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    I took the sound of footsteps and made them seem as though someone is walking to me and then, walks away. To do that, I used Pan to make the direction of the sound change. Then, I used the EQ to make it sound like it was far in a …

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    Week 9 OPTION #1


    While doing this project I encountered difficulties with Panning a stereo track, which seemed very difficult at first, however I understood the concept. My favorite way to create a sense of space is to use Panning, this is because it gives a a sense of motion, which makes the listener …

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    Week 9 In Class Assignment: Creative Scene


    Worth: 20 points
    Due: April 1, 2015

    AS A REMINDER: You can only get points for in class work if you are IN CLASS. Not coming to class means you forfeit the points.

    Based on the activities we did in class – produce and edit your own mini scene in …

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    Space Convo


    So for this assignment I tried to make this conversation sound like it was happening out of space. I went to EQ3 – 7 Band then Pitch Shift which I lowered the ratio. Selected Reverb – D Reverb, selected room 2, large hall after which I moved the mix to …

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    Week 9 In Class Exercises


    Exercise #1: HORSES
    Using the PAN tool, edit the audio so it sounds like the horses are approaching from one direction, passing you, and leaving in the other direction. Bounce and upload to SoundCloud.

    Exercise #2: POKER
    Using the PAN tool, edit the audio so each of the men speaking …

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    Remember not being able to play your radio too loud because of bad speaker quality? Or being afraid to touch the antenna because all you’d hear is white noise? For this project I used the EQ 7-band to lessen the sound quality of the song & added feedback in modulation …

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    class assignment week 8 EQ and sound effects


    In this class project I played around with the EQ and other sound effects.  I changed the sound of the baby crying to a alien monster baby by using the Dverb effect and clicking the church option.  Then went into the pitch effect and lowered the coarse and radio.  The …

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    Sound Effect assignment


    For this assignment I was asked to choose from 3 different recordings and use the Equalizer effect as well as others to alter the way the recording sounds. I chose a recording of a baby crying and my aim was to make it sound as abnormal and distorted as I …

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    Creating distorted sounds


    For this assignment we had to play around with sounds and see if we could create them to either be sounds we couldn’t be able to record in the real world or sounds coming from a different place. I decided to do the simple song, where I had to make …

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    Another Galaxy


    My aim for this piece was to make a normal human conversation sound as if they were non-human creatures from another galaxy. To achieve this i used EQ, Reverb , I panned two different channels to left and right and i also used a pitch shift for the different sounds.…

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    Old Song


    Along with the baby alien, I did the simple song turned old. I used the same things I did with the baby alien, but I tried to focus it more on listening to it on an old record player. Anyway, it was kind of hard figuring out how each button …

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    Baby Alien


    Here is the baby turned alien that I did in Pro Tools. In order to get it to be as it is, I used a few things in the AudioSuite. To be specific, I used the  EQ-7Band to put some of the sounds over each other. I also used the …

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    Alien Monster Baby


    For this assignment I first went to pitch shift and adjusted it. I then turned up the ratio option, I lowered the detune, reversed the track then i brought down the pitch coarse. So that’s how I came up with this alien monster baby.

    Pitch shift, ratio turned up, detune …

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    Week 7: Stories with Sound FX


    This is recording of a period of my life, when I lost my voice. My main passion in life is having my own show, hosting shows and be an anchor.

    One day I received a phone call from one of the famous Radio hosts in Tunisia, he picked me out …

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    Who is my roommate?


    This assignment was based on me finding a story, record myself reading it, and then adding sound effects that corresponded to the flow of that story. I decided to read a story about a man who was looking for a roommate, once he found her, everything seemed to be normal …

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    Faces of Ferguson


    I chose this story Faces of Ferguson which speaks about a story which was in the headlines for months. An unarmed teenager was shot dead in the streets of Ferguson Missouri. I took the story being told by the journalist recorded it and place some sound effects. The purpose of …

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    Story telling with sounds


    So instead of just telling a story I decided to recreate a scene from one of my  new favorite shows. The scene is basically an inner monologue from My Mad Fat Diary a british drama show which revolves around a young woman named Rae. In this scene Rae is hooking …

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    voodoo fx


    I choose the Dakaar piece for my sound effects project because I wanted to tell a creepy story, in the future I would like to have a career in special effects, and animation so this gave me an opportunity to do so using sound. I felt bad about trying to …

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    Storytelling with SFX


    For this piece I had to record myself reading a story from narratively, and then add sound effects in Pro Tools. I read “My Runaway Childhood,” by Melissa Chadburn. The sound effects that I added included a person running, a bus pulling up to a bus stop, a car …

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    Hooping With Hijab Intro


    The story I chose is titled “Hooping With Hijab” by Habeeba Husain. It introduces Bilquis Abdul-Qaadir, the first muslim woman to play division 1 college basketball in her hijab.  It introduces Qaadir with a scene from a basketball game. The sounds I used included a crowd chanting, basketball dribbling, sneakers …

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    this story discussed a girl that was taking away from her mother because of abuse. She described her encounter with school and her first fight. Listen while i make this story come to life.

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    Week 7: Storytelling


    I chose to read aloud ” A Tiny Town with the Spirit of Oz” by Francis DiClemente. This story covers the strong and historical impact done by the Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. This movie was based on his book. It became a great commercial success and was …

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