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    So far progress has been great for my group! Yesterday we got together over the phone and I created an organized google doc where we have everything written out and assigned. During this call we agreed that we did not want our show to be serious, so we went with …

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    Promo Poster


    I used Canva in order to create my group’s promotional poster for our Radio Show. I went for a really simplistic style that still caught the viewer’s attention. Everything I used on this poster was free on Canva! I just inserted the background and resized the image to fit the …

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    Sounds of Work


    I decided to create one audio made up of different sounds people hear while at work. I went on freesound and found different samples like a register, dishes clinking, scanner, cart being pushed, walkie talkie, and people talking in the background. This audio will be one we use as a …

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    Kobe’s Interview


    One of the ads for my group’s radio show is a an interview with a dog that is up for adoption at ODHS. Creating this ad was extremely difficult. For a majority of the audio I had to record a recording off of my computer and onto my phone then …

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    Weekly Summary #6


    This has really been a week. It has been a rough one for multiple reasons! I am not proud of the amount of work I did this week. I got so overwhelmed and finally came to the conclusion that my metal and emotional health is more important that one bad …

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    Smile Dekker


    For today’s daily create reply I shared a photo of Dekker from Old Dominion Humane Society. He is a puppy that is up for adoption that always has a smile on his face. He fit the assignment perfectly!

    #tdc3550 #ds106 look at Dekker’s smile! He’s such a happy dog just …

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    A New Friend


    Again this new friend I made is called Edgewood, but I call him Edge for short. I decided to use this Daily Create reply to show him off in hopes of him getting adopted. I had him all day on Tuesday to work on calmly greeting new people and to …

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    Fluffer’s Got This


    For this assignment I had to create a motivational poster. This pupper here is named Fluffer. He is a happy go lucky dog who knows what he likes. A friend of mine took this photo while taking him out of the kennel for a day to go explore. This picture …

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    Let’s Meet Up


    This is Callie! I felt a lot more comfortable with Canva after working on Edgewood’s Flier. With this adopt event flier I was able to be more creative with what I added. I wanted there to be something to catch the viewer’s attention that connected to sweet Callie. I decided …

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    Fur-Ever Family Wanted


    I decided to make something more than just a random flier. I used Canva to create an adoption poster for a pup named Edgewood. I had to upload, resize, and align some of his best photos that show all of his different side. For the text I made his name …

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    A Dream Come True


    For this assignment I had to create a wedding invitation. Personally I did not want to download some big thing so I searched google. I found a free invitation creator with Greetingsisland.com where you can choose a template for any occasion and then redesign it. I decided on this invitation …

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    Weekly Summary #5


    I want to start off saying this has been the most difficult week so far in this class. I got extremely overwhelmed and frustrated with the audio program and all the steps that go into creating an audio piece. There was so much I wanted to do with the program …

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    Audio With an Impact


    Sounds are not just random noises your ears just happen to hear. Sounds are one small piece of something so much bigger. Sounds provide clues and insight into what is going on that your eyes cannot see. This is in both real life situations and for entertainment purposes. I discovered …

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    Radio Bumper


    This was one of the most difficult assignments I have worked on so far. I spent time looking at other people’s posts to try and get an idea. It took me forever to figure out what I wanted to do. My boyfriend even came over to help me out because …

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    Lake House Relaxation


    For this audio I found sounds that are relaxing to me. I overlapped wind chimes in a winter storm, breeze through the trees, and lake waves. This was extremely easy I just imported the sounds and played with the sound levels till I felt it was right where I wanted …

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    9 to 5


    This is a story of a middle aged man who gets up and goes to work in a busy city. This is where he sits at his desk typing up files and reports. After work he goes out and grabs dinner with some coworkers. Finally he ends his day returning …

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    Watch Out


    This took me an hour to do. Figuring out the audio program was the worst part! Basically what I ended up doing was searching for five sounds that could be related to horror. Once I imported them all onto the program I lined each up at which point I wanted …

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    Brain Spill


    Radio Show Ideas:

    Retold Customer Service Stories – write a script and act out different customer service stories. stories can be found online or from personal experience. Art Advice Line – kinda like a relationship advice talk show but artists call in with questions like “what medium is best to…
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    Radio Show


    Last night I tuned into the DS106 radio channel. I was dreading having to listen to it because I thought it was going to be some lecture on sounds. I even had my roommate listen in with me so I wasn’t bored and alone. Turns out it was actually really …

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    Weekly Summary #4


    God this week was long! This week I started out with a post that was extremely difficult for me to write. The post hit a lot of topics for me I try to avoid. I was honest and publicly admitted how I feel about photographs and myself. In the same …

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    Photos & Their Complexity


    This assignment felt like a pressured personal picture scavenger hunt. So basically this is another picture dump from my Europe trip! Overall though these points that I am about to show impact how a picture’s story is told. Not to sound like a broken record here but these points help …

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