve posted, but there are a few in particular that I mention, such as the sunglasses shots, the bat shots and the ground-level shots. Those are …

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    A Day In The Life: Costanza Quality


    This is a video about my day. It just includes a short trip I made. Can you guess where?

    I really liked making this video overall, but the actual process itself was odd. Recording a video in public is not really something I’m comfortable with and I don’t think many …

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    Just a Few of My Favorite Things


    I made a poor quality video about just a few of my favorite things: Cars, videogames and Youtube videos.

    This was definitely a joke video which was fun. I was actually attempting to drift a suped-up SUV which clearly didn’t have any control. Fun nonetheless!…

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    Where Do Your Shoes Take You?


    This was a very cool video to make for me personally! I like making short videos that are simple but creative-ish. Here was my attempt of an all foot view video:

    I definitely wish I had made this when it was light out and I wish that I had held …

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    Daily Create Story


    The Underwater Monkey Biker Gang was a notoriously rowdy group. They only had one “soft” habit: they gave out badges for tasks assigned to group members.

    The top two members in the Gang, holding the most badges, compete for the top Gang Member spot. The winner gets the ability to …

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    Digital Sleuth 2017-03-24 22:34:53


    This was the Chinese version of the magical wolf shirt on Amazon. I translated this ad and the English translation is really weird honestly, I can’t quite follow all of it. For example, the “Suitable for: Too large” was an interesting translation. The version is “loose version” and it uses …

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    Google Maps Trip


    Here is a screenshot of Google maps of exactly where I would travel to given the chance! Right around the area of Aspen and the White River National Forest. I’ve heard some of the absolute best things about Colorado as a whole, and am so excited to go one day.…

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    Google Draw Something


    This is a game on google that is similar to Draw Something. You attempt to draw a picture that you’re told to and Google will guess it if the picture is accurate enough! This was really surprising to me because it worked so well.

    Here’s the game.…

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    The Best of the Best


    The three best assignments I saw in recent work was Hobby, Eenie Meenie, and Ghost.

    I really enjoyed Hobby because it was video games, which I love playing! It’s always nice to find new games and peoples perspectives and reasons they like the games. I actually watch …

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    Radio Show Reactions


    So I listened to the Cloak and Dagger radio show. This was the only show that I had time to listen to unfortunately but it was enough to compare to own work and ways of going about things.

    The overall sound of the show was decent but not consistent. Volumes …

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    Sleuth Summary 8


    This was the week where we made our final radio show! Our group included Hannah Bruns, Krystal Heflin, and Rachel Ayers. This turned out to be a really awesome group and it was a really fun time for the four of us.

    The overall theme we decided on was Miami …

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    Radio Show Logo


    Here’s a little logo I was able to whip up for our radio broadcast! It’s very simple, but is small and clean. Being clean and elegant is definitely part of the spy theme.

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    Voice Over Beat


    This was a beat that I had previously made for an assignment and just voiced over with a deepened pitch. I wasn’t really sure what to say over such a short, high bpm beat so I just went a little simple.

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    Guess My Favorite Song


    This is a poorly recorded intro of one of my favorite songs, without the lyrics. Can you guess what the song is??? He’s one of my favorite rappers that I’ve mentioned before on my blog…

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