1. @keyris22

    This is just the Beginning


    My God! UMW has turned in a living Hell. The people that has contracted the virus has tuned into something unhuman like. They started eating other people, the non infected. They have over run UMW and rapidly  Fredricksbrug turning into blood bath. They are no longer human anymore, they are …

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    Flighting Life


    The survival guide has really helped me. It has everything from how to defend your self form a attacker to what is safe to eat in the wild. But recently things have taken a turn for the worst, many people on campus have been becoming sick. Students have been fainting …

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    Survival Guide


    Ever since the broadcast, I have taken some precautionary measures, I have not eaten any food in Fredricksburgs, I now bring my own food from my house in Woodbridge. I wear gloves everywhere I go now and I clean every surface I come in contact with, I the closest thing …

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    I have always known that the world was a dangerous, but this is insane. Our own government is using us as guinea pigs for an experiment, for god knows what. I am scared. This virus sounded very serious and anything experimental just sounds bad. I hope did not contract get …

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    Social media was buzzing after the radio broadcast and you would think posts would be filled with concerns or solutions to the issue of this virus at hand, but no. Everyone thought it was some joke, It was trending world wide and all people did was make stupid memes and …

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    Radio Broadcast


    Bizarre, that is how I describe my life now. It went from extra ordinary to feeling like I am living in some nightmare. Ever since I seen that postcard, I have been just paranoid. Its like I am waiting for something horrible to happen, but nothing ever dose. I thought …

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    Everyday since I been in UMW, it has been normal, nothing out of the ordinary. I would out of bed, drive to school, go to class and then when my class was over I would drive back home, this has been my everyday life. But the past few days I …

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    12 Weekly


    Week 12 has been chill a week, at first I thought I would die when i saw the number of stars we needed to complete, but it has not been that bad. I did not do too much on week 12 because I have been busy, but i am in …

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    An Apocalypse Vacation


    For my final 12 week assignment, I chose to do the Destination Post Card. I used the website canva.com to create my post card. My postcard, is a picture of a city, I used a city as my destination because I wanted the postcard to resumable the city like setting …

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    I created a meme on https://imgflip.com, for my one of my week 12 assignment. I had to incorporate the book that I picked to read this semester, World War Z. The scene that I toke from the movie when the professor, now zombie comes face to face with Gerry Lane …

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    Back at it Again


    Week 11, Here we are back at it again with the videos, feeling like a youtuber. And once again the week has been hectic,but I had more time to get things done then last week. So one of the first things I did was go to the movie viewing on …

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    The 10th week was crazy, all that video making made me think I was a youtuber and that I should be getting paid because the process of creating a video toke a lot. I do not have much of a problem thinking of an idea because, the class pretty much …

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    Bucket List


    Stanley MacDonald is a veteran soldier that fights the undead during the World War Z. I really liked his attitude in the book, with his unfearful and badass persona, so I deiced to do a bucket list because it would be fun do a little something with him. Here is …

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    Six Star Assignments


    I did two, one three star assignment and four star assignment for the eleventh week to complete quote for that week The two assignments I finished were a Time Lapse and another called Where Do Your Shoes Tale You. As it is written in the title I had to make …

  15. @keyris22

    10 Apocalyptic Questions


    When I made my video, wanted it to be per apocalypse rather then during the an apocalypse. I was really nervous when I did this video because I did not want to filmed. It several takes when I was answering my five questions because i felt so weird watching myself …

  16. @keyris22

    Diego Ricardo


    Well as you know we had to watch a movie form the list given to us that we did not watch from the previous week. And then pick a video assignment that relates to the movie.  I choose, Men of Children because I have watched the movie a couple of …

  17. @keyris22

    Eight Star Assignments


    This tenth week we had to complete eight stars of assignments. When I saw this, my first thought was this week is going to be a lot for me. And it was because I could not do all my assignments on the tenth week, but I am here now. So …

  18. @keyris22

    Video Essay


    I decided to use the movie 10 Cloverfield Lane for my video analysis because it is the most recent movie on the list and I have wanted to see the movie before had. The movie was not as I expected, if any of you seen the movie, it seems that …

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    When I watch movies, I more so theorize than analysis. I always have some kind theory on why and how an event occurred in a movie, but I do analysis some to come up with my crazy conspiracies. So I found the How To Read A Movie, fun to read. …

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    Radio Show Reflection


    I think my group did a great job with our radio show, but when it came down having to listen to it, I got a bit worried. There is a huge difference when you are just listening to it with your group and having the whole class listen to it, …

  21. @keyris22

    The End Results


    I did not think that the Radio Show project was going to be fun, but I am happy to be wrong. I got along well with everyone in my team, we had lots of laughs and we just had over all good time.  There was quit a few set backs …

  22. @keyris22

    Written on Paper


    Hello fellow classmates, how was your spring break? Did any of you people go out of the country or out of state? Well whatever you guys did I hope you had fun, I know I did. All I did during this spring break was sleep, eat and watch Netflix. I …

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    Midterm week has finally ended and I am happy to say that it will not be missed. I have had so many late late nights of pure studying that I almost feel that I have got dumber rather then smarter as the week ended. The test were torture, the teachers …

  24. @keyris22

    Book Cover


    To make my book cover I used the website Canva.com and then used a book temple to put my book cover together. It was really easy and I recommend everyone that has not made their book cover or any assignment that is similar to this one to use this site …

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    Team Nikita Nullin


    For my second design assignment, I wanted to try the Generate Cool Letters. It looked fairly easy, interesting and it seems that a lot of people like it as well, so I deiced to try it. But instead of using my name I wanted use my character’s name Nikita Nullin. …

  26. @keyris22

    She’s Alive!


    I had so much fun creating my character Nikita Nullin. I feel like a proud mother now that my creation is made into imagery. I loved that I was able to design every bit and piece how I imaged Nikita to look like. Although I did have some trouble operating …

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    One of design assignments I choose for the week is creating a superhero. I love everything about superheros, the movies, the different types of powers and the cool costumes they get to wear. I just love it all.  So as you can see, I was excited to create my mini …

  28. @keyris22

    Creativity is Key


    I have always been into the art of design, but I can not draw and I am not too knowledgeable about the world of design. The most I have doven into design, is my everyday fashion and my frequent visits to Pinterest, pinning pictures of nice design elements I would …

  29. @keyris22

    Like a Professional


    The week has passed through rather quick. I feel that I have blinked and its already Monday. I had fairly good week, nothing too trouble happened, so guess that played some contribution into why I am feeling this way. And also the assignment nothing was too hard for me to …

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