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    ~Sound Seeing Tour~

    Soundseeing Tour Assignment


    A soundseeing tour uses audio and theatre of the mind audio to paint a picture in the listener’s mind.

    Here Click ME! is my soundseeing tour.  I used an application called “voice recorder” I downloaded from the android playstore to record my daughter playing then sent …

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    Field Project – Edorble


    Edorble is a downloadable virtual world that makes it easy to host people from all around the world all simultaneously.  I found this 3D world as a great tool to host all sorts of meetings and the possibilities for an online class would be endless.  I pitched the idea to …

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    Supporting Music in Online Learning


    Here my research partners and I have gathered many useful sites to use, starting today.   These valuable resources can be used to compliment any online lesson plans you are making or have used in the past.

    1.) Sonic Squirrel: access here

    Sonic Squirrel is a site dedicated to providing music …

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    Final Course Reflection


    I’d like to take a few minutes to reflect on this last semester in the Digital Storytelling class at CU Denver University.  I had many opportunities to work with my classmates and learn the art of Digital Storytelling through the DS 106 Daily Creates, Digital Story Critiques, a Gallery …

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    Reflection of Learning- Week 12


    Progress has been made as I have been exploring even more digital stories, trying to find my own style of writing and creating.  I have been trying to find relatable stories to watch so I may create something useful for myself and my audience which is essentially this class and …

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    Daily Create Week 13-“Dystopia”


    I have to honest, this is was my first time hearing the word dystopia.  After reading today’s daily create, I pondered on what event to write about.  The word dystopia, a noun, meaning “an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or …

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    7 Steps of Digital Storytelling


    I have reviewed the seven steps of Digital Storytelling, and noted these elements to help with the compilation of my own digital story soon.  The first element is to think about how to present your point of view.  This is important, in that the perspective of the author is aligned …

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    Digital Story Critique- Week 12


    In lieu of the recent election, I decided to view and critique a digital story about the story and voices of the people behind this 2016 election.  I found this digital story about Americans sharing their hopes and concerns for the election.  This digital story was created and shared on …

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    Digital Story Critque


    This week I completed a critique about a TED talk featuring data collection and presentation.  I thought this to be an effective way to present material in my own works later, so I decided to watch and learn more about data visualization.

    “Data is the new soil”

    Presentation & Performace:…

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    Scholarship Response: Week 11


    This week I found a piece about advanced eLearning through digital storytelling.  This scholarly review was well written and organized, presenting digital storytelling as the “modern expression or ancient storytelling” this article expressed types of digital storytelling, learning environments, Types of digital stories, and current models for and engaging digital …

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    Reflection Week 10


    The last few weeks have been productive.  I really enjoyed taking a break from scholarly reviews and taking the time to look at some of my peer’s work.  Last week we took the time to look at each other’s strengths, and point out things we liked about the works we …

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    Where the Sidewalk Ends {Parody}

    Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein is one of my favorite poems.  Today the daily create was my choice, so I choose the “Poem Parody” assignment.  First, for those who do not know the original poem, here it is: Where the Sidewalk Ends There is a place where the…
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    Gallery Walk- Week 9


    What I have learned thus far…

    The past three months or so I have been creating new projects and critiquing several digital stories and scholarly reviews.  In this process, I have grown in knowledge on what to expect for a digital story and what works as opposed to what does …

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    Daily Create -Week 8


    This week I found an occurrence of concentric circles in my everyday world.  I found these great art pieces while visiting the Colorado Ballet Academy.  They can also be found and purchased at http://www.spacegallery.org.  Here are the photos I would like to share with my classmates:


    They are …

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    Digital Story Critique-Week 8


    For this week, I tried to find an eLearning lesson about tools for teaching and learning geared towards the benefits of digital storytelling.  I found this piece  about creating storyboards and using digital storytelling in the classroom.  Although it was a workshop, I thought the information to be of importance …

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    Chapter 7-Push/Pull & Platforms for Collaborative Learning


    Social Learning

    This reading helped me view the importance of the paradigms of social learning, and how we may incorporate different types of social learning in and outside of the classroom.  Developments in new technologies have allowed students to dive into learning collaboratively, but how can we measure these different …

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    Reflection of Learning-Week 7


    The last few weeks have been interesting, I especially liked reading other classmates thoughts on digital stories and new ideas about digital learning in general.  Each of us  have had growth in what we think about eLearning/digital storytelling and learning how each issue we face in our workplaces or lives.  …

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    6 Second Art!


    When I first came across this assignment I thought, oh wow, how do I create something in 6 seconds! Here is a great example from Ben Rime – I loved how he used Vine, so I decide to give the Vine app a try for this assignment.  I used what …

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    Digital Story Critique -Week 7


    This week I was able to view a digital story called “How to become a more Effective Communicator in the Workplace.”  In this short digital story, the narrator Alexander Mackenzie, Programme Director of Winning Hearts and Minds, opens with the thought of Storytelling as being around for years-a historic way …

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    Effective Use of Audio Narration


    The presentation I choose to view was a digital story on a global learning solutions website called CommLab India.  The reason I chose this piece was because it seemed to directly relate to preparing effective digital stories and the subject I am studying, eLearning in the workplace environment.

    Assessment/Evaluation Traits …

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    Daily Create! 9/29/16


    Today’s daily create was to take a modern day recent picture and make it look like an old picture by using a website called “Japaaan.”  I took a picture of my child on the playground, and my phone was a little out of focus.  I think that this adds to …

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