1. klasalata

    Over and Over


    For my three time review, I chose to watch this clip from The Pursuit of Happyness:

    For this assignment, I had to watch this clip in three different ways and each time I noticed something different.

    1. Analyzing the camera work.

    The first time I watched this clip, I …

  2. klasalata

    TDC week 9


    This week, we have to complete three daily creates but there’s a twist: We have to tie our three DCs together some way to create a story! I did all three of my DCs first and then went back and decided how I was going to tie them together. I …

  3. klasalata



    Listen – Beyonce

    I guess if I’m writing this then that means I survived audio week(s)! WAHOOO!! I feel success, more so then when I survived boot camp! Going into audio week, I was a Negative Nelly. I’m not going to lie. If you haven’t read my DS 106 pledge/promise …

  4. klasalata

    TDC week 7 & 8


    Sunday’s DC (2/24)- Write an epic ode to an underappreciated object.

    Dear Coffee,

    You make it possible for me to get through the day
    I am so eternally grateful, I just cannot say
    how much I love you so much
    your taste, your energy, your touch.
    So I’m writing you …

  5. klasalata

    This I Promise You


    Spring Break was nice and relaxing but it’s nice to get back to the daily grind.

    I had an DS 106 epiphany over Spring Break. And I liked it too much. So here is my promise/pledge to you:

    From now on, I am going to title my blog posts after …

  6. klasalata

    Submitted Daily Creates


    This week, I submitted three daily creates.

    1. NOW SHOWING. Take a picture of something in your car. Title the picture as if it’s a movie poster. 2. BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. Record a sound that is annoying to you. 3. YOU AIN’T HEARD NOTHIN’ YET! Pick a quote from a…
  7. klasalata

    Wouldn’t it be nice?


    The first audio assignment that I chose to do was titled Song Story (***). For this assignment, the task was to pick a song and talk about what memory that song triggers when you hear it.

    Picking a song was a little hard. I feel like every song triggers some …

  8. klasalata

    Magically Designed


    WOW. Who can believe that week 6 is done already?? Time is just flying by.I know this week felt like it flew by because I was having so much fun with designing!! This week and last week, photos, have been my favorite so far! I want a whole class on …

  9. klasalata

    TDC week 6


    Monday’s DC – Take a photo of someone that is nice and cozy in a blanket.

    Don’t judge.

    I was on my way to class when my dog Lexi was all bundled up on my couch looking like a snuggle pup! I know the daily create says “someone”, but we …

  10. klasalata

    DS, the Movie


    I have been loving every second of design week. The assignments are my favorite part. The next assignment I chose was to create a movie poster for DS106 (***). This was very fun! I almost want to do it again.

    When I read the assignment details, I had no idea …

  11. klasalata

    Take A Guess


    To really get you thinking visually, I chose to do the One Story/Four Icons assignment (**). It may sound easy at first, but picking four images to represent a story, without giving it away, is actually challenging! And I loved creating it! I chose this assignment because I enjoyed looking …

  12. klasalata

    Pictures Pictures Galore!


    WOW! I love love loved week 5 – visual week!!! {It definitely made up for my hatred dislike of audio week} Throughout the week we had to tell stories through pictures. So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and enjoy my journey through week 5!

    First of all, we got …

  13. klasalata

    How to: Makeup Your Pet


    This tutorial is not really going to tell you how to put makeup on your pet. This is digital storytelling, you should have known that you are going to be creating things, silly goose!! You will need a camera, and a program like Paint, which usually comes on standard …

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