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  1. kmgeckle

    I Am Me

    This assignment really appealed to me! I love looking at past memories, and compiling them was super fun! I went through my Facebook to figure out how to best depict me, and here’s what I found: my friends, family, dance,...
  2. kmgeckle

    Music Video

    I decided to relate this one to my host character, The Headless Ballerina. What better way to do that is through dance, right??? My personal favorite types of music videos are full dance ones, and I’m sure THB’s are too!...
  3. kmgeckle

    Comments Week 10

  4. kmgeckle

    Week 10…whoops

    Yes. Yes I did not turn in anything for week 9. All I have to say is whoops. I’m not going to lie, I thought I would be able to get away with checking the work for the week on...
  5. kmgeckle

    Ending Week 8

    This week actually went by really quickly! Unfortunately I’ve been sick for most of it, but I’m hoping to get over that soon. Fortunately it didn’t mess too much with getting my work done. It did get done a bit...
  6. kmgeckle

    Comments Week 8

  7. kmgeckle

    Radio Show Progress Week 2!

    I’m so glad this week is over! I’m sure my group got a little frustrated with me this week. I spent the whole weekend in Cass, West Virginia with no cell service or wifi! Fortunately I didn’t miss much. However,...
  8. kmgeckle

    Week 7 In A Nutshell

    This week went a whole lot smoother than expected! I had no trouble finding a group to work with for the radio show and we’ve been cranking out some work! I’m pretty excited to see how our show turns out!...
  9. kmgeckle

    Radio Show Progress

    Starting work on this Radio Show has definitely been interesting! First off, I was really nervous about finding a group. I don’t know anyone in our class personally, so I thought I was just going to get thrown in any...
  10. kmgeckle

    Comments From Week 7

    Here are all of the comments that I left on others blogs this week! I had a lot of fun looking at and listening to everyone’s work!  
  11. kmgeckle

    Radio Show Promos!

    I was pretty excited when I saw that we needed to create promos for our shows! I really enjoy making these sorts of things. I’m not going to lie, I’m really not the most creative one out there, but hey...
  12. kmgeckle

    Reverse Audio Quiz!

    I got super excited but slightly nervous for this assignment. It sounded super fun, but difficult at the same time. But of course I had to try it! So the point of this assignment was to pick a familiar song,...
  13. kmgeckle

    Designing Week 6

    Week 6 came and went! I did most of my work huddled up in my bed because my house was a chilly 55 degree, brrrr. Fortunately I had plenty of blankets and hot chocolate to pull me through. Then finally...
  14. kmgeckle

    Planet of the Vampires

    Out of the 3 films, I chose to watch Planet of the Vampires. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t find this particular film too interesting, and it was hard to pay attention to the plot. At least that isn’t...
  15. kmgeckle

    Love at First Shot

      *Just threw a message in a bottle into the ocean* Girl: Do you think anyone will actually find this? Guy: I don’t really know. I can only hope that the message will reach whoever needs to read it the...
  16. kmgeckle

    My Design Blitz!

    Well when I decided to do this assignment a fews days ago the weather turned absolutely disgusting. I figured I’d try to wait it out, but who am I kidding, there’s a hurricane coming! So I figured the best why...
  17. kmgeckle

    The Vignelli Canon

    Out of the entire read of “The Vignelli Canon” I have to say that one of the first concepts stood out to me the most. As I was reading the Pragmatics section, I couldn’t help but think to myself how...
  18. kmgeckle

    Missing RVA

    Wow this assignment really made me homesick! I’m from good ol’ Richmond, Virginia. There’s really quite a lot to see there! And this really got me thinking that there’s a lot that I haven’t seen!   First off, on the...
  19. kmgeckle

    Birthday Cat!

    This has to be the most silly but fun design assignment there is out there! But here we go! So I went through the iPhoto on my computer, and found this old picture of my cat, Aurora. The way she...
  20. kmgeckle

    UMW Dance Team T-Shirt Design

    This assignment couldn’t have come at a more convenient time! Just now on dance team, each member was assigned the task of designing a piece of spirit wear for the team to vote on! So of course I decided to...
  21. kmgeckle

    Tattoos 4Life

    I got pretty excited when I saw this assignment! I’ve wanted tattoos for years, but have never actually gotten up the nerve to go out and get one! One of the tattoos that I have always wanted is the saying...
  22. kmgeckle

    Afraid of the Audio

    Annndddd week 5 has come to an end! I’m SO thankful it’s finally done. I’ve come to learn that I’m really not a fan of this whole recording myself business. I’m generally a pretty shy person until you get to...
  23. kmgeckle

    Radio Bumper

    I was pretty nervous when I saw this assignment, I didn’t really think I’d come up with anything all that great. But I pushed myself, and I did it! I mean, no radio bumper is thaaattt spectacular, right? Because I...

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