1. @Kim

    I Hear You



    So throughout the week, besides the daily creates, I had to do a crash course in using audio in digital storytelling. I downloaded the Audacity Program and spent some time confusing myself about whether or not the LAME plugin for Audacity was downloaded and installed correctly. Then of course …

  2. @Kim

    Audio from the Moon


    Starting off: 

    When I first started reading the assignment paragraphs that detailed the questions to be answered in this blog post I started to worry that there was no way that listening to this one single story off of Soundcloud would give me the answers for all the questions listed …

  3. @Kim

    A Session in the art of Audio…Audioing…doing audio?


    So first things first, I had absolutely no idea how to arrange audio or use any type of audio program before this week. I have some friends that do digital music creation and my boyfriend likes to play around on a production program similar to Audacity, just to see what …

  4. @Kim

    A Week in Reverse


    Okay so I actually did this weeks second half assignments a little bit backwards, by that I mean I did the Participation part first, then the assignment from the bank, then the alternate history, followed by the book cover, with the two required daily creates mixed in. Although I believe …

  5. @Kim

    A Fake Historical Fiction Novel


    Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the greatest conquerors in history, known for all of his achievements but also for his greatest defeat, the battle of Waterloo. What would have happened if the great general had not been defeated? What if he could have continued on his war path and conquered …

  6. @Kim

    Napoleon Wins Waterloo…But then What?


    What would have happened if Napoleon and his army had won the Battle of Waterloo and continued to fight and conquer Europe?

    In doing research about Napoleon and his goals and the different areas he was planning on fighting for next, it is easy to see that Napoleon would have …

  7. @Kim

    4 Stars for Silver Star


    For my four stars of assignments this weekend I decided to just do one four and a half star assignment and design my own superhero.

    My hero is called Silver Star, my idea is that she is kind of a female, assassin version of Captain America. One of her defining …

  8. @Kim

    Rapid Design Lesson for Dummies


    So this first half of memorial day week went by in a flash with the assignments and things to think about.

    I did all three daily creates, I saw the directions said two but I thought “what the hey I will do them all just in case”, plus they are …

  9. @Kim

    Do A Blitz!! (not the football kind)


    So the big assignment this week was to do another Blitz, this time a design blitz. Basically, I was to learn about the eight big design principals then keep them in mind as I went about my life these last three days and take pictures of examples of at least …

  10. @Kim

    Designing with the Teds


    To start off this week I watched two, count em, two Ted talks done by designers. Then did a little bit of design practice on Canva to learn about different design rules.

    The first of the two was done by Paula Scher  who talked a lot about the difference between …

  11. @Kim

    Attack of the Cameras


    What a Week:

    Wow these last assignments have been a lot to take in. Just a lot of decisions and things to make sure they get done, not to mention time consuming. I understand what Professor Polack meant about the course being a lot to keep up with, good thing …

  12. @Kim

    Tips and Tricks For Photography…and some Abandoned Buildings


    Good Photography Advice: 

    One of the things I had never heard of before when I was watching the video was the part about the rule-of-thirds. This was not something I had heard of before, however, contrast, depth, perspective, lighting, and aesthetic are all things that are common knowledge to anyone …

  13. @Kim

    15 Minute Photo Attack


    Assignment Level: Stressful

    This was a difficult assignment because I spent half my time second guessing myself wondering “will this really work for that prompt?”, the time limit messed with my brain and made me feel like I was not going to have enough time to get more than one …

  14. @Kim

    First Summary Blog


    This week we went through the process of signing up for everything and doing introductions plus our first daily creates.

    I started with the daily create,  the first step was guessing what the picture to word puzzle given to us was, the second step was to create our own.


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