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    Add Some Color


    This was difficult to find a website I could do this on for free, but I did. I am not going to share it because you have to make a whole account and a free trail just to do it once and then cancel. Overall this came out really nice! …

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    5 Countries in 1 Summer


    In July of 2018, I went on a EU tours trip to five different countries. This trip is what developed my desire to want to consistently return to them and one day travel all of over the world. From this five pictures can you guess what countries I went to? …

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    My Apartment


    photoblitzer 14:22

    Forced Perspective – make something small look big: typically this is a small can of wine but not today!

    2. Glasses: double vision

    3. Construction: moving is the construction of rehoming one’s life

    4. Something Loud: my roommate’s cat, Bella, aka the Brat. God does this cat got …

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    Pixel Chix Anyone?


    This was my favorite toy as a kid! I had this one and the two story purple house. I played with them so much the voice sounded like a dying robot. I guess they annoyed my mother because she refused to put new batteries in. Maybe that is because I …

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    Photos & Me


    There was a small period of time where I loved to take photos and have photos taken of me, but that was back when I was a small toddler. Since I was around 7, having pictures taken of myself is a touchy subject. I always go out and say things …

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    Weekly Summary #3


    This week I feel like I was really on top of things! I am extremely proud of myself for that. I have to say I really think I had no stress at all when it came to the assignments this week. For me to say that I had zero stress …

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    Analysis of a Web Comic


    After completing the assigned reading and videos I decided I wanted to do my story analysis on a web comic. Lately reading comic style stories online and on apps has become extremely popular. To be honest I have even found myself to enjoy reading one every once in awhile. Typically …

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    Shoes Shoes Shoes


    What story do you think my shoes tell about me?

    @ds106dc #tdc3527 My response for Today's #ds106 Daily Create is that all my shoes show a different side of who I am. (there’s a lot more than this) my adidas are the gym side, red nikes are the work side, …

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    Dear Future Husband


    Dear Peter,

    We have currently been discussing getting engaged so I thought I would write down all the things I want the you I marry to know. First off please please please do not last minute change our wedding song to something by Kayne West. I know you love that …

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    Barbara June’s Story


    Barbara June was once a young girl who was raised in a little rural town. All her life she had stars in her eyes and her heart set on running away to Hollywood. When Barbara June turned seventeen her and her childhood sweetheart, William ‘Slick’ Richards ran away together. Slick …

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    Phillis Flea & Bruno Bernese


    It was a typical day just like any other for Phillis and all the other fleas. Phillis had an abundance of fresh Bruno blood and had eggs latched onto hairs everywhere the eye could see. Phillis was so excited for the eggs to finally hatch soon in order to cause …

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    Poem of Emotions


    Welcome to my crazy ride

    I really hope you can tell i’ve tried.

    Somedays I am overwhelmed

    And damn does it feel like hell.

    I push and push and push

    Until I feel my chest go smush.

    My thoughts go a thousand miles per hour

    but somehow I just get …

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    Weekly (Semi) Summary #2


    I am going to be honest here. I have been so hectic with work, classes, preparing to leave for a wedding tomorrow, and trying to hold on to my own sanity. I was a teacher’s worst nightmare and did majority of the work in one night.

    Since the last weekly …

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    Daily Crate #3


    I bet the only thing going on through her mind is radio static

    @ds106dc #tdc3520 My response for Today's #ds106 Daily Create is the only one who every really listens to me. Sometimes I wonder if she actually understands what I am saying or just pretends to listen to me. …

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    Hybrid Animal


    The assignment was to create a hybrid animal but I have no clue how to use photoshop or anything like that so I found this wonderful gem. Enjoy Danny Devito’s face on a pug’s body.

    Look at this picture you can just imagine this little Devito Pug is out on …

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    Let’s Talk About Nonconformity


    Looking through all of the assignment bank writing assignments I originally did not want to do something all drab and real life. Well that plan went out the window, so here we are talking about nonconformity. On the serious side our world has seriously stupid social traps. One of those …

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    Weekly Summary #1


    Let me start off by saying I am not tech savvy in any way, shape, or form. This week of work was extremely stressful for me due to not knowing how to do any of this and my pride. I do not use social media much so having to make …

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    Course Accomplishment Goals

    I struggle with using technology so I hope to become a lot more comfortable when it comes to doing more online than just using Canvas, Google Docs and Slides, and streaming sites. I personally do not like or use social media very much but hopefully this course will show me…
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    The Joy of Painting: Graceful Waterfall


    I personally am not one of those people who love and are all for Bob Ross. I get bored watching his shows and there is something about his voice that just pushes my buttons the wrong way. Although for this I watched the whole episode and took note on some …

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    Hi, my name is Kayla Havert. I am in my senior year at UMW getting my major in interdisciplinary science studies and my masters in elementary education. #ds106

    — Kayla Havert (@KHavertDs106) August 24, 2021

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    About Me

    I’m from Virginia Beach, but I currently live somewhere else in an apartment with some friends. I have traveled to many different places inside and outside of the U.S. My favorite country that I have been to so far has to be Switzerland.…

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