1. @kjax18271

    What is Storytelling?


    Storytelling is not only about giving information, whether it is fictional or nonfictional, it is about captivating the reader, holding their attention, and inspiring thought. Storytelling compels the reader to want to know more or to the listener to wait with anticipation for what might come next. Digital storytelling puts …

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    Weekly Summary: 2


    This week was about getting in the groove. I had the chance to explore the Assignment Bank as well as try out a few Daily Creates. It was also about personalizing my site and getting connected with my peers through commenting on their posts. I was one step ahead in …

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    A Not So Mundane Monday


    A Ballade for Monday

    The day that everyone seems to dread

    As life piles on the load

    And you just can’t get out of bed

    Stuck in some sort of low power mode

    Ready for the stress that was owed

    As the day began, it felt a little different

    The …

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    Assignment 2 of Week 2

    For my second assignment, I chose to do something in the Design Assignments category. I browsed around and saw “The Vogue Challenge”. I had heard of it before from a couple years ago, or maybe it was last year. I can’t remember. Anyways, I clicked …

  5. @kjax18271

    Etchin a Sketch

    Assignment 1 of Week 2

    For my first assignment for this week, I began with a Visual Assignment from the Assignment Bank. I love doing photography, so I figured I would start out with something I am comfortable with. As I clicked on the Visual Assignment Bank and explored the …

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    Who is the artist within?


    Whether we realize it or not, we are all artists in some aspect. I believe daily life choices can be considered art, such as choosing an outfit to wear or decorating your room or even the type of music you like. Even if you don’t physically make art, you can …

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    Weekly Summary: 1


    This marks the end of a very stressful first week of ds106. I came into this course completely blind of what it might entail and what tasks I would have to complete. I have never taken a course like this before, so the unfamiliarity was a little intimidating. I didn’t …

  8. @kjax18271

    What’s the Point?


    Truth be told, I am taking this class to fulfill the Digital Intensive General Education requirement; however, I do believe that valuable skills will be learned from this course. For example, in just the first week, I have already learned how to create a basis of a website, a task …

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    The Joy of ds106

    Above is Bob Ross’s painting demonstration of High Tide (Season 16 Episode 8).

    Bob Ross is a very familiar artist not only because of his beautiful paintings and talent, but also because of his comical, inspirational, and thought-provoking commentary. Here are a few quotes from this video that stuck out …

  10. @kjax18271

    Intro to ds106


    Hello! My name is Kylie Jackson. I am a sophomore at UMW, and I am studying Conservation Biology. Some of my hobbies are photography, hiking, and biking. I also love doing art including painting, drawing, crafting, and macramé. I have never made digital art before, so I am excited to …

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