1. kkroehl

    It’s Been a Wild Ride!


    Wow, it has been a wild ride in ds106 this semester! Most recently, Pluto and Bailey went missing, and after putting posters up, we were about to lose hope that we would ever see the cats again. That would have been a hard blow to Sarah and Shelley because …

  2. kkroehl

    Tutorial: 6 Differences


    One of my favorite activities in the Washington Post Magazine is the “Second Glance” page. I can stare at the two pictures for hours trying to find the differences! Now, everyone in ds106 has the opportunity to create their own “find the differences” picture. Just find a picture …

  3. kkroehl

    Pluto and Bailey are Missing


    After the conclusion of the Jack case, the Steadfast Sleuths have another mystery to solve. Both Shelley and Sarah’s cat’s are missing! None of their neighbors have seen them, and they are practically falling to pieces with worry. I suspect that within the next couple of weeks, we will solve …

  4. kkroehl

    I Do Know Jack!


    Wow, this Jack case has been the most nerve-racking of them all! After the events of last week, we learned that Shannon Mills had escaped from prison, which changed the whole nature of the case. Apparently she seduced a guard to get away, and was on the loose over a …

  5. kkroehl



    So far this week, there has been little progress on the Jack case. The Steadfast Sleuths still have no idea who he is, even though we almost caught up with him at the Multicultural Fair (and also went shopping). However, earlier this week, the headlines said that Shannon Mills, my …

  6. kkroehl

    Who is this Jack Character?


    On Saturday this week we got a new case: figure out who “Jack” is, and what relationship he has with the noir106 teachers. We decided to start collecting information and clues Sunday, so we went out for a nice dinner on Saturday evening. Sarah Mustard and Shelley Layton ordered the …

  7. kkroehl

    Sebasha Storified


    This week, a reporter came up to me because they wanted to get the full story of the romance between Sebastian Crane and myself. She said she already got some information from Sebastian, and she was going to “Storify It” (2 pts). I agreed to tell her my …

  8. kkroehl

    Please Hire Me


    This week I had to do some web assignments. The first one I did was the “character resume” assignment (3 pts). The assignment instructions say that you can use Word to create your resume, so I was a little confused why this wasn’t a writing assignment, but I …

  9. kkroehl

    How to: Sasha Kellogg


    Well, clearly I am getting popular in the noir106 community because I was approached by someone who wants to write a book about my life! My one stipulation was that I would make the book cover to satisfy the “How to________” assignment (3.5 pts). They agreed, and this …

  10. kkroehl

    Here’s my Card.


    I loved commenting on other people’s business card assignments, so I decided to complete the “Create your own business card” assignment for myself (2 pts). I really liked how everyone had different colored backgrounds on their cards, but I decided to make my card more simple like a …

  11. kkroehl

    Maggie and Noddy


    This week I completed two daily creates. These were: a birthday picture for Maggie Black’s birthday, and to save Noddy from the trash can. I purposefully chose these two pretty easy daily creates because I was busy this week setting up the Steadfast Sleuths website! The birthday card was fun …

  12. kkroehl

    Why were Cameras Following me Around all Week 10?


    The first thing I did this week was listen in to the radio on Monday, and Tweet for extra credit. The show was very well done, and it was great to get to know the other characters on Twitter as well as comment on the show! Unfortunately, Talkie Tina’s voice …

  13. kkroehl

    The Steadfast Sleuths Case 2


    The Steadfast Sleuths successfully finished our second case this week! Not only did we figure out who was burned in my apartment fire, but we got a new case from a mysterious woman. This case had the added complication of drama between Sarah Mustard and I, which was no fun. …

  14. kkroehl

    The Steadfast Sleuths: An Agency


    So seeing as how the Steadfast Sleuths have completed two cases with each other and managed to survive relatively unscathed, we decided to continue with this agency for the rest of the semester. Our members are: Sasha Kellogg, Shelley Layton, and Sarah Mustard. They were first introduced by Josie and …

  15. kkroehl

    May I have a Word…?


    So, earlier today I granted an interview with the teachers of noir106, because they have been dying to interview me! Things went pretty well, and I think they have a better picture of who I am now. My answers are genuine, but I knew them beforehand, so I had time …

  16. kkroehl

    Cheerios, Batman, and Lines on a Floor


    I’m so excited to write my first blog post after taking over Kim’s blog! This week, I did three daily creates. They were all pictures, and were: a breakfast selfie, a 15 second batman, and an inspirational poster. For the first one, I was very excited to make a face …

  17. kkroehl

    Week 9: Please let it be OK


    Well, I hope the ending of this week never happens again. I started out the week doing great, but Sunday should just be wiped off the face of the Earth. Let’s start from the beginning. I live-Tweeted to the show Get a Clue, which was fun as usual. As I …

  18. kkroehl

    Notoriously Brilliant


    After reading the resources on how to read a video and use different shots, I watched Hitchcock’s  Notorious. I definitely noticed all the elements of film making we read about in the reading, so it was pretty hard for me to find the perfect scene to analyze. I decided to …

  19. kkroehl

    Video Progress


    This week has been a planning week for the Steadfast Sleuths video project. We met on Wednesday for a few hours and wrote out a plot for the video episode, which was harder than I thought it would be. We realized early on that this was harder than making a …

  20. kkroehl

    The Steadfast Sleuths Triumphant Return


    I am excited and proud to announce my creation of the Steadfast Sleuths Video Trailer! In this trailer I wanted to make sure I alluded to the plot without giving too much away. I found that it was tricky to create a video during the time we were creating our …

  21. kkroehl

    A Junk Mail Man in a Blurry World


    This week I completed two daily creates. The first was to create art out of junk mail, which was actually kind of difficult for me. This is because I don’t get very much junk mail, so I only found about three envelopes of junk mail. One of the letters had …

  22. kkroehl

    Finished with Radio


    I have enjoyed the radio weeks immensely. My group is wonderful, and we have gotten back together to create a video for next week! I think we work well together because we have such different personalities. I throw out the crazy ideas (many of which don’t work), Lauren records initial …

  23. kkroehl

    I’ve Got a Clue!


    This week, I Tweeted along to Get a Clue. A couple things stood out to me as I listened that were incredibly well-done. First, the writing was perfect with all the slang and metaphors that are a classic part of 50s noir. Even the delivery of the monologues was classic, …

  24. kkroehl

    Week 8: Life is Better With Friends


    This week was similar to other weeks, and different at the same time. Instead of life Tweeting along with a 1950s noir show, we listened to our classmates’ shows. Instead of further developing our individual characters, we incorporated multiple characters into our assignments. However, the assignments were still lots of …

  25. kkroehl

    Inspired by: Janaye


    I was inspired by Janaye’s soundboard conversation because it was Dr. Who themed. She incorporated music from the show, different characters talking, and added herself as the doctor’s companion. She says she always wanted to be in an episode of Dr. Who, so she took this opportunity to add herself …

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