1. klittle

    You Have Always Counted


    For my Final Project for this class I decided to branch out into another of my fandoms and nerdiness than I have previously shown. I decided to create a story using the characters Sherlock and Molly from the BBC tv show called Sherlock; but you need not have seen the …

  2. klittle

    Why did the Chicken cross the road? Because it COULD!



    For this daily create, you had to create a picture of someone doing something even if it didn’t seem like the logical choice, even if their path was blocked or dangerous.

    I chose to create one with the inspiration being the famous joke “Why did the Chicken cross the …

  3. klittle

    Pink is the New Black



    This daily create I thought was just a bunch of fun! To make everything pink? I know I’m a girl but I have only just recently started to like pink and this assignment just brought a smile to my face.

    I decided to create a picture about some of …

  4. klittle

    Disney Wisdom


    For this Daily Create, you had to chose a picture of someone you thought was wise and then attach a quote.

    Being a BIG fan of Disney, I of course chose a quote from him.


    The story behind this daily create, at least for the one I have made, …

  5. klittle

    Take a ScreenShot!


    I am making a tutorial for how to screen shot since I did this quite often for this class, but I am making a tutorial for Dell or other similar PC computers. I’m not sure if this works on a Mac or the like, but you can try it!

    Step …

  6. klittle

    A Very Rough Week 4 to say the least.


    So I know my blog post for this is a little late but to be honest I had started it before and am only just now getting around to posting it.

    I know I mentioned that I was studying abroad in Paris this month and I didn’t think it would …

  7. klittle

    The Guide to Easy Design using Paint


    First of all for this class I have found Paint to be useful than I have ever thought it to be.

    Step 1:  to using Paint for any of the assignments is to know what you are looking for. You need the picture you want to edit or add to.…

  8. klittle




    Chaplin and the Lion

    So for this video, I chose to create a story that was more realistic to this video. I did change the sounds but there are more of what I think really would have happened. WIth the lion and tiger being lazy and really just messing …

  9. klittle

    LLA for Ocean’s 13!


    I chose to Look, Listen, and Analyze Ocean’s 13, the scene with Rusty, Danny, and Oprah. I chose this scene because I couldn’t really remember it and wanted to try something sorta new for this project.

    I love the first movie! The sequels were not at all as good, I …

  10. klittle

    Can someone really learn how to read a movie?


    What does it mean to read a movie? Does this mean that you can suspect what will later happen in the film or with the characters because you notice how the camera is positioned?

    After reading Ebert’s guide (http://www.rogerebert.com/rogers-journal/how-to-read-a-movie) to reading movies and then watching two videos that further explain …

  11. klittle

    Am I rousing your interest?


    So for this daily create you were supposed to upload a picture that would rouse the public interest but I didn’t think the public would just be interested in the sadness of the world so I decided to add a happier picture!

    This is actually a picture I took for …

  12. klittle

    What is Growing right outside MY WIndow!


    So I cheated and created this picture using paint, inside while in my room. But this is the little mini garden that is growing right outside my window here in the dorms. It’s badly done because I have no artistic ability but there are three different color of rose bushes …

  13. klittle

    Happy Birthday! @clhendricksbc!!


    I created this picture for @clhendricksbc using paint and a picture I found on google (http://www.philosophers.co.uk/thales.jpg)  of the ancient philosopher, Thales of Miletus, who is rumored to be the first Greek Philosopher.

    As a Classics major, I know more about the ancient philosophers than the more modern ones and I …

  14. klittle

    Forever a Small Provincial Town


    Recently while on my study abroad trip to France we went to the Loire Valley. It’s the valley with one of the original Chateaus of the Royal families, the Amboise Chateau; and boasts the last home of Da Vinci in another Chateau. All of this is in the small country …

  15. klittle

    Oh the Places You’ll Go


    For this assignment I thought it would be fun to create a blog post with the top three places you want to go, the top three on your bucket list.

    For each place, create/add a picture with a caption stating where the place is and anything else you would like …

  16. klittle

    It’s sooo FLUFFY!!!


    Final Bedtime Story

    I chose this video assignment because who doesn’t love Despicable Me?! I might know people who have never seen it but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it.

    I actual did not chose the Fluffy scene because I figured everyone would expect that so instead I …

  17. klittle

    Can You Pick any Favorite Disney Endings?!!


    A video assignment created for those who love and appreciate Disney! What you have to do is create a video, no more than 5 minutes, filled with your favorite ending scenes from any Disney movie or movies. The catch is that you have to add music that is not Disney …

  18. klittle

    Three weeks….Really?!


    So the three weeks that we have been in this class has flown by! I can’t even remember what we’re supposed to do every week, it goes by so fast!

    I had a very hard time with this weeks assignments because I haven’t ever really done anything with audio, besides …

  19. klittle

    The Old and the New Can of Coke



    I chose to create a old/vintage photo of a Coke can because I think Coke is universal and that most people can recognize it.

    The thought of a vintage coke can is also fun because it would be so old, probably rusted, but still it survived.

    This coke can …

  20. klittle

    The Shortened Version of My Life



    The story of this picture is that the clouds represent all the bad that has happened in life, whether it happened in a day or in a year, they drift past to make room for the new day.

    I chose this picture because I feel like it not only …

  21. klittle

    Cucumber Munching on Some Squash



    Once upon a time there was a Cucumber. This Cucumber was tired from the hot sun and very hungry. The Cucumber was trying to be good and wait for the Farmer to come and give him some dirt and water but as the time passed and the Farmer never …

  22. klittle

    Sometimes Alone but Never Lonely…..


    There once was a group of chickens that all lived together peacefully and happily, but there was one chicken that could never seem to join in on the fun. This one chicken always seemed to be alone; she could never find the others. The other chickens were confused by this …

  23. klittle

    The Sounds of Everyday Life!


    Foley Sounds

    These are the sounds of my everyday life. If you listen you can hear the breathing because air is essential to life. There is also the sound of things dropping, because I am very clumsy. Next is the sound of running water and the brushing of teeth, because …

  24. klittle



    Okay, so I created this ringtone using an Anime song I found on youtube: Sweets Parade. The song is from an Anime called Inu x Boku SS, which is really good if anyone is interested.

    I then got the Sherlock sounds, also from Youtube.

    1) the Irene Adler Moan: …

  25. klittle

    Walking through the Jungle!


    This Audio tells the story of a man walking in the jungle.

    At first everything is fine, just calmly walking through the Jungle. Then that all changes. First the animals start making noises, randomly and with a eerie presence. Then the storm starts and the animals getting louder. His sense …

  26. klittle

    The Stages of a Bad Relationship


    I created a story with some of the latest tracks from Avril Lavigne, because I think all of her music is great. I didn’t use any of her early stuff because I couldn’t find it on my computer.

    I also didn’t add this to my SoundCloud account because every time …

  27. klittle

    The First to be Chosen!


    So this is my first audio for sound cloud. It’s pretty simple, just me saying my name and saying hi….and then bye.

    Haha, but I hope this works!…

  28. klittle

    Second DOWN!


    We are done with our second week! I almost can’t believe it!

    I feel like this week was so much easier and smoother than last week! I think a major part of that was that I could actually find that assignments this week and didn’t have to go searching for …

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