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    Weekly Summary 1


    This week was a very interesting start to the semester, mostly because of this class. The overall structure and thought process and freedom is so great that you can’t relate it or work on it like any other class. It really stresses creativity and overall management skills, but in a …

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    I Spy With My Little Eye…


    To everyone whom you ask the question, “Who’s your favorite spy?”, you will most likely receive the answer of either Jason Bourne or James Bond. And rightfully so! Who in their right mind doesn’t love and desire to be the most suave operator to ever exist? Making grown women swoon …

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    Show Your Work!


    I really really liked reading this post. It definitely gives little known perspective into the media and content that so many of us see online or in person on a daily basis. Creators do just that, create. They are the inventors of their own work, or the ones to alternate …

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    Recorded Intro


    This whole speaking to a computer thing is new to me. So hopefully I’ll get more comfortable and actually plan out some cool topics in the future.

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    First Flickrs


    Top of the morning. Erm, well it’s 10:40… Guess I should get up earlier. Here’s a couple cool pictures I had laying around from my senior year of high school.


    Guess I should get some more recent pictures since I’ve been in college an entire year and a half …

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    Welcome to my blog for DS106!

    This will be a place where I share my experiences and assignments while delving through UMW’s Digital Storytelling class. I’m incredibly excited to learn more about webpages and media in general while working in this class! For now, a brief intro seems suitable.

    About …

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